Friday, June 16, 2023

Elliott Smith Basement Remodel


Since the poor dead bastard's unfinished basement was completed by others to their own design, here's my take, which is obviously better because it's mine. Admiration for the electric Elliott, whether in the studio or ripping it up on tour with Quasi, has guided the proceedings here, focusing less on the fragile and tragic side of things. I'm sad enough, thank you. The first two songs are said to be sequenced as the artist intended. Since Passing Feeling was always my favorite basement cut, discovering that it was supposed to be in a featured position inspired me to similarly honor Stickman and Mr. Goodmorning lest they remain shrouded in the dust of obscurity. Tracks 16 through 20 are postscripts and the Grand Mal stuff is likely transcoded. Neil Gust sings Who's Behind The Door.

01 Shooting Star 

02 Passing Feeling

03 Fond Farewell

04 Stickman

05 Mr. Goodmorning

06 Coast To Coast

07 Let's Get Lost

08 King's Crossing

09 Memory Lane

10 Don't Go Down

11 Pretty (Ugly Before)

12 Strung Out Again

13 Last Hour

14 A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

15 From A Poisoned Well

16 (Kill) Fuck

17 Who's Behind The Door?

18 Melodic Noise

19 Giant Shooting Star

20 Struck Down

Basement Remodel

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

balla et ses balladins @ 45tours

Vacillon added 9/14/16.
Nanfoule added 4/23/13 (belated thanks to Nauma.) The Balladins stand alongside Bembeya Jazz as the most sophisticated of Guinea's golden age authenticité bands, among so many great ones. Their Syliphone 45s hold much of their absolute best work, stunning in its quality and variety, as the Sakhodougou - Samba - Kognö Koura sequence shows. Whether languid or swinging, you can pretty much count on quivering Latin horns as well as electric guitars that use surf, soul and psychedelia to recast ancient stories in service of a revolution. This collection is now complete, the heretofore missing b-side Vacillon a very fine guitar workout.

balla et ses balladins
balladins @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-75

01 J.R.D.A. 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
02 Diaraby 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
03 Diaraby SYL 505a 1968
04 Yo Te Contres Maria SYL 505b 1968
05 Bedianamo SYL 506a 1968
06 P.D.G. SYL 506b 1968
07 Soumbouyaya SYL 507a 1968
08 La Guineé Moussolou SYL 507b 1968
09 Tara SYL 508a 1969
10 Nanfoule SYL 508b 1969
11 Moi Ça Ma Fout SYL 517a 1970
12 Vacillon SYL 517b 1970
13 Kaïra SYL 520a 1970
14 Sakhodougou SYL 520b 1970
15 Samba SYL 545a 1972
16 Kognö Koura SYL 547a 1972
17 Bi Diamana Möo SYL 545b 1972
18 Como Cocina Et La Corda SYL 547b 1972
19 Djina Moussö SYL 549a 1972
20 Manta Lokoka SYL 549b 1972
21 Ancien Combattant SYL 571a 1975
22 Nyo SYL 571b 1975
23 Hafia SYL 572a 1975
24 Wilikabo SYL 572b 1975


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jim Jones & The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's three Mercury 45s along with some Ohio obscurities that the discerning and deceased Jones squirreled away for me long long ago at the Record Rendezvous on Prospect in downtown Cleveland. Both Johnny Angel and Tom Claire were local lounge Sinatras, the former liable to scare off even the wildest divorcée with his deranged BANG! BANG! BANG! scatting. Bluesman Travis 'Moonchild' Haddix moved to Cleveland when he got out of the U.S. Army in 1959, joining Ernest & D.L. Rocco's band that same year. Around 1988, after decades in local joints, he signed with Ichiban and began a successful career while continuing to work full time for the U.S. Postal Service to support his family. The Ohio State Penitentiary's 511 Jazz Ensemble, named for the prison's PO box, was inspired by a program the Columbus Jazz Society prepared for Ohio State's FM station called Jazz Roundtable, a brief but welcome jailhouse respite from the prevailing Country and Rock in a city surrounded by farms. Alan Zahorchak on the other hand maintains an orbit of his own. Total WHAT, Jones?! That phrase was absorbed by all who knew another departed soul, Brian Kinchy aka Brian Sands aka Brian Biddulph, who introduced me to Jones on one of my many drives from Fostoria to be guided to Cleveland's secret promo bins, troves of forgotten 45s in shops all over town and of course the bargain bins in the big box stores, where one might find Shadows Of Knight picture sleeves for 2¢ or Nico's Marble Index 3/$1.00. Total WHAT?! can be used to express disbelief ranging from enchantment to exasperation. And if any kind soul happens to have files of Ernest & D.L.'s other single Billy's Bagg/How To Keep Your Man they'd be willing to share, I'd be eternally grateful!

