Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Prae-Kraut Kindergarten 1964-69

"THE SHAGGYS... Ah, the band that started it all! It was the irresistible charm of kindergarten bands like Rene & The 10 Less 5, Ric & The Skyliners, Magic Herbs and Wildcats that pushed us to share the results of our vinyl archaeology with the rest of the world. The Shaggys' first 45 was always top of the bill. Rumours of a second single gave us quite a hard time until we finally tracked it down. Like the Ragged Men record, it came out on Patria, formerly known as the R&B label. (R&B stands for whatever you like, but definitely not Rhythm and Blues.) "I'm Shy" features the immortal line, "You know it's hard to say, because I'm many shy". How can they say there's no German sense of humor?"   

Seventy-nine sacred minutes from the twenty-some volume Prae-Kraut and Electrick Loosers series, concentrating on the very weediest. To misquote the Rhythm Checkers, I know a dog when I find it; to paraphrase Captain Beefheart, They couldn't have done this if they knew what they were doing.

Prae-Kraut Kindergarten
German, Swiss & Austrian primitives

01 The Starfighters - I Like Trouble
02 The Slaves - Shut Up
03 The Skins - It's Too Late
04 The Rhythm Checkers - Theme Of The Rhythm Checkers
05 The Red Devils - Little By Little
06 Gesine Darieux & The Chosen Few - Crazy, Crazy
07 The Slaves - Get Out Of My Way
08 The Ragged Men - Love Is A Fight
09 The Candidates - Bad Bad Baby
10 The Slaves - You're The Only One
11 The Loosers - Understand
12 The Pralins - Jumpin' Run
13 The Wildcats - All Right
14 The Bats - Got A Girl
15 The Shaggys - I'm Shy
16 The Party Brothers - Every Night
17 The Retreads - You You You
18 The Robots - Soldier Beat
19 Time Out - Babe
20 The Shaggys - I Need You So
21 The Shaggys - Only An Hour
22 The Venture 5 - Yes Pretty Baby
23 The Slaves - Panic
24 The Slaves - Slaves Time
25 The Party Brothers - Our Love Is Gone
26 The Pontiacs - You Know Me
27 The Venture 5 - What's Your Name?
28 The Robots - It's Hard To Say
29 The Skins - What To Do
30 The Roadrunners - Little Ruby
31 The Rhythm Checkers - On Your Way Down The Drain
32 The Loosers - Sensitive

Downloads all. 
Numerous files have been upgraded over the years, with one Robot, one Party Brother and two Slaves now lossless.


Anonymous said...

ha, expect the unexpected!! i'm post-kraut, and i never heard of this series.

very nice cover, too - i suspect it's a vernacular photography...? ;)

thanks for compiling and sharing this!

Ryan Shepard said...
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