Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kahondo Style - A Selection

When La Folie du Jour posted a selection from Kahondo Style's albums, Lucky expressed the desire to hear the whole of My Heart's in Motion. I didn't think I could better his rips, so I've only included the tracks he left out. The earlier rips included all but one of the tuneful tracks, so these are mostly the ones that betray the new music, improvisational roots of the band. Bassist, cellist Stuart Jones, had been in Gentle Fire with Hugh Davies and Richard Bernas, guitarist, bouzouki player, Peter Cusack and trombonist, Alan Tomlinson come out of the Bead Records circle of second generation improvisers, Clive Bell had worked with the Ritual Theatre and was nearly in Henry Cow, Sianed Jones went on to the superb Slant with Cris Cheek and Philip Jeck, instrument inventor, Max Eastley, had appeared on Eno's Obscure series and Kuzuko Hohki lead The Frank Chickens. I think KS is at its best on the song oriented work where their improv and arranging skills produce stunning results, but these tracks make for a more complete picture. The range of timbres available to these multi-instrumentalists is extraordinary. Check out, for instance, the showcase for Eastley's Musical Arc and Tomlinson's trombone, Ant by Ant Leaf by Leaf or the group improvisation of Games with the Lights. There is one tuneful ditty as well, Lonely Tear Drop, which puts the more experimental ones in context. If you've downloaded the LFdJ tracks and want to assemble a complete album, I've provided tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11 of the original 12.

In addition, I was going through some old cassettes and found one marked Kahondo Style, which I'd completely forgotten about. Two tracks I must have taped off KBOO in Portland that were recorded at the Knitting Factory on November 14, 1989, a concert at which I was present. The lineup is the same as appeared on their second album, Green Tea and Crocodiles, Bell, Cusack, Jones, Jones, Tomlinson, Steve Noble, only with Viv Corringham in place of Kazuko Hohki. These tracks show something of the spirit and energy of the live band, as Cusack introduces No More Gravity with an excellent Bouzouki solo. The humor and theater that Tomlinson brings to the proceedings have to be seen to be believed however. He's a bit like Lol Coxhill in that respect. The friend I was staying with found out from Stuart Jones that Tomlinson had no place to sleep while in New York, so he stayed with us during those few days of New Music America and I got to know him a little bit, a great guy.

Games with the Lights 9:40
Last Minute Jingle 1:13
Jaws of Glass 3:24
Lonely Tear Drop 3:13
Ant by Ant Leaf by Leaf 5:25
Mongoose 2:37
Programs on the Air 4:42

No More Gravity (Live) 8:02
Tokyo Ondo (Live) 5:12

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Godard said...

Oh many thanks for providing those missing tracks and the live stuff is a great extra. As usual the notes are highly informative and anecdotal. Bravo gidouille!

Is there any Slant in the pipeline from you, seeing as you referred to them as superb? :)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, gidouille - couldn't express my own gratitude better than godard already did above! :)

and here is la folie du jour's post gidouille mentioned in the post.

Anonymous said...

and while we're at it - paramo of la folie du jour provided the entire "green tea & crocodiles" for the psychic hut here.

gidouille said...

Godard, it hadn't occurred to me to post Slant, but I do have their album Hive, which was released on These. I'll add it to the queue.

Lucky, thanks for posting the links to the previous related posts.

I had been planning to digitize the Harry Partch lp of commentary on and demonstrations of each of his instruments, which came with the Delusions of the Fury box. It wasn't included in Innova's reissue and doesn't appear to be part of any of the Enclosures series, but I recently discovered that the American Mavericks' site not only has all those tracks, but allows you to play Partch's instruments virtually with your keyboard and mouse.

jazzme said...

Great blog just stumbled upon it added it to my blog list , maybe I can be added on yours . Here's a link so you can check it out

Anonymous said...

my point of view is, that every dolphy fan is welcome at the psychic hut. will add your site to the sidebar - and thanks for linking to us! :)

Godard said...

@gidouille - have you been invited to join Lust Corner or more to the point are you interested...small group of merry men with shared interests! Let me or Lucky know if interested.

Anonymous said...

by chance found a bigger cover which i inserted. again ;)

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