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Two Foot Yard - Lugano 2009.03.16

Another fake cover from an imaginary label catalog.

You can find the first "issue" [Steve Lacy in wuppertal] on InconstantSol.

Two Foot Yard

Carla Kihlstedt (violin, voice, percussion),
Marika Hughes (cello, voice),
Shahzad Ismaily (drums, guitar).

Recorded at Studio 2/ RSI Lugano" (Switzerland)

March 16, 2009.

01 RTSI Radio Intro

02 Rootin For The Shy Librarian_Drizzle

03 Spinney

04 Unidentified Track

05 Unidentified Track

06 Untitled Instrumental

07 Unidentified Track

08 Crisis

09 Seven Houses

10 Unidentified Track

11 Unidentified Track.

12 Unidentified Track

13 Red-Rag & Pink Flag

14 Unidentified Track

15 Museum Of Tears.

16 50 Miles

17 Borrowed Arms

When Lucky gently invited me to post in this blog (about one month ago?) I had no great doubt about what would have been my first post: for sure it will be Carla Kihlstedt's "2 Foot Yard" radio date.

I've discovered Carla Kihlstedt in those same days and listened a lot to four dates of this astonishing trio (at least to my ears!): two radio broadcast from an european tour (the other is from Cologne) and two official recordings. Really dont' know well, and can't clearly explain, why I suddenly fell in love with 2FY's trio music. I discovered Fred Frith first, than the Tin Hat Trio and finally Carla Kihlstedt's 2FY.

I've never listened so much to rock, pop or electrical blues, never loved the timbrical, rhythmical and structural aspects of those musics. This seems to be, and is described as, a rock-pop song band. But for me it's true in the same way in wich we can describe Naked City (with Fred Frith again) as a rock band.

Highly original music, very "listeneable" and "easy", played by three master musicians; music that uses the external shape of pop-rock, blues and folk in a song form as a comfortable shied, but Luckily! is another thing so far away from those almost boring (at least to my ears, brain and feel) places.

What astonishes me is the wide musicality and open mind of the 2FY: as in Fred Frith music in any moment You feel like everything can happen in the next track or in the next second .

Three musicians that many times become six: Carla plays the violin and sings, Marika do the same with the cello and Shahzad plays guitar with arms and drums with legs. Everything happens with simplicity and naturally most important never as a technical dexterity demonstration but always to reach a clear musical end. Fred Frith, Leroy Jenkins, Steve Lacy work on song, european classical music, blues, folk, rock and art song this seems to me some of the musical sources of this fresh trio.


Two Foot Yard
from their website is

"1) a very small urban garden in which things grew organically, both feeding off of and defying their greater context.
2) a short-changed context

2 foot yard is a trio that explores the boundaries between art song and pop song, using distinct elements of both, formally and aesthetically. The instrumentation includes violin, cello voice and drums, which alternately evoke the intimacy and warmth of chamber music, and the raw and visceral expression of rock. 2 foot yard navigates through a social and aesthetic cross-section, creating a very personal vocabulary that references various musical genres, but comfortably avoids letting down anchor. 2fy is as likely to couch a text such as an e e cummings poem in the context of a pop song, as they are to sorround observant narratives with more esoteric or avant-garde compositions.


LYM said...

Carla Kihlstedt - (2009) Lugano 2009.03.16 [2 Foot Yard] - (boot) [320k].parts 1 & 2

Hope YOU enjoy the music!

Some help to identifie many tracks will be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

wonder- and colorful 1st post, lym! i don't know this trio at all, and it's about time that more women musician-composers are featured on lucky psychic hut, this place becomes way too male-dominated.

LYM said...

Hi Lucky!
And what about Lindsay Cooper, Myra Melford, Marilyn Crispell, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone...


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes - and Andrea Parkins, Zeena Parkins, Ikue Mori, Magda Mayas, Okkyung Lee, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Esther Venrooy, Margarida Garcia, Tina Marsh, The Tiptons, Sylvie Courvoisier, Susie Ibarra, Pauline Oliveros, Christine Bard, Lindsey Horner, Kathleen Supove, Jennifer Choi, Tenko, Haco, Jennifer Walshe, Mary Halvorson, Ursel Schlicht, Teresa McCollough, Margaret Lancaster, Nadia Sirota, Tiziana Simona, Matana Roberts, Maria Chavez, Aki Takase, Irène Schweizer, Joelle Léandre, Maggie Nichols...

hideo said...

I'm a huge Kihlstedt fan (from tin hat) and am looking forward to this--thanks, Lym (and Lucky)

Anonymous said...

this is very nice. thank you from los angeles (hollywood)!

gidouille said...

I concur on the list of great female musicians, but feel I should point out that Lindsey Horner is not a woman.

I figured out the song list for this very nice Two Foot Yard set. Thanks for posting it. Hope this helps:

01 RTSI Radio Intro

02 Rooting For The Shy Librarian_Drizzle

03 Spinney

04 Gravity

05 Gone_Flash Flood

06 Untitled Instrumental

07 Chapter IV

08 Crisis

09 Seven Houses

10 History

11 Plane Song

12 Newbury Street

13 Red-Rag & Pink Flag

14 Hold My Own

15 Museum Of Tears.

16 50 Miles

17 Borrowed Arms

gidouille said...

Track 03, Spinney, should be Spin Me.

Track 08, Crisis, is combined with a tune called Breckle (at least I think that's what she says).

Lucky said...

ha - lindsay cooper = female, lindsey horner = male - so it goes! thanks for the correction. and for the new tracklist, too ;)

mario said...

Actually there is (was, since he's died) also a male Lindsay Cooper, who play(ed) the double bass with Talisker and other Scottish jazz/folk music groups

vaubu said...

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

wasserman-filiberti said...

Los amo! Están todos locos y es hermoso!!!

Certifiablockhead said...

most wonderful...