Wednesday, December 1, 2021

balla et ses balladins @ 45tours

Vacillon added 9/14/16.
Nanfoule added 4/23/13 (belated thanks to Nauma.) The Balladins stand alongside Bembeya Jazz as the most sophisticated of Guinea's golden age authenticité bands, among so many great ones. Their Syliphone 45s hold much of their absolute best work, stunning in its quality and variety, as the Sakhodougou - Samba - Kognö Koura sequence shows. Whether languid or swinging, you can pretty much count on quivering Latin horns as well as electric guitars that use surf, soul and psychedelia to recast ancient stories in service of a revolution. This collection is now complete, the heretofore missing b-side Vacillon a very fine guitar workout.

balla et ses balladins
balladins @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-75

01 J.R.D.A. 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
02 Diaraby 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
03 Diaraby SYL 505a 1968
04 Yo Te Contres Maria SYL 505b 1968
05 Bedianamo SYL 506a 1968
06 P.D.G. SYL 506b 1968
07 Soumbouyaya SYL 507a 1968
08 La Guineé Moussolou SYL 507b 1968
09 Tara SYL 508a 1969
10 Nanfoule SYL 508b 1969
11 Moi Ça Ma Fout SYL 517a 1970
12 Vacillon SYL 517b 1970
13 Kaïra SYL 520a 1970
14 Sakhodougou SYL 520b 1970
15 Samba SYL 545a 1972
16 Kognö Koura SYL 547a 1972
17 Bi Diamana Möo SYL 545b 1972
18 Como Cocina Et La Corda SYL 547b 1972
19 Djina Moussö SYL 549a 1972
20 Manta Lokoka SYL 549b 1972
21 Ancien Combattant SYL 571a 1975
22 Nyo SYL 571b 1975
23 Hafia SYL 572a 1975
24 Wilikabo SYL 572b 1975



Jaime said...

Many merci for this addition! I see you are not completly done with the Syliphone posts, and that makes me happy.

apauling said...

Killer grooves that, as you say, have amazing musical breadth. Many thanks. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your wonderfully eclectic and aurally nutritious blog!

nicholab said...

oh yes, many thanks for this!

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Thank you!

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thank you for this-totally new to me.

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syl 508 Tara/Nanfoule:

cheers reservatory


reservatory said...

Thanks for the addition, Nauma! I will update and repost in the very near future...

DobBobbs said...

Sweet Jesus how did you find all these singles?!? Thanks a bunch!!

Anonymous said...

This is priceless music.
Thank you for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this epic collection, Balla's music is soooo good!

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thank you for this-totally new to me.


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hello --is there any chance you can re-up this? It would be appreciated. Thank you

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Excellent. Thanks.

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OMG, So glad to hear this again. And en completis. Arigato!

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