Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nimal refers to Nimal as a Slovenian group, presumably because of the key role played by Bratko Bibic. Here though is the first recording by Nimal and he's not even present. Nimal is more accurately viewed as an offshoot of Debile Menthol. This is very much Momo Rossel's vision, as he wrote and arranged the music, played most of the instruments and did the engineering. Tom Cora, Pippin Barnett, Dominique Diebold, Gilles Rieder, Didier Pietton and Victor de Bros appear as guests. It serves as a template for Nimal's subsequent work, with all tracks but Dimanche re-recorded in a more fully realized band format for Voix de Surface.

1. La semaine des quatre jeudi - Part I - IV (10:12)
2. Dimanche (2:46)
3. Animal triste (4:35)
4. La marelle (4:30)
5. Au zoo (4:01)
6. Un drame (2:10)
7. Le tram (1:44)
8. Maligne (3:14)

- Jean-M. Rossel / guitars, bass, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, piano, DX- 100, percussion, sound effects
- Tom Cora / cello (6,8), bass (7), voice (2)
- Pippin Barnett / (1) drums, percussion
- Dominique Diebold / (4) drums
- Victor de Bros / (4) piano, prophet
- Gilles V. Rieder / (5) percussion
- Didier Pietton / (2) soprano

Released by RecRec

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent blog...
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Kostas from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this treasure!
This LP was recoreded in october, 1987.

God bless you!!

Godard said...

Thank you gidouille - have not heard this! Oh and for the wonderful Hive ;)

Anonymous said...

i found cover scans at discogs and put them in the post.

gidouille said...

Thanks for updating the post Lucky.