Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faraquet Live In Cincinnati 06-28-99 Chokebore - Unwound - Phleg Camp - Pitch Fork - Tom Verlaine

01 Yo Yo
02 Whole Thing Over
03 Study In Movement
04 Um Die Ecke
05 Review
06 Call It Sane
07 Pretty (Without The R)
08 The Alaskas
09 Corpse Pose
10 Everything Is Weird
11 Twilight Pink
12 Hog Bottom
13 Thin Ice
14 Goat
15 Sinking
16 Clear It Away
17 Bomb

01-07 Faraquet live in Cincinnati 06-28-99
08 from Chokebore Black Black LP
09-10 Unwound 45
11-12 Phleg Camp 45
13-15 Pitch Fork Saturn Outhouse 45
16-17 Tom Verlaine live in Berlin 04-03-87

Future Noise

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peter Blegvad - King Strut & Peter Who?

Part of some world, I suppose. This one or that one. We've been through thick and thin, etc. (Are there any extant snapshots, something to show our kids? Cut to social analysis, mirrors of lost time, lost self, gone forever). But "The wounded monster utters 'Musica, Friend.' Away, lonesome sensation, away sensational tune. No. I don't mean thinks, I mean feels" (Melanie Nelson). The blues, barbershop quartets, traditional ballads, even the troubadours are felt here, but the story is all, without ever giving up on the line: no shirt shall ever touch my skin, nor comb go through my hair, but I'll think of the bed you're in & wish that I was lying with you there. Perfect fictions, fractured out of a world that can be ours, the moment thrust into prominence, from Raymond Chandler (life has a throat, we learn to grab it, that kind of thing comes automatic in a zone like the one we inhabit); to The Misfits (our rations ran out, our horses were dead, she forgot what gold was & I had to remind her: the lowliest of metals, too soft for serious use, pretty, of course, & warm to the touch, but no longer alluring when you've handled so much...) The refrains never repeat, just transform and shift the time of the tale, tipping the scales to embellish the facets of the events we've been let in on, as intimates. Nostalgia? If anything, then, for the present: "The final page of my notes is about deception, a tree falls. There is the blank face of indifference in the afternoon of staring happily and thoughtlessly into your child, the ultimate learning, there is the face of hardheartedness, the adorned face of the confusion of having been taken away by storm before thought could leap up, take you higher, and there is the face of wickedness, again the face of my education upon which I walk backwards like a devil on a moral precipice to cast off." (Bernadette Mayer). Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Blegvad.  - Ammiel Alcalay liner notes

Blegvad (rhymes with egg bad) proves he can write timeless heartbreak songs as well as conceptual puzzles. Produced by dB and fellow Golden Palomino Chris Stamey. Bonus track is muddy cassette dub of Peter Who? promotional CD recorded with Andy Partridge.

Peter Blegvad
King Strut & Other Stories
Silvertone Ore LP 511

01 King Strut
02 Gold
03 Meantime
04 On Obsession
05 Not Weak Enough
06 Swim
07 Northern Lights
08 Chicken
09 Real Slap In The Face
10 Shirt And Comb
11 Stranger To Myself
12 Peter Who?

cd and cassette @ 320

The Lodge - Smell Of A Friend

What if Kew. Rhone. and Steely Dan had a baby?

The Lodge
Smell Of A Friend
Antilles New Directions 90691-2

01 Solitary
02 The Song
03 Not All Fathers
04 Smell Of A Friend
05 Match Girl
06 Swelling Valley
07 Old Man's Mood
08 Milk

John Greaves - keyboards, bass, vocals
Peter Blegvad - guitar, vocals
Kristoffer Blegvad - lead vocals
Jakko Jakszyk - guitars, flute, vocals
Anton Fier - drums

Not all fathers are Muddy Waters
Nor are we all Little Walters

cd @ 320vbr

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mystery Disc

Mystery, not in the sense of trying to stump anyone, but being stumped myself. About 20 years ago, a friend of a friend gave me a cassette. The only information on the box was Mehrdad 1990, "Old Song", recorded in Iran and a list of the instruments one would expect on recordings of Persian Classical Music - Tar, Setar, Santur, Daff, Tonbak, Tarbas, Kamancheh, Naye, Oud, Folotcha, Ghazhak and Zarb. This is rather more spirited than other examples of the form which I've heard, the Tar playing in particular. Google searches turn up some artists named Mehrdad, but they don't seem to fit stylistically with what's on offer here.

download | cassette rip |  mp3-320 | 126 MB |

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lucky out

I will back from this blog, and already have deleted all my posts. Reasons are the killing of several filehosters and the threats, deletions and angry e-mails from from authorities, filehosters and copyright holders. It's no fun anymore, and I have better things to do than to worry about stuff like that. Thanks to all supportive contributors, bloggers, commenters and readers over the years.

Cheers, Lucky