01 Paralyzed     1968
02 Who's Knocking At My Door     1968
03 I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship     1968
04 Down In The Wrecking Yard     1968
05 Kiss And Run     1969
06 Everything's Getting Bigger But Our Love     1969
07 Cleveland's A Winner! - Tom Claire     1981
08 Singles - Johnny Angel     circa 1979
09 Night Time Girl - Johnny Angel     circa 1979
10 I Wake Up And It Rains - Alan Zahorchak     1977
11 End Up Losing - Alan Zahorchak     1977
12 Moon Child - Ernest & D.L. Rocco     1984
13 Count Terry Devine - Ernest & D.L. Rocco     1984
14 Counterry Bosa Davan - 511 Jazz Ensemble     1971

Monday, September 7, 2020

Don Covay - The REAL Mick Jagger

Although Don Covay is best known as the composer of numerous R&B standards, his voice should be familiar to almost everyone on Earth since a Rolling Stone has been using it for some three hundred years. Here is yet another exhaustive singles compilation to satisfy a persistent personal need, this one covering two decades. In that time Little Richard's one-time chauffeur went from doo-wop to black rockabilly to dance craze novelty to classic Atlantic R&B to sixties revival blues to slick Philly disco to Ohio Players funk. Selections have been scrounged from vinyl and CD as well as numerous YouTube posts with bitrates likely to drive sensitive listeners crazy. In addition to early singles as Pretty Boy (Penniman's term of endearment) and stuff released under Covay's own name; here are covers by Little Richard, Gladys Knight, Wanda Jackson, Wilson Pickett, Gene Vincent, Joe Tex, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Otis Clay, The Staple Singers, Small Faces, Shirelles, Capitols and many others. Still missing is Landa 704 b-side Truth Of The Light. Jimi Hendrix appears on both sides of Rosemart 801 as well as Little Richard's amazing I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me) while Wilson Pickett's I'm Gonna Cry features Ohio Untouchables' Robert Ward and his watery Magnatone. It's a shame that an exhaustive anthology with pages of notes and rare photos wasn't released before Covay's death on January 30, 2015. This 2020 quarantine edition adds a couple dozen files and upgrades others to lossless. DC3 consists of stuff I wasn't crazy about although your mileage may differ. DC2b has been blessed with a better rip of Soul Stirrer as of 01/09/21.

