Friday, June 16, 2023

Elliott Smith Basement Remodel


Since the poor dead bastard's unfinished basement was completed by others to their own design, here's my take, which is obviously better because it's mine. Admiration for the electric Elliott, whether in the studio or ripping it up on tour with Quasi, has guided the proceedings here, focusing less on the fragile and tragic side of things. I'm sad enough, thank you. The first two songs are said to be sequenced as the artist intended. Since Passing Feeling was always my favorite basement cut, discovering that it was supposed to be in a featured position inspired me to similarly honor Stickman and Mr. Goodmorning lest they remain shrouded in the dust of obscurity. Tracks 16 through 20 are postscripts and the Grand Mal stuff is likely transcoded. Neil Gust sings Who's Behind The Door.

01 Shooting Star 

02 Passing Feeling

03 Fond Farewell

04 Stickman

05 Mr. Goodmorning

06 Coast To Coast

07 Let's Get Lost

08 King's Crossing

09 Memory Lane

10 Don't Go Down

11 Pretty (Ugly Before)

12 Strung Out Again

13 Last Hour

14 A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

15 From A Poisoned Well

16 (Kill) Fuck

17 Who's Behind The Door?

18 Melodic Noise

19 Giant Shooting Star

20 Struck Down

Basement Remodel

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