Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Secret Gift Of Screws 2001

Hyperactive young finger-picker bound for glory.

Essential Oils -- are wrung --
The Attar from the Rose
Be not expressed by Suns -- alone --
It is the gift of Screws --

The General Rose -- decay --
But this -- in Lady's Drawer
Make Summer -- When the Lady lie
In Ceaseless Rosemary --

                                                - Emily Dickinson

Sessions for the original Gift Of Screws began soon after Out Of The Cradle's release and proceeded throughout the nineties. But when WEA execs heard Buckingham's mixed and mastered CD, it was obvious how much more valuable these gems would be as Fleetwood Mac. So seven tracks were tweaked and Stevie'd for inclusion on 2003's Say You Will. Other Gift Of Screws tunes turned up on solo and group projects over the years, the title cut finally appearing as such in 2008, but here's the CD submitted to Warners in 2001 plus four outs and demos (*), easily revertable to the official seventeen track CD with running sequence in first download. As said, remixes or remakes of many titles are available elsewhere, but they make a fine song cycle as originally intended. Shadow Of The West compiles twenty soundtrack contributions, live cuts, outtakes, demos and guest appearances from 1979 to 2012, as well as the clean, minimal mix of "I Know I'm Not Wrong" used on Tusk vinyl that somehow managed to escape digital issue until Giant Tusk's release in 2015. Secret Screws has been assembled from CD, torrent, message board and YouTube, so bitrates are what they are.

Gift Of Screws
Warner/Reprise 2001 (unreleased)
01 Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind
02 Miranda
03 Steal Your Heart Away
04 Red Rover
05 Come
06 She Smiled Sweetly
07 Down On Rodeo
08 Murrow
09 To Try For The Sun
10 Shuffle Riff
11 My Little Demon*
12 Deep Dense*
13 Gift Of Screws
14 Bleed To Love Her
15 Go Insane
16 Given Thing*
17 Gotta Get Away
18 Twist Of Fate
19 Wear You Down (Steve's Riff)*
20 Say Goodbye
21 The Singer Not The Song

Shadow Of The West
01 I Know I'm Not Wrong (Tusk vinyl mix)
02 Demo #2 (Tusk demo)
03 Blue Monday (Mirage jam)
04 Goodbye Angel (Mirage outtake)
05 Teen Beat (Mirage outtake)
06 Holiday Road (live on WBCN Boston 03-26-93)
07 Eyes Of The World (Mirage demo)
08 Hold Me (Mirage w/ Lindsey lead vocal)
09 Time Bomb Town (Back To The Future OST)
10 I've Been Loving You Too Long (Mirage jam)
11 I Want You Back (Mick Fleetwood's Zoo)
12 Magnet And Steel (Walter Egan)
13 The Spinning Of The World (John Stewart)
14 Walls (Tom Petty)
15 On The Wrong Side (With Honors OST)
16 Peacekeeper (solo outtake)
17 Stephanie (live in Fort Worth 08-24-12)
18 She Acts Like You (This Is 40 OST)
19 Shadow Of The West (Law And Order)
20 The Farmer's Daughter (Fleetwood Mac Live)

Secret Gift Of Screws
Shadow Of The West

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Secret Open 2004

Q-Tip had a tough time carrying on the fusion of jazz, rock and hip-hop that made A Tribe Called Quest such a big deal. Soon after his second solo effort, 2002's Kamaal The Abstract, was shelved by troubled Arista, he signed with equally troubled DreamWorks and recorded a whole other project called Open, featuring guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel with guest appearances by Common, D'Angelo and Andre 3000. But Open went unreleased as well, with DreamWorks shutting down for good one year later. Q-Tip fled to Universal Motown, who promised to release a reworked Open as Live At The Renaissance and then didn't. Finally, in 2008, rescued Open tracks appeared on The Renaissance and Abstract Innovations, with Kamaal The Abstract seeing light of day the following year. Many Secret Open tracks were scrounged from YouTube, so bitrates may disappoint. Pie is never free.

