Thursday, May 19, 2011

f*p @ 45tours

A little skronk for the jukebox at the local pub, here are two of six 45s released by F*P between 1972 and '75. Bah, bah, bleep, squeeeeeeeeeeeeee $(*#()){F!F!CR>$F!!! The Globe Unity is interesting because it actually is a take on the classic single, with a jovial, catchy plug side and a moody flip, treating Jenkins' lush Good Bye with great love and respect, incendiary Brötzmann and all.

f*p @ 45tours 1973-5

01 Einheitsfrontlied Part 1 - (Eisler) - ҒМР S-3a 1973
02 Einheitsfrontlied Part 2 - (Eisler) - ҒМР S-3b 1973
03 Bavarian Calypso - (Schlippenbach) - ҒМР S-6 1975
04 Good Bye - (Gordon Jenkins) - ҒМР S-6 1975

01-2 Brötzman Van Hove Bennink
03-4 Globe Unity Orchestra

vinyl @320


charlie said...

Fantastic! Had a fried who collected GUO in the 70's but he never got any singles.

paul w. said...

hi lucky,

many thanks for this post. the single by peter brotzmann trio was available in the net for the last 3-4 years, but the single by globe unity orchestra is a new addition. and how good it is !!! i was looking for it for many years and now i have opportunity to hear it for the first time. salut. and this was the last recording by guo that i didn't have.

best regards.

paul w.

It's All Tunes To Me said...

Great always wanted to hear some of these , hopefully the others will surface

richard cuvillier said...

nous ne devons pas être nombreux à posséder encore ce 45 tours formidable,merci pour votre travail et pour vos choix

Anonymous said...

Ohmigod! I missed it! Would it be possible to repost this one please? I absolutely LOVE GUO!


laurent g. said...

Any hint on where to get it now it's been deleted?