Monday, September 21, 2009

Les I - Dans L'Hemisphere Nord

With their second album, Les I came into their own. The oblique, deceptive themes are more assured, the play where they ain't arrangements more finely etched, the melodies more hooky, the textures thicker and edgier and the instrumental interplay more incisive. Feuillet's wordy texts are woven deftly through the tunes with a rhythmic precision reminiscent of those on Etron Fou's Les Sillons de la Terre, recorded the same year. Christiane Cohade takes slap bass to eccentric lengths of attack and timbre, putting her playing beyond funk and venturing into spring loaded Colin Hodgkinson territory, without the latter's blues licks. Dominique Lentin, having the greatest pedigree, his percussion credits extending back to the early 70's cult recordings by Fille Qui Mousse, employs the crisp, scrabbly, propulsive style that went on to grace albums with L'Empire des Sons, Ferdinand et les Philosophes, Best Before, as well as duets with Violinist Takumi Fukushima. Bruni Meillier, here called Maillo, has already developed his lyrical style, which seems to owe something to Braxton. Some may recall his showcase piece here, Larvaire et Latent, from the EFL Live in Cleveland tape posted some time ago. Unfortunately I ran into some terrible distortion problems on this track, which I was unable to completely solve, but it's as clean as I could get it. The writing credits are spread pretty equally among the band members and the disc was recorded at THC in Switzerland with engineer Michel Engeli, and was self produced, with Ferdinand Richard being credited as artistic director. How that differs from producer, I'm not certain.

01. Dans L'Hemisphere Nord 3:44
02. Graffiti 3:23
03. Par Un Beau Jour d'Ete 4:57
04. Dansk (Tu Dis) 4:02
05. Zukini 2:45
06. Bombe 0:31
07. Wagons-Lit 3:44
08. Le Secret du Volcan 4:22
09. Larvaire et Latent 2:56
10. A.B.C. T. 3:49
11. La Fin de la Faim de L'Ogre 2:34

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Godard said...

Gidouille - fantastic, this is wonderful. I agree quite a musical progression from the Ist album and yes a striking resemblance to 'Les Sillons de la Terre' in places.