DreamWorks 2004 (unreleased)
01 Johnny Died
02 Black Boy
03 The Official
04 N/A (w/ Common)
05 Say Something For Me
06 Interlude
07 Not Gone Have It
08 Unknown
09 Feelings
10 Where Do You Go?
11 Unidentified
12 That's Sexy (w/ Andre 3000)
13 Late Mornin'
14 Compute
15 I Believe (w/ D'Angelo)
16 Lisa (extended instrumental)
17 Instrumental
18 Lisa (originial)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faraquet Live In Cincinnati 06-28-99 Chokebore - Unwound - Phleg Camp - Pitch Fork - Tom Verlaine

01 Yo Yo
02 Whole Thing Over
03 Study In Movement
04 Um Die Ecke
05 Review
06 Call It Sane
07 Pretty (Without The R)
08 The Alaskas
09 Corpse Pose
10 Everything Is Weird
11 Twilight Pink
12 Hog Bottom
13 Thin Ice
14 Goat
15 Sinking
16 Clear It Away
17 Bomb

01-07 Faraquet live in Cincinnati 06-28-99
08 from Chokebore Black Black LP
09-10 Unwound 45
11-12 Phleg Camp 45
13-15 Pitch Fork Saturn Outhouse 45
16-17 Tom Verlaine live in Berlin 04-03-87

Future Noise

Monday, October 15, 2012

Controlled Chaos 1965-76 - Blue Cheer on Steve Allen and Other Underground Artifacts - Absolutely Live

The original Blue Cheer's only live TV appearance? The songs themselves can be heard on Live And Unreleased Vol 1, but Steve Allen's questions, comments and jests give a look in as established show biz meets the new world order, represented here by practitioners so Neanderthal that red flags went up even in Haight-Ashbury. Allen cracks plenty of jokes at the band's expense, introducing them as, "The source of the annoying hum", but seems genuinely curious as he counts amp heads and speaker cabinets, asking Leigh Stephens, "And what function does the Fuzz Face, uh... fulfill?" He's laughing with these fearsome creatures, in contrast to Tonight Show guest host Bob Newhart, who seems to regard The Byrds as nothing more than incompetent clowns. Considerably more subterranean are The Holy Modal Rounders at Detroit's Chess Mate coffeehouse in 1965, freak flags flying. Featured are several self-penned masterpieces years before their official release, the crowd roaring loudest for the most deranged of them - Indian War Whoop. Clearly these were different times. Television spat out a neurotic tangle of sixties folk punk free jazz psychedelia for the next generation and those to come. Ornette Coleman coming through a Rolling Stones barrage, as Mikal Gilmore put it. Cleveland was their first booking outside New York, arranged by Tim Wright and Peter Laughner of Pere Ubu. Razor sharp from recently completed Marquee Moon sessions, Television closed out 1976 with four nights at CBGB, moving to the Palladium for a New Year's Eve gala with John Cale and the Patti Smith Group. Below you will find Tom and the Fender Jaguar he fitted with Danelectro lipstick pickups to increase the scream.

Controlled Chaos 1965-76
Blue Cheer, The Byrds, Holy Modal Rounders, Moby Grape, David Blue, Television
Absolutely Live

01 Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer - Steve Allen Show 68-03-19
02 Out Of Focus - Blue Cheer - Steve Allen Show 68-03-19
03 Renaissance Faire - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
04 Lady Friend - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
05 Have You Seen Her Face? - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
06 Random Canyon - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
07 Skin Game - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
08 Indian War Whoop - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
09 My Mind Capsized - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
10 Black Eyed Suzy - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
11 Rounder / Changes - Moby Grape - San Francisco 1967?
12 These 23 Days In September - David Blue - Unicorn Coffee House, Boston 67-12-02
13 Double Exposure - Television - NYC 75
14 Hard On Love - Television - Picadilly Inn, Cleveland 75-07-25
15 Little Johnny Jewel - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
16 O Mi Amore - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
17 Adventure - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
18 Little Birds - The Band - Winterland, San Francisco 69-04-19

01-05 - prehistoric cassette
06-10 - Holy Modal Rounders Live In '65
11 - Vintage - The Very Best Of Moby Grape
12 - boot from The Rare Stuff, now here
13-18 - download

various sources @ 320vbr

Victor Moscoso

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent English Experimental Music - Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2

As murky and distorted as any early Hendrix bootleg.

