Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frigg - Brecht

At Lucky's request here is the final album by Frigg, featuring guest vocalists Phil Minton and Meira Asher and co-produced by Elliott Sharp. Despite the title, these are self penned songs by Bert Wrede and not settings of Brecht, though something of his sensibility appears to be in residence.

01. Introduction 1:21
02. Sailors Song 6:44
03. Liebeslied 4:28
04. Anne Smith Relates the Conquest of America 12:18
05. Tahiti 5:27
06. Interlude 3:34
07. Die Welt Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr 1# 5:30
08. The Shipwrecked Man's Report 5:37
09. Matrosensong 4:31
10. Die Welt Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr 2# 3:50

Download CD Rip | mp3 - 320 kbps | 114 mb | Scans|

[Lucky notes 11/2009:
Isn't it a Tango (1994) + Døenerfressing Wøman (1995) here,
Dust Diary (1997) @ Downtown Music.]


Anonymous said...

thanks for the scans, and especially for the high bitrate, gidouille! i don't know why this band stopped at this point of their career, but for this short time-span they had a nice development.

anyone willing to share "DUST DIARY" from 1997?

gidouille said...

You're welcome.

Off topic, but I was surprised to read that you were unfamiliar with InPolySons. It is the heir to the French Recommended AYAA Label, and run by Denis Tagu. They've released some great eccentric stuff, Look de Bouk, Pierre Bastien, Bastien / Simonis, three by Guigou, Toupidek Limonade, a compilation tribute to Wyatt, etc.

Anonymous said...

gidouille - there's so much i don't know, i could run a dozen blogs only about this topic! ;)

la folie du jour posted a inpolysons compilation, and there i first heard from it. i just had to dig a bit deeper, and found other labels i've never heard of before: woof records (the work) or points east (found at - for example), the italian recommended-label adn, etc.

mutant sounds posted some of look de bouk, continuo two compilations - and funny enough, i already heard the wyatt-tribute 'mw pour wyatt' some time ago. the chenevier's look especially mouthwatering - all those guest musicians, even lars hollmer is on board!

i'll be stepping back a bit. maybe one of you's taking the lead. ;)

gidouille said...

Lucky, I only mentioned it because you're aware of so much, and in spirit inPolySons seems right up your alley.

The Guigou releases are nice. There are actually four, as I always forget that Les Figures is on the label. The disc you allude to is where he made drum tracks and sent them to various musicians to build a piece on his framework. He sent out 14 tracks, 3 of the recipients had to bail on the project, but he used one of the orphaned tracks on the CD, as is. He says people may want to guess for whom this naked track was made and should feel free to build their own piece on it and send it to him.

libertine999 said...

Thanks for reminding me of this great album that I loved years ago. Sadly I can't find it anymore, must have lost it somewhere ... and the link is dead. A re-Up would be really really great.