Tuesday, July 21, 2009

super boiro band - niaissa & sa trompette

First album by another great Guinean regional orchestra, this one made up of Camp Boiro prison guards. Since Super Boiro were not releasing singles at this point, the best stuff was not being siphoned off, making this one of the better Syliphone long players. Note: original download was missing tracks two and three, link has been corrected as of 07/23. Believe me, you need the whole enchilada.

super boiro band
niaissa & sa trompette
syliphone slp 32 (1972)

01 Mariama (tentemba) 7.45
02 P.D.G. (bolon-rumba) 3.45
03 Kankou (yankadi) 4.38
04 Donsoke (soko-son) 4.32
05 Dioulou Maloyara (yankadi) 4.40
06 Yarabi Kani (rumba-guinée) 4.38
07 Singa (merengué) 3.02
08 Super Boiro Band (yankadi) 4.00
09 M'Ma Wouyama (merengué) 4.30
10 Sokho Yo (tentemba) 4.30

vinyl @320


icastico said...

I've got miriama...and am excited to hear the rest of these. Thanks


Joseph said...

Hello. First, this is a great blog with a mindblowing variety of music. Thank all of you for putting it together. Just thought I'd mention that this download is missing two tracks. This isn't a complaint; just thought you'd want to know. Again, this is a fantastic place to find music and strong writing that gives context to the sounds. Keep going!!!!


reservatory said...

As you can see by my photo, I'm a very old dog and learning new tricks is a trial. The rar file has been redone, correctly I believe. Like I said, this is a really consistent lp, and you gotta hear the whole thing. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for the kind words. More to come...

Anonymous said...

Track 2 is great

throbule said...

I've been looking for this treasure for a long time - many, many thanks for your great effort in finding and posting this!

Clair Howe said...

yoo thanks! it's been a struggle to find a super boiro band album on here