Recent English Experimental Music
Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2 

01 Howard Skempton - Waltz
02 Christopher Hobbs - Aran
03 Christopher Hobbs - Three Piano Duets
04 Gavin Bryars - Ponukelian Melody
05 John White - Piano Duet 10
06 John White - Piano Duet 11
07 John White - Piano Duet 12
08 John White - Piano Duet 13
09 John White - Photo-Finish Machine
10 Michael Parsons - Piano Piece 5
11 James Lampard - The Caterpillar
12 Michael Nyman - The Otherwise Very Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz

deteriorating cassette flac

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frith Greaves Blegvad - ZU 12/19/78

ZU was a project of UK scenemaker Giorgio Gomelsky, who relocated to New York after helping launch the careers of the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds from his Crawdaddy Club and producing early sessions for John McLaughlin, Graham Bond, Alexis Koerner and Soft Machine. He was soon forcing the likes of Magma, Henry Cow and Plastic People Of The Universe on unsuspecting Americans as well as encouraging young Bill Laswell to form a band that became Material after backing Daevid Allen as ZU Band and New York Gong. The present concert took place some two months after Gomelsky's ZU Manifestival - the first progressive rock summit in the United States. Frith played several Manhattan solo shows around this time, including one at Artists Space in Soho where he fell in behind sirens passing in the street below. There was also a misguided booking at the Mudd Club, where devoted fans were refused admittance for showing up in jeans, stocking caps, long hair and pimples. I was once halfway through the door behind two downtown celebrity pals when a great arm came down like a railroad crossing gate. Quality control figured there was no way the two sharp suits had come with Travis Bickle. According to the wondrous Blegvad discography @ idiot dog, there should be a nine minute reading between Silence and Big Guns Theme, where there is an audible edit. At any rate, it's great to hear the tapers gasping in wonder as they experience their imported heroes in the flesh for the first time.

Fred Frith, John Greaves, Peter Blegvad
w/ Bill Laswell, Fred Maher, Lisa Herman, Eugene Chadbourne, Michael Beinhorn, Dr. Dan
ZU Loft, New York City, December 19, 1978

01 Milk
02 Mostly Twins And Trios
03 For Bearings
04 The Rose Sob
05 Silence
06 Big Guns Theme
07 Alcohol
08 Strayed
09 Actual Frenzy
10 22 Proverbs
11 Riding Tigers
12 A Little Something
13 improv
14 improv
15 improv
16 improv

Photograph from Peter Blegvad / Andy Partridge Orpheus booklet.

download @ 320vbr

Peter Blegvad - King Strut & Peter Who?

Part of some world, I suppose. This one or that one. We've been through thick and thin, etc. (Are there any extant snapshots, something to show our kids? Cut to social analysis, mirrors of lost time, lost self, gone forever). But "The wounded monster utters 'Musica, Friend.' Away, lonesome sensation, away sensational tune. No. I don't mean thinks, I mean feels" (Melanie Nelson). The blues, barbershop quartets, traditional ballads, even the troubadours are felt here, but the story is all, without ever giving up on the line: no shirt shall ever touch my skin, nor comb go through my hair, but I'll think of the bed you're in & wish that I was lying with you there. Perfect fictions, fractured out of a world that can be ours, the moment thrust into prominence, from Raymond Chandler (life has a throat, we learn to grab it, that kind of thing comes automatic in a zone like the one we inhabit); to The Misfits (our rations ran out, our horses were dead, she forgot what gold was & I had to remind her: the lowliest of metals, too soft for serious use, pretty, of course, & warm to the touch, but no longer alluring when you've handled so much...) The refrains never repeat, just transform and shift the time of the tale, tipping the scales to embellish the facets of the events we've been let in on, as intimates. Nostalgia? If anything, then, for the present: "The final page of my notes is about deception, a tree falls. There is the blank face of indifference in the afternoon of staring happily and thoughtlessly into your child, the ultimate learning, there is the face of hardheartedness, the adorned face of the confusion of having been taken away by storm before thought could leap up, take you higher, and there is the face of wickedness, again the face of my education upon which I walk backwards like a devil on a moral precipice to cast off." (Bernadette Mayer). Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Blegvad.  - Ammiel Alcalay liner notes

Blegvad (rhymes with egg bad) proves he can write timeless heartbreak songs as well as conceptual puzzles. Produced by dB and fellow Golden Palomino Chris Stamey. Bonus track is muddy cassette dub of Peter Who? promotional CD recorded with Andy Partridge.

Peter Blegvad
King Strut & Other Stories
Silvertone Ore LP 511

01 King Strut
02 Gold
03 Meantime
04 On Obsession
05 Not Weak Enough
06 Swim
07 Northern Lights
08 Chicken
09 Real Slap In The Face
10 Shirt And Comb
11 Stranger To Myself
12 Peter Who?

cd and cassette @ 320

The Lodge - Smell Of A Friend

What if Kew. Rhone. and Steely Dan had a baby?

