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african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 01.4

Version 01.4 adds 01b Tremendo Punto, at long last.
Version 01.3 adds 19b Liwa Na Ngai.
Version 01.2 adds 03a Eso La Vida.
Version 01.1 Enthusiast discographer Alastair Johnston has kindly provided information and files, resulting in the addition of four tracks - 08a En Guantanamo, 13b Nkembo Na Nzambe, 18b Willy Mopaya, 23a Azongi Na Bomengo. I thank him for his generosity and infinite wisdom.
According to Johnston's invaluable Docteur Nico Discography, African Fiesta came together in 1963, featuring Nicolas Kasanda on lead, his brother Dechaud on rhythm guitar and Tabu Ley Rochereau on lead vocals, with Roger Izeidi, Kwamy Munsi, Joseph 'Mujos' Mulamba, Joseph Mwena and Depuissant, adding Faugus Izeidi, Paul Mizele, Dominique Kuntima and Jeef Mingiedi in due time. Having developed his electric guitar skills in African Jazz and Rock-a-Mambo, Nico was really sailing by this time, exploring exotic tones and textures like a Congolese Jeff Beck. Elastic cascades of single notes alternate with thick clusters, generally plucked instead of flat-picked, all purring and growling with natural tube sustain and distortion, tremolo and reverb. Check Angola Siempre for a characteristic 'Dieu de la Guitare' solo. African Fiesta managed to record over 250 sides in just two years, with 128 Vita singles released and nary a dud among the ones I've heard. This collection comes from my own vinyl and CDs along with many many downloads from across the interwebs, with Moos @ Global Groove a prime source. I've been advised that compilation tracks are not necessarily the same takes as the original 45s, but I don't often have multiple sources to compare. 25 Vita numbers will be covered in each post, however many tracks I actually have, with downloads revised if and when additions turn up. A list of missing sides is included in the rar, and any digital contributions would be very greatly appreciated.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 01 - vita 01-25

01 01a Rendezvous Chez Labas
02 01b Tremendo Punto
03 02a Bilomba Ya Africa
04 02b Mwasi Abandaka
05 03a Eso La Vida
06 03b Naleli Leo
07 04a Angola Siempre
08 04b Permission
09 05a Moto Abungaka
10 05b Rythmo Ya Suka
11 06a Bandimi Ngaï Tata
12 06b Tembe Nde Tembe
13 07a Camalée
14 07b Seli Kutu
15 08a En Guantanamo
16 08b Keba
17 09a Pesa Le Tout
18 09b Vivo Africa
19 10a Toyei Na Sango
20 10b Vidas
21 13a Nico Azongi
22 13b Nkembe Na Nzambe
23 14a Conseil Monetaire
24 14b Barumbu
25 15a Boni Boye
26 17a Bisengo Na Capitale
27 18b Willy Mopaya
28 19a Arsène Dionge
29 19b Liwa Na Ngai
30 20a A.M. Decantonio
31 21b Natuna Nani
32 23a Azongi Na Bomengo
33 25a Ngonga Ebeti
34 25b Godee

cd and vinyl and downloads @ various bitrates

African Fiesta Sukisa 1966-73 Docteur Nico 06.1

Version 06.1 adds 82b Mal, 86b I Got The Feelin', 90a Nalapi, 99a Baoule to Part One; 133b Mobali Akolimbisa Mwasizon and 506a Echantillon Ya Pambamazon to Part Three.
Last batch of Docteur Nico