Saturday, May 29, 2010

rock-a-mambo - african retro volume 5

Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo was a sort of in-studio Congolese supergroup featuring a rotating roster of performers from African Jazz and arch rivals O.K. Jazz including Docteur Nico, Rossignol, Le Grand Kalle, Jean Serge Essous, Papa Noël, Nino Malapet and Tino Baroza. Merengues, cha-chas and rumbas were featured, with electric guitar stinging and vamping over the top and bubbling beneath. This is one of three seventies LP compilations of Rock-a-Mambo EP and 45 tracks recorded in the late fifties to mid-sixties. A thousand thanks to Sea Never Dry for introducing me to a new favorite band.

african retro volume 5
pathé marconi - emi 2 c 064-15962 (1977)

01 Les Voyous 2.59
02 Mi Cancion 2.43
03 Maria Valente 2.57
04 Rumba Quiero 2.50
05 Baila 2.47
06 Serenade Sentimentale 2.33
07 Jalousie 2.43
08 Panchita 2.46
09 El Rumba So 2.45
10 Esnghe Zuke 3.40
11 Bonne Année 3.15
12 Oyambaka Ngai 3.10

Recorded 1960-66

vinyl @320


Anonymous said...

Thanks for upping this. I heard them at Sea Never Dry too but hadn't pursued more material yet.

joe said...

Beautiful album. Thank You.

Rhythm Connection said...

Simply amazing. Finally made it over here, and found a gold mine of wonderful African classics. Thanks for your efforts!


reservatory said...

Thanks for the thanks!