The Lodge
Smell Of A Friend
Antilles New Directions 90691-2

01 Solitary
02 The Song
03 Not All Fathers
04 Smell Of A Friend
05 Match Girl
06 Swelling Valley
07 Old Man's Mood
08 Milk

John Greaves - keyboards, bass, vocals
Peter Blegvad - guitar, vocals
Kristoffer Blegvad - lead vocals
Jakko Jakszyk - guitars, flute, vocals
Anton Fier - drums

Not all fathers are Muddy Waters
Nor are we all Little Walters

cd @ 320vbr

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ornette Coleman - Crisis (plus vocal sessions & big hit single)

Bootleg CD of original 1969 album recorded live @ New York University March 22 of that year, plus rare 45, hired-gun vocal sessions and an elegy from John Coltrane's funeral, St. Peter's Lutheran Church NYC June 21st 1967.

Ornette Coleman
Crisis (plus vocal sessions & big hit single)

01 Broken Shadows                   Impulse AS 9187           
02 Comme Il Faut                               "                          
03 Song For Ché                                "                    
04 Trouble In The East                       "          
05 Space Jungle                                 "                     
06 Man On The Moon                Impulse 45-275
07 Growing Up                                    "
08 Gloria                                    Claude Nougaro
09 No Simple Explanations        Jayne Cortez
10 Richard Pryor                        Joe Henry
11 Stop                                              "
12 Scar                                              "
13 Holiday For A Graveyard      Coltrane funeral

Tracks 06-09 lifted from Destination: Out.

cd @ 320vbr

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ornette Coleman - Chappaqua Suite

Unused soundtrack for Conrad Rooks' Chappaqua, featuring Ornette Coleman Trio w/ Izenson & Moffett along w/ Pharoah Sanders and an 11-piece orchestra, recorded in New York City 1966. Rooks went with Ravi Shankar instead.

Ornette Coleman
Chappaqua Suite

01 Part I
02 Part 2
03 Part 3
04 Part 4

cd @ 320vbr

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ornette Coleman - Who's Crazy?

I prepared a vinyl rip of the Who's Crazy? soundtrack, then found a Japanese digital remaster that sounds better. And here's a look in as Coleman, Izenson & Moffett record Who's Crazy in Paris, 1966.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mystery Disc

Mystery, not in the sense of trying to stump anyone, but being stumped myself. About 20 years ago, a friend of a friend gave me a cassette. The only information on the box was Mehrdad 1990, "Old Song", recorded in Iran and a list of the instruments one would expect on recordings of Persian Classical Music - Tar, Setar, Santur, Daff, Tonbak, Tarbas, Kamancheh, Naye, Oud, Folotcha, Ghazhak and Zarb. This is rather more spirited than other examples of the form which I've heard, the Tar playing in particular. Google searches turn up some artists named Mehrdad, but they don't seem to fit stylistically with what's on offer here.

download | cassette rip |  mp3-320 | 126 MB |

Friday, February 24, 2012

ahouanou jazz - badmos 5009

I know next to nothing about this 1970s Ivory Coast release, but it's a beauty. Modern and ancient, familiar and remote, on vinyl nowhere near as trashed as its cover. Leader/composer Appia Morroh also released records under his own name.

ahouanou jazz
badmos 5009 (cote d'ivoire) 

01 Aloco
02 Acobrecou
03 Alaima
04 Yedjaimannou
05 Agnambiedi
06 Moniama
07 Il N'ya A Pas de Faux Métier
08 Bedio Gnoma

vinyl @ 320vbr

cowpers - lost days

Melodic Japanese roar influenced by San Diego's stupendous Drive Like Jehu. Lost Days is joined here by Cowpers' recreation of Jehu's Bullet Train To Vegas/Hand Over Fist 45, and a 1995 debut single, which closes with the shuddering squealing Zero To 0. Downloaded from various sources, bitrates are what they are, but beautiful noise is always worthwhile.

lost days
zk records 1998 

01 Lost
02 Junk
03 Wreck My Faith
04 Curve II
05 Crawl Space
06 Out Of Bunch
07 Bleedin' Red
08 Days
09 Curve
10 Sink
11 88
12 Rust
13 Bullet Train To Vegas
14 Hand Over Fist
15 Curve II
16 #3
17 Zero To 0

cd and vinyl downloads flac / not flac

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lucky out

I will back from this blog, and already have deleted all my posts. Reasons are the killing of several filehosters and the threats, deletions and angry e-mails from from authorities, filehosters and copyright holders. It's no fun anymore, and I have better things to do than to worry about stuff like that. Thanks to all supportive contributors, bloggers, commenters and readers over the years.

Cheers, Lucky