Thursday, September 20, 2018

NNB - A Bigger Taste Of

Minneapolis record store geeks take matters into their own hands, leaving twenty minutes of wax for the ages. I saw them at a Soho loft No Wave fest as many of that movement's pioneers were passing into history. Original post has been augmented with an early hometown show. Check out YouTube NNB live @ Hurrah NYC 1981 here.

In The Studio
01 Slack 1978 4.03
02 New World 1978 2.04
03 Listen 1979 3.10
04 Uruguay-1983 1979 4.26
05 Well, Oh Well 1979 4.27
Slack b/w New World were released as Wave 7 single W7-100
Listen and Uruguay-1983 are from Twin-Tone 7907 - Big Hits Of Mid-America III
Well, Oh Well was one side of a No Magazine flexi, w/ Information and No Group on the flip

Live @ Jay's Longhorn - MPLS - July 11, 1978
01 Listen
02 Don't You
03 Nothing Can Harm Me
04 I Tried To Tell You
05 Friction (Television)
06 New World
07 Look Me Up
08 I Can't Control Myself
09 Slack
10 Uruguay 1983
11 Final Solution (Pere Ubu)
12 (crowd ruckus)
13 What Goes On (Velvet Undeground)
Sincere thanks to the original (Dime?) uploader, unknown to me at this point.

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gidouille said...

I'm curious to hear this, as I vaguely recall them from back in the day.

The one TSIN I have, Tonight We Ride, has Tony Maimone on bass, but NNB's guitarist, Dick Champ, is on it. I think the personnel is slightly different on the earlier two.

You may already know of the Anthology Recordings site, which offers a paid download of a 1980 tape release of tracks by Rick Brown's earliest groups, Blinding Headache and Information, along with pieces by Mofungo. One of the lost chapters of No Wave.

reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Thanks for the comment! I never realized there was an NNB-TSIN-Information connection until I sat down to dub the No Magazine flexi. And now you've thrown Pere Ubu into the mix as well. It's a incestuous little world

Unknown said...

great songs.

kevinesse said...

WELLL...nice to find this...these guys were really great, Possibly a connection to Red House...can't remember...they had a good 7" also...some things in Mpls were good!

Anonymous said...

link is dead..have been lookin for these songs for long time, any chance of reload?
thanks for just talkin about this band...there is another song on you tube from nyc show that must be heard/watched.

reservatory said...

Mr./M./Herr/Senor Anonymous, link has been reupped, with Slack's b-side now on board. And thanks for the tip on the One Mat Room YouTube vid. Very nice. Let's hope the rest gets out!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks big for the reup and the b side included. i was the herr anonymous that asked for it. As for the youtube thing, sadly the TWO FULL SHOWS the woman has seem unlikely to ever surface. she wants REAL money for anything she has. she asks $25 to just put one song on's a real crime that makes me think of committing a crime. That song sticks in my head all the time...and it fades early on the video. No one is gonna fund a human sexual response OR NNB video lady..she sold two of her films to UK label cherry red and they released dvds from the tapes, waitresses and i think she thinks she's gonna wait for money for others..i don't think anyone is gonna pay like $2000 for an nnb video..ever..i'd love to hear the song that's been in Clint Conley's head for 30 years..her logic prevents the world from hearing this brilliant music. Keep your video..give us the audio! I'd pay well for CD of either show i want to hear it so bad, but...sigh. what a shame, thanks again sir. you rule - i run into other NNB stuff, i'll send it your way TeenArcher - Chicago

reservatory said...

Hey, Teen Archer Chicago, almost forgot, I've got NNB live @ Jay's Longhorn MPLS July 11 1978. Lo-fi mono with an annoying hum, but it's way better than zero. Got it awhile back on Dime torrent site. I can upload and send you a link if you like...

Al said...

the "Slack" single is an all-time favorite. Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

I am a former member, the 4th bassist, however I was with from the beginning as the sound person. The band formed in '77 and had what you might call local success in Minneapolis. We decided to move to NY in '80 where we reunited with other mpls expatriots who had made the move previously, notably the guys in Information and Mofungo. We settled in the East Village and played all the venues, CBGBs, Mudd Club, Danceteria, Hurrahs, Peppermint Lounge, Maxwell's in Hoboken etc as well as touring around to Philly, Dc, Boston, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Cleveland where we played with Pere Ubu. After we broke up in the mid 80's Mark and Cindy moved back to form Red House and Dick Champ merged with Phil and Chris from Information/Mofungo to form The Scene Is Now. I had the pleasure of playing bass with them on a tour to Mpls in '87 or so...tremendous fun and great memories.

Anonymous said...

There is also the live footage from the M80 concert in Mpls 1979.

Anonymous said...

please re-up again. thanks.

reservatory said...

Re-re-re upped.Thanks for asking.

Holly said...

Many, many thanks for b-side & flexi!!!

Brucifer said...

One more re-up on this? I'm dying to hear Well Oh Well!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO SO MUCH for posting this again, I love this band and still wonder why they're barely known, the flexi isn't even listed on Discogs. After four years since your original post I didn't expect score but I did!

John said...

Damn I missed the boat. The download is not up anymore. Any chance for one more time?

Anonymous said...

Just discovered these guys are and I NEED this! Would you please please please reup this??? I would be so grateful!

reservatory said...

Although the first link still works, Gamefront seems to be unavailable to some countries, so a European host has been added. S'aul good, man!

Anonymous said...

I only discovered your blog few days ago, but the only thing I've got downloaded it was your marvellous compi of NNB.
The issue is your download-links don't fit to my country (Italy) or maybe to whole Europe.
You should provide a working link for europe too (as you did for the former NNB compi).
I don't dare to ask, but please let me know whenever you'd provide these links.
Thank you for the gems you let us discover here.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit I know zero of NNB, but after watching the Youtube vid I D/L the file. What a great band, or could have or should have been. They definitely were way outside the norm. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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harada57 said...
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ada berita said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

PLEASE reup this! SO good!

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