Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slant - Hive

Slant - Hive was released in 1989 as These Records no. 5. Slant consisted of performance poet, Cris Cheek, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, Sianed Jones, the turntables and radio of Philip Jeck, Julia Doyle on double bass and Frances Knight, keys and accordion, plus guests. I knew Sianed Jones from her work in Kahondo Style, but the other names were new to me at the time this was issued. Since then both Cheek and Jeck have extensive resumes. I've been unable to find very much on the net, not even a scan of the cover, merely a discography. Above is the scanned insert with the image of the back cover of the album sans track listings and recording information. Slant is difficult to pin down, but signposts may include the moodier parts of Julie Tippetts' Sunset Glow, her more recent and abstract work, such as Shadow Puppet or the atmospheric sound world of her collaborations with Martin Archer, like 2009's Ghosts of Gold. One may also be put in mind of the one off project of David Garland, Ikue Mori and Cinnie Cole entitled, Worlds of Love, which was released around the same time. Slant recorded two additional CDs in the early '90s, but I've not heard them.

01. Being in Bed (6:28)
02. Sleep (2:55)
03. Rush Hour / Mind the Gap (6:02)
04. Three Families (4:03)
05. Red Stone (3:11)
06. Frustration (5:06)
07. Road (4:17)
08. Sheep (0:59)
09. Ducks (3:34)
10. P is for Plane (2:51)
11. Sending Dazz to Kellogs (2:27)
12. Litter (5:23)
13. Howling and Wolf (4:17)

Note: 14 tracks are listed but Rush Hour and Mind the Gap run together without a pause.


  • Cris Cheek - marimba, souffara, emax, voices, piano, darabouka, clarinet, agogo bells, breath rhythms, face slap, seed pod rattles, cassette samples, tambourine, alesis HR16
  • Sianed Jones - violin, vocals, piano, fife, claves, viola da gamba, harmonium, breath rhythms, organ, emax
  • Philip Jeck - turntables, radio
  • Frances Knight - DX7, accordion, keyboards
  • Julia Doyle - double bass
  • Maciek Hyrbowicz - guitar, cabasa
  • Osian Tam - voice
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Janas said...

An album pleasantly navigable, ducks have a great sound! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

a happy new year, gidouille.

this record here is mind-boggling wonderful!! i especially like the instrumental handling, jones' vocals sometimes drive me nuts. as a whole this is very much fun to listen to.

do you have their 2 follow-up cd's for their own sound & language label, the self-titled cd from 1993 and "the canning town chronicle..." (CD, Album) from the following year? or "the colour of the heart" by a project called garam masala? there's a review for the latter at

Anonymous said...

and there's even another one by slant called "iden", featuring guests dean speedwell broderick, ansdy cowton, ann day and max eastley. found it in the german mail-order catalogue of a-musik as used cd for 10 euro, same with the "...chronicle" -

Anonymous said...

typo: it's called "idem", not "iden"

gidouille said...

Hi Lucky, happy new year to you as well.

I don't have any of Slant's later CDs, or the Garam Masala disc you mention, which sounds interesting based on the review. Don't recall ever seeing them even.

Jones is still quite active. She won some kind of fellowship or grant for Welsh culture. You can hear her singing in Welsh on Frustration. Cheek lives and teaches in Ohio now. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

track 3 - Rush Hour / Mind the Gap is currupted. can you fix it please. Thanks. Great Upload

gidouille said...

I've unzipped the file and checked the track against my .wav export and the original vinyl track. I don't find any corruption. I think you must be referring to the crunchy noises and incongruous sounds provided by Philip Jeck's turntables, which begin about halfway through the track and are an integral part of it.

koroviov said...

The track(s) "Rush Hour - Mind The Gap", appeared in the file as track 3, is really corrupted.
In fact, it is indexed but there is no content.
So... (with a little help from my La-Folie-du-Jour friends), i uploaded those two tracks for whoever have the same problem with the guy above.
The folder includes also an extra SLANT composition, which i've chosen from their 1994 work "The Canning Town Cronicles".

Get it at:

Anonymous said...

i didn't had any problem whatsoever in un-raring track #3, and it plays perfectly for me. but other than gidouille's comment in the post, the 2 tracks "rush hour" and "mind the gap" could have separated, there's a short silence between them. discogs lists these 2 tracks like the following:

3. Rush Hour (4:39)
4. Mind The Gap (1:16)

in gidouille's file they appear as one track #3 (6:01), which i uploaded here again.

gidouille said...

The silence was so brief that I decided against trying to separate them, so as not to lose any signal. I don't understand the corruption issue though. Anyway, thanks for re-posting it Lucky and koroviov.