The REAL Mick Jagger - Don Covay @ 45Tours 1957-76
01 [Pretty Boy] Bip Bop Bip (Covay/Pedas/Perri) - Atlantic 1147a 1957
02 [Pretty Boy] Paper Dollar (Covay/Pedas/Perri) - Atlantic 1147b 1957
03 [Pretty Boy] Rockin' The Mule (Prosen) - Big 617b 1958
04 Ooh My Soul (Penniman) [alt]
05 [Pretty Boy] Mary (Ting-A-Ling) (Covay) - Norton EP-118 2004
06 [Pretty Boy] Switchen In The Kitchen (Covay) - Big 617a 1958
07 Believe It Or Not (Randolph/Murray) - Sue 709a 1958
08 Betty Jean (Randolph) - Sue 709b 1958
09 Ooh My Soul (Penniman) - Firefly 313b 1958
10 Wanda Jackson - There's A Party Goin' On (Covay/Berry) 1958
11 I'm Lonely Too (Holloway/Summers) - Blaze 350b 1959
12 Lillian Briggs - Diddy Boppers (Covay/Berry) 1959
13 Jimmy Jones - I Just Go For You (Covay) 1960
14 Sheiks - Please Don't Take Away The Girl I Love (Covay/Berry) 1960
15 Gene Vincent - Big Fat Saturday Night (Covay/Berry/Dixon) 1960
16 Comin' Down With The Blues (Covay) - Big Top 3060b 1960
17 Pony Time (Covay/Berry) - Arnold 1002a 1961
18 Hank Ballard - The Continental Walk (Conrad/Covay/Ballard/Berry) 1961
19 [Big Charlie & His Lemon Twisters] - Twist It Up (Berry/Covay) 1961
20 Every Which A-Way (Covay/Berry) - Columbia 41981b 1961
21 Wanda Jackson - Tongue-Tied (Covay/Berry/Lewis) 1961
22 Shake Wid The Shake (Covay/Berry) - Columbia 41981a 1961
23 See About Me (Covay/Porter) - Columbia 42058a 1961
24 Mary Ann Fisher - Give (Covay/Berry) 1961
25 Teen Life Swag (Randolph) - Columbia 42197b 1961
26 Where Are You (Now That I Need You) (Loesser) - Columbia 42197a 1961
27 Gladys Knight & The Pips - A Letter Full Of Tears (Covay) 1961
28 Stereos - Big Knock (Covay/Blackwell/Berry) 1961
29 Twistin' Train (Covay/Berry) - Epic 9484b 1961
30 Soldier Boys - You Picked Me (Covay/Spencer) 1962
31 Solomon Burke - I'm Hanging Up My Heart (Covay/Berry) 1962
32 Wade Flemons - Welcome Stranger (Covay/Berry) 1962
33 Gerri Granger - Castle In The Sky (Covay/Berry) 1962
34 Sam Cooke - Hold On (Covay/Berry) 1962
35 Jerry Butler - You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) (Covay/Dennison) 1962
36 One Little Boy Had Money (Mann/Appell) - Cameo 239b 1962
37 Gladys Knight & The Pips - Come See About Me (Covay/Porter) 1963
38 Do The Bug (Mann/Appell) - Cameo 251b 1963
39 Did You Hear (Covay) [demo] 1963
40 Marie Knight - I Was Born Again (Ott/Covay) 1963
41 Sandy Selsie - Don't Destroy Me (Covay) 1963
42 Bertha Colbert - Teardrop Avenue (Ott/Covay) 1963
43 Dee Clark - I'm Goin' Home (Covay) 1963
44 Turn It On (Jackson/Covay/Wisner) - Parkway 910b 1964
45 Three Time Loser (Covay/Miller) [demo] - Versatile NED 1123 c.1964
46 Your Love Has Got To Me (Covay) [demo] - Versatile NED 1123 c.1964
47 Bette Boothe - Teardrop Avenue (Ott/Covay) 1964
48 Tommy Tucker - Long Tall Shorty (Covay/Abramson) 1964
49 Shirelles - Doomsday (Covay/Abramson) 1964
50 Meridians - Blue Victory (Ott/Covay) 1964
51 Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry (Covay/Pickett) 1964
52 You're Good For Me (Covay/Ott) - Landa 704a 1964
53 Mercy Mercy (Covay/Miller) - Rosemart 801a 1964
54 Can't Stay Away (Covay/Ott) - Rosemart 801b 1964
55 Please Don't Let Me Know (Terry/Smith) - Rosemart 802b 1964
56 Take This Hurt Off Me (Covay/Miller) - Rosemart 802a 1964
57 Come See About Me (Covay/Porter) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965 
58 Can't Fight It Baby (Covay/Ott) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
59 You Must Believe Me (Curtis Mayfield) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
60 You're Good For Me (Covay/Ott) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
61 Please Do Something (Covay/Miller) - Atlantic 2286a 1965
