Monday, September 6, 2010

Debile Menthol Live in Europe 1982-1984


Bou De Mou

A Quoi Pensent-ils

Cadutta Massi

Mort Du Dahus

Mieux Vaut D'Ecker


Stamoïde Cousu


Bim Bam

Battre Campagne


Mare Et Noire




Coup Rose
I don't have a list of the lineup for these recordings, but I'll assume it's the core group represented on Battre Campagne: Christian G. Addor, Yvan G. Chkolnix, Jean V. Huguenin, Gilles V. Rieder, Jean M. Rossel, Marie C. Schwab and Cedric P. Vuille. The earlier recordings may or may not also feature Francois Liégme and Patrice Dupasquier.

1-4 & 8 recorded at Theatre Dunois, Paris; 5 recorded at Radaii Club, Budapest; 6 & 9 recorded at Bercsenyi, Budapest; 7 recorded at Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne, Basel; 10 recorded at Salle de la Cite, Neuchatel (1980); 11 & 12 recorded at Vandoeur, Nancy; 13 recorded at Festival de Traverse, Reims.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Gidouille. Hope you can post too the very obscure "La Cigarette de plus fort" (cassette as well).

I´m looking for the 2 albums of the band named THE LO YO YO (Bill Gilonis & Alig Pearce - The Work, Family Fodder, The Lowest Note, Frank Sumatra, Officer!...): "Summer ´84, Double Dog Dare" (cassette)(with Look de Bouk) and "Extra Weapons" (LP, 85). ¿Could you post them?

gidouille said...

Sorry, I've never come across the La Cigarette cassette. The only Lo Yo Yo I've heard was on the Local International cassette, which I have, but it's already been posted somewhere (Continuo's blog?). I have a friend who is a big Alig Pearce and Mick Hobbs fan, who I'll ask about them, but I kind of doubt he has them.

BTW AdHoc has reissued See by The Work and released a never issued live recording by them called The 4th World which is nearly all hitherto unreleased material.

I have The Lowest Note singles, but those were reissued by AdHoc as part of the wonderful Woof Singles collection.

Jason Willett announced some time back that he planned to reissue Officer - Ossification on his Megaphone imprint, however it's yet to surface.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the information
Hope your friend has something of THE LO YO YO. It´s impossible to get them anywhere. It´s a very rare (but good, I hope) band.

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup, gidouille! a 26-year-old cassette like this is quite a rarity, much more when it is still playing. according to discogs it has been released by the swiss tape-label "edition unbeirrt" - a wonderful name! ;)

anon - the lo yo yo lp "extra weapons" is available right now from atatak for 2,- euro, see here (in ltd. quantities, naturally).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lucky

gidouille said...

Lucky, I never had the original cassette, as only a copy or two found their way to Portland, but fortunately a friend had one of them. My copy is a quarter century old dub of the original cassette, but it was dubbed onto metal tape, which perhaps makes a difference in its longevity.

Anonymous said...

Nice cassette. Thank you.

gidouille said...

You're welcome, Continuo. They were a great band weren't they? Listening today, the only comparable group of the era was Sweden's Zut en Feu Rouge.

I downloaded the nursery rhyme record, but have yet to listen to it.

Lightning Baltimore said...


I see you found my scan of the cover on the internets. Did you snag it from my blog, Lightning Jukebox, or Discogs?


Sadly, when I met Dodo twenty years ago, he didn't even have a copy of this tape.

gidouille said...
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gidouille said...

From discogs. I wouldn't copy it from another blog without an attribution. Thanks for scanning it though.

By Dodo you mean who exactly, not Rossel I take it? What happened to the master tapes?

Lightning Baltimore said...


No problem! I just added you to my blogroll, btw. Great stuff!!

Christian Addor was Dodo. Some friends and I stayed at his apartment for a night back in 1990. In the morning, I was chatting with him and looking through his record collection when Débile Menthol came up. I only knew his first name at that point, so I had no idea he was a member! I turned into gushing fan boy and told him I had both albums and the live tape. He said he didn't have a copy, then gave me the debut Les Sales Combles 12". Super nice guy!

Anonymous said...

07 Stamoïde Cousu - is missing!

gidouille said...

Stamoide Cousu is included in the version I have, though it's only a minute long. I don't know why it would have been left out of the upload. I don't have the zip file any longer to check, and the link has been down for some time.