Thursday, August 13, 2009

oiseaux du venezuela - jean c. roché

The unusual musical volume of this tropical country made its impact on my arrival in town, where the unbearably shrill chirping of the cicadas overwhelmed me each time I passed under a tree. At night fall, around even the meanest of ditches filled by the daily rain, myriads of toads and frogs struck up a concert, which, through its sheer intensity, muffled all other surrounding noises. When I penetrated the forest, I could hear bird species literally by the dozen and individuals by the hundred, all calling and singing together at dawn and at dusk... This time I have not devoted a side of the record to the presentation of species one by one, preferring above all to provide a musical illustration of the Venezuelan atmosphere.
-liner notes by Jean C. Roché

Thanks to David Toop for proving the musical worth of a few good birds. And frogs, toads, cicadas. Note: no synthesizers, short wave radios or video games were harmed in the production of this album.

jean c. roché
oiseaux du venezuela
edwards records er 711 (1973)

01 Ocumare 11.13
02 Gran Sabana 4.22
03 Rancho Grande 2.41
04 Palmar 6.30
05 Guanare/Barinas 6.30

vinyl @320


Anonymous said...

birds eye lovely!

thanks a lot, reservatory. i don't know anybody except you, who could pull such a rarity out of the hut! :)

as you know, i first heard portions of this only recently, while watching "i promised you a rose garden" (dvd: sub rosa, 2008), a film where david toop digs through his record collection, plays some and speaks about - highly entertaining and insightful.


reservatory said...

Actually, David Toop NEVER promised you a rose garden. I know that for a fact. A minor point, but it might help the consumer locate the DVD more easily...

Anonymous said...

my bad, thanks for the correction, rez! the title in full is:

"I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - A Portrait Of David Toop Through His Record Collection"
a film by Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé

Godard said...

Superb reservatory,
I can't believe this is here at the hut. I know you alluded to the fact that the birds will sing etc...but i thought that might be just me dreaming.

its not just a recording of exquisite beauty, its an artifact of natural history recording from a pioneer who saw the natural world as not just something to capture and edit for a home audience or museum documentation. Its a labour of love, for both the source and the complexity of the environment it inhabits. Along with Roché, Feld and Watson hold a similar torch!

I'm beginning to wonder if the hut is not the centre of the universe! :)

gidouille said...

This is truly an extraordinary recording, thank you.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Wouldn't have believed, it was that great, thanks a lot!

joey abbah said...

THANKS!!!! truly an unexpected treasure!!

btw-- can you post track #5 without the ":"... i can't open or rename it!

Anonymous said...

05 Guanare Barinas

reservatory said...

Posted the 5bird fix mere seconds after Lucky had done the same. Damn kids are so light on their feet...! Here's a one-line review en Français from a Songs Of Praise playlist: Parfois la nature compose de la musique concrète sans le savoir. Thanks for visiting the Lucky Psychic Aviary and please come again!

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary record with out-of-this-world sounds. The final mix includes a lot of studio trickeries (cleaning, montage, sound effects, dramatization...), so I wouldn't be surprised if some electronic sounds were used here and there, especially in the mindblowing, magical las track. Thanks for sharing this.

Janas said...

Gorgeous recording, thank you so much

joey_abbah said...

thanks again for track 5 Lucky!!!

owlqaeda said...

beautful. tanx

Miguel said...

belated thanks, is my time :)

just posted some other birds from Venezuela ;)


Anonymous said...

óla, miguel!! nice to see YOU here around, a real pleasure. coincidentically i'm just working on a post with concertina music from south africa (you once posted that at sfrp, too) - and just before posting time you sneak in here to listen to these absolutely amazing bird recordings posted by reservatory.


Anonymous said...

p.s.: btw - i didn't had a clue that you have an open blog, too... i add you to the link list (some brilliant posts like i know from you!).

milton parker said...

so outstanding

this post led me to two other CDs of his which are just as magical if a little less instantly bewildering as the last track on this one

Numa Tortolero said...

Thanks a lot, reservatory.

I'm very impressed because I was born in Venezuela and I've lived there all my life. I never imagined that could exist a recording like this... Great work!

London Recording Studios said...
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Hen Party London said...
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Lucky said...

After all these years I accidentally came upon a CD-reissue of this, but under a different title: "Foréts et lacs américains" (Sittelle, France, 1988; #22405). The sound is even better than the already great fidelity on the LP!

I will post this on Orang Lucky as stream.


reservatory said...

I listened to bits of the CD on Amazon and the Venezuelan tracks sound like different ones to me. Which might lead not only to confusion for fans of the original recordings but twitters of indignation from the artists involved. 'We all sound the same to him', one bird tweeted, its beak in the air. 'Humans have always been beneath us!'

Lucky said...

Reservatory - sorry for the delay, only saw your response today.

No, it's the same recording! I know the original LP since you posted your rip here, and I got the CD last year. I almost fell of the stool when I heard these tracks - comparing them reveals, they are the same (although the CD sounds a lot better!)

Please do have a listen yourself, I ripped only the Venezuelan tracks from the CD and put them as file on Mixcloud: