Sunday, September 20, 2009

Les I

Sometimes erroneously identified as an offshoot of Etron Fou, Les I actually began in 1979, three years before Bruni Meillier's stint in EFL. Musically, though you can hear similarities, their sound is a distilled funk lyricism, at some remove from EFL's fast and furious swapping of traditional instrumental roles. I once saw a concert of Leroy Jenkin's electric band Sting, which despite the obvious differences in approach, style and instrumentation, evidenced a similar detailed and nuanced funky delicacy, reminiscent of Les I. It seems Les I's primary similarity With EFL is in the chanson vocal style, but here again, this is a bit misleading. It may well be that Marc Feuillet's arch vocal style influenced Ferdinand rather than the other way round, as Richard's singing morphed from the roaring, joyous blunt quality characteristic of the first three EFL recordings and his solo album, En Forme, to an increasingly subtle lampoon of chanson styles and stylists over their final three recordings and his second solo, En Avant. Smack dab in the middle of this shift in perspective we find him producing the first record of Les I in 1981.

A1 Plus Une Minute À Perdre 2:47
A2 Hypnose 3:29
A3 Moi, Grand Sorcier 3:59
A4 Robots, Fusées ... 4:39
A5 Côte D'Azur 3:25
B1 125 Battements De Cœur 3:03
B2 Les Jeux Sonts Faits 3:37
B3 Recto 3:39
B4 Turbulences 2:13
B5 Looping Formica 4:11
B6 Science Tenante 1:27

Christiane Cohade - Bass
Dominique Lentin - Drums
Yves Ranchon - Guitar
Bruni Maillo* - Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Marc Feuillet - Voice, Harmonica, Trumpet

Producer - Ferdinand Richard
Engineer - François Riether

* aka Bruno Meillier

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gidouille said...

Dans L'Hemisphere Nord will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

The other day, Bruniferd; today, Les I...I cannot believe it!!! Thank you very much!. I´m looking too for these rare LP:

-A Gethsemani.- “Pieter Both”
-Basta!.- “Le Rouspéteur” (94)
-Cohade, Christiane Maria (bass) (Les I).- “A Voix Basse” (93) (w. Momo, F. Richard)
-Jellyfish Kiss, The .-“Too stupid for business, too ugly for love” (91) / “Lingo Lounge” (Rec Rec, 1998)
-Orthotonics, The.- “Accessible as Gravity” (82)
-Pied de Poule.- “Café Noir” (91)
-Sharp, Rebby (Orthotonics).-“In one Mouth and out of the Other” (90)

Hope you can post them someday...Thanks

Anonymous said...

merci for the bruniferd and les i - rare and wonderful music. i really appreciate your effort of ripping and sharing this here!

selamat :D

Anonymous said...

Another awesome surprise ... looking forward to "Dans L'Hemisphere Nord."

Mega-thanks, Mr. Lucky.


Anonymous said...

dave - merci for your comment.

thanks for the share has to go to gidouille, one of 5 contributors to this blog, already. ;)

Mystery Poster said...

Great one. A friend just pointed me your way. Nice blog you have. :)

What are the odds we post this on the same day after I have pretty much been on hiatus for 9 months without any usable internet!?

Strange.. good for everyone, though.

"Ou Bien" is still available @MP.
(posting from 8/31/2008)



gidouille said...

Mystery Poster, it is quite serendipitous, that we posted this on the same day. I grabbed your Ou Bien rip awhile back, as I only ever had a cassette copy of it.

Anonymous, I have the cassette by Rebby Sharp called Against No Wall, which contains some of the later Shimmy Disc release. I at one time had something by Pied de Poules, but I think I must have traded it in, at some point. I have Cohade's solo as well and may get around to posting it at some point, but for now I'll be concentrating on vinyl rips.

gidouille said...

Who'd a thunk it. After years of complete absence from the net, Les I has been posted three times in the past month.

Les Tontons has some great posts. Some I have, Manouevres d'Automne, A L'Abri des Micro-Climats, Tank Battles.

Some I don't, Kazuko Hohki doing Bardot, Frank Chickens, Julverne's Emballade.

One I'd been thinking of doing, Les Flots Bleu.

Anonymous said...

very nice blog, with a great diversity! i will include it in our blog-roll (most recent addition - weescosa - residents fans will cry 4 joy).

salut, gidouille!

Anonymous said...

Les Tontons already link back to us
- c'est la blogweb! ;)