Thursday, March 4, 2010

orchestre kiam - editions veve

"In 1973 Evoloko created a new dance that swept the capital. Shungu Wembadio gave it a name, cavacha. There are many stories of how the cavacha evolved, one of which Evoloko told himself. It seems a papa boufon, a street character, amused Evoloko's neighborhood with a dance of exaggerated hip movements that resembled a football player's feints. The dance, he said, came from the Sakata people along the Kasai river. He had simply modernised it. 'In the beginning I couldn't get my legs and shoulders synchronised. But by rehearsing I managed to come close to the tradition.' The cavacha rendered all the current dances passé."
- Gary Stewart Rumba On The River
My intro to Orchestre Kiam was World Passport's Kinshasa - Nairobi Express #4 mix, @, complete with a claim that the guitar solo on Kiam b-side Memi was the best in the history of music. Not that far off the mark, as it turns out.

orchestre kiam
editions veve
african 360 062 (1975)

01 Yoyowe 1 & 2 10.40
02 Muana Kiam 5.40
03 Kunde Kunde 1 & 2 10.38
04 Baya-Baya 1 & 2 11,20
05 Nina 5.17
06 Lombe 5.30

Muzola Ngunga / Bakolo Keta / Adoli / Solola Sol Sol / Laza / Lele N'Sundi / Djuke / Sonora / Dezai / Morema / Kady / Vechiko

vinyl @320

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joe said...

Same here; first heard them at World Passport. I got a copy of this from a friend a couple of years ago, but it was low resolution and ripped from wretched vinyl. Really looking forward to hearing this based on the quality of your previous posts.

Many thanks in advance!!!