62 Little Richard - I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me) (Covay) 1965
63 I Never Get Enough Of Your Love (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2301b 1965
64 See-Saw (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2301a 1965
65 Everything Gonna Be Everything (Covay/Miller) - Atlantic SD 8120 1966
66 Sookie Sookie (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2323a 1966
67 Watching The Late Late Show (Covay) - Atlantic 2323b 1966
68 Ben E. King - Don't Drive Me Away (Covay/Ott) 1966
69 Solomon Burke - Tonight's The Night (Covay/Burke) 1966
70 Iron Out The Rough Spots (Jones/Porter/Cropper) - Atlantic 2340b 1966
71 You Put Something On Me (Covay) - Atlantic 2340a 1966
72 Wilson Pickett - Mercy Mercy (Covay/Miller) 1966
73 Percy Sledge - I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You (Covay/Berry) 1966
74 Somebody's Got To Love You (Covay) - Atlantic 2357a 1966
75 Temptation Was Too Strong (Covay) - Atlantic 2357b 1966
76 Wilson Pickett - Three Time Loser (Covay/Miller) 1966
77 40 Days 40 Nights (Covay) - Atlantic 2407a 1967
78 The Usual Place (Covay/Randolph) - Atlantic 2407b 1967
79 Small Faces - Take This Hurt Off Me (Covay/Miller) 1967
80 Percy Milem - I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me) 1967
81 You've Got Me On The Critical List (Covay) - Atlantic 2440a 1967
82 Never Had No Love (Covay) - Atlantic 2440b 1967
83 Otis Redding - Demonstration (Covay/Redding) 1967
84 Otis Redding - Think About It (Covay/Redding) 1967
85 Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools (Covay) 1967
86 Little Richard - Try Some Of Mine (Covay) 1968
87 Etta James - I'm Gonna Take What He's Got (Covay) 1968
89 Gladys Knight & The Pips - Letter Full Of Tears (Covay) 1968
90 Otis Clay - That Kind Of Lovin' (Covay) 1968
91 It's In The Wind (Covay) - Atlantic 2494b 1968
92 Gonna Send You Back To Your Mama (Covay) - Atlantic 2521a 1968
93 House On The Corner (Covay) - Atlantic 2521b 1968
94 Soul Clan - Soul Meeting (Covay) - Atlantic 2530a 1968
95 Soul Clan - That's How It Feels (Covay/Womack) - Atlantic 2530b 1968
96 I Stole Some Love (Covay) - Atlantic 2565a 1968
97 Snake In The Grass (Redd/Martin) - Atlantic 2565b 1968
98 Aretha Franklin - See-Saw (Covay/Cropper) 1968
99 Etta James - You Got It (Covay) 1968
100 Sweet Inspirations - Watch The One Who Brings You The News (Covay) 1968
101 Capitols - Up On Top Now (Covay) 1968
102 Sweet Pea (Covay) - Atlantic 2609a 1969
103 Mad Dog Blues (Covay/Richardson) - Atlantic SD 8237 1969
104 Lou Johnson - I Can't Change (Covay) 1969
105 Wilson Pickett - Night Owl (Covay) 1969
106 Joe Tex - She Said Yeah (Covay/Nash/Pickett/Stevenson) 1969
107 Everything I Do Goin' Be Funky (Allen Toussaint) - Atlantic 2725a 1969
108 Soul Stirrer (Covay/Whyce) - Atlantic 2742b 1970
109 Brook Benton & Dixie Flyers - Shoes (Covay/Soule) 1970
110 Sweet Thang (Covay) - Janus 164a 1971
111 Standing In The Grits Line (Covay) - Janus 164b 1971
112 If There's A Will There's A Way (Covay/Hathaway) - Janus 3038 1972
113 Staple Singers - This Old Town (Covay/Pickett/Stevenson) 1972
114 King Floyd - Think About It (Covay/Redding) 1973
115 I Was Checkin' Out, She Was Checkin' In (Covay) - Mercury 73385a 1973
116 Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong) - Mercury 73385b 1973
117 Somebody's Been Enjoying My Home (Scott/Darby) - Mercury 73430a 1973
118 Bad Mouthing (E. Darby/N. Jean) - Mercury 73430b 1973
119 We Can't Make It No More (Covay/Von) - Mercury 73468b 1975
120 Travelin' In Heavy Traffic (Covay/Wansel) - Philadelphia Intl. 3602a 1976
121 Once You Have It (Covay) - Philadelphia Intl. 3602b 1976

