Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ornette Coleman - Crisis (plus vocal sessions & big hit single)

Bootleg CD of original 1969 album recorded live @ New York University March 22 of that year, plus rare 45, hired-gun vocal sessions and an elegy from John Coltrane's funeral, St. Peter's Lutheran Church NYC June 21st 1967.

Ornette Coleman
Crisis (plus vocal sessions & big hit single)

01 Broken Shadows                   Impulse AS 9187           
02 Comme Il Faut                               "                          
03 Song For Ché                                "                    
04 Trouble In The East                       "          
05 Space Jungle                                 "                     
06 Man On The Moon                Impulse 45-275
07 Growing Up                                    "
08 Gloria                                    Claude Nougaro
09 No Simple Explanations        Jayne Cortez
10 Richard Pryor                        Joe Henry
11 Stop                                              "
12 Scar                                              "
13 Holiday For A Graveyard      Coltrane funeral

Tracks 06-09 lifted from Destination: Out.

cd @ 320vbr


ellieshilton said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this comp, res, especially for the hilarious impulse single - wonderful!!!

another great rare one is at soulsole, 'ornette at 12' (impulse 1968), with 12-year old ornette denardo at the drum kit (prior to this he played on "the empty foxhole" with his dad and charlie haden in 1966):

cheers! :)

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Mark said...

So glad you're back - and with such gems!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

cool, thank you! -MB

reservatory said...

Dear anonymous, I believe I recognize your somewhat unusual use of 'hilarious'. Greetings!

Herr Glücklich said...

i thought it might be obvious, too (names are smoke and mirrors, anyway). after i had posted the comment i looked up "hilarious" in the dictionary, and realized it isn't exactly what i thought of, but i didn't mind. i meant something like "staggering", "flabbergasting" or the like, and "hilarious" just sounds so ... "hilarious" ;)

btw - i didn't found the source of the single at destination unknown. it might have been erased anyway.

salut :)

reservatory said...

Destination: Out posts have time limits. I hope I didn't make an enemy for spreading the wealth. Actually I didn't even know about the 45 and sessions until I was getting ready to post. For me, of course, stumbling onto Ornette @45 was, well, hilarious!

el hombre invisible said...

Thanks for this.

Alex Degenerate said...

real far out

teamster said...

Thanks for this. FYI, the original "Crisis" vinyl was encoded as a Quadraphonic mix, but I don't think it will decode from an MP3 because that screws up the phase relationships.

SlimStew said...

Thanks again!

Preslives said...


ALINA chen said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this piece of music.

aboynamedstew said...

wow i'm really excited to check this out. thanks so much!

airegin said...

Hi Friends!
I'm specialy interested in the tunes from the 7" sibgle. I'm looking for this CD: where is possible to get this, or what is the way, please?
Andrzejk tersa

Taylor Savvy said...

cheers for the post! I'm anxious to finally hear Man in the moon......