DC1 '57-65

I thought I would get it
From a missile flying through the sky
I thought it would be a hundred years
Before I turned over and died
Surely the end will come
I thought it would be an atomic bomb
But if you take your love away

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Frith Greaves Blegvad - ZU 12/19/78

ZU was a project of UK scenemaker Giorgio Gomelsky, who relocated to New York after helping launch the careers of the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds from his Crawdaddy Club as well as producing early sessions for John McLaughlin, Graham Bond, Alexis Koerner and Soft Machine. He was soon forcing the likes of Magma, Henry Cow and Plastic People Of The Universe on unsuspecting Americans as well as encouraging young Bill Laswell to form a band that became Material after backing Daevid Allen as ZU Band and New York Gong. The present concert took place some two months after Gomelsky's ZU Manifestival - the first progressive rock summit in the United States. Frith played several Manhattan solo shows around this time, including one at Artists Space in Soho where he harmonized with sirens passing in the street below. There was also a misguided booking at the Mudd Club, where devoted fans were refused admittance for showing up in jeans, stocking caps, long hair and pimples. I was once halfway through the door of this chic nitespot behind two downtown celebrity pals when a great arm came down like a railroad crossing gate. Quality control figured there was no way the two sharp suits had come with Travis Bickle. According to the wondrous Blegvad discography that appeared on the defunct idiot dog website, there should be a nine minute reading between Silence and Big Guns Theme, where there is an audible edit. At any rate, it's great to hear the tapers gasping in wonder as they experience their imported heroes in the flesh for the first time.

Fred Frith, John Greaves, Peter Blegvad
w/ Bill Laswell, Fred Maher, Lisa Herman, Eugene Chadbourne, Michael Beinhorn, Dr. Dan
ZU Loft, New York City, December 19, 1978

01 Milk
02 Mostly Twins And Trios
03 For Bearings
04 The Rose Sob
05 Silence
06 Big Guns Theme
07 Alcohol
08 Strayed
09 Actual Frenzy
10 22 Proverbs
11 Riding Tigers
12 A Little Something
13 improv
14 improv
15 improv
16 improv

Photograph from Peter Blegvad / Andy Partridge Orpheus booklet.


Recent English Experimental Music - Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2

As murky and distorted as any early Hendrix bootleg.

Recent English Experimental Music
Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2 

01 Howard Skempton - Waltz
02 Christopher Hobbs - Aran
03 Christopher Hobbs - Three Piano Duets
04 Gavin Bryars - Ponukelian Melody
05 John White - Piano Duet 10
06 John White - Piano Duet 11
07 John White - Piano Duet 12
08 John White - Piano Duet 13
09 John White - Photo-Finish Machine
10 Michael Parsons - Piano Piece 5
11 James Lampard - The Caterpillar
12 Michael Nyman - The Otherwise Very Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz

deteriorating cassette FLAC

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey - Impressions Sonores du Benin 1968

A joint effort with Benin music enthusiast Oro, whose original post of NJD 002 was my introduction to these almost forgotten heroes. 002 is reposted here along with 001 & 003, my own recent finds, as natural bookends. Explore Oro for more National-Jazz and countless other African treasures.

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey
Impressions Sonore du Benin eps circa 1968

NJD 001
01 Gbèto Koclozin Dohoun
02 Homé Su Bu Dè Ko
03 Étoile Sportive de Porto-Novo

NJD 002
01 Ave N'Dé Gninan
02 Jerk-Houélié
03 Ablanon
04 Ade Wè Dji Vi Ton

NJD 003
01 To Hô Gnon
02 A Vespa Ya
03 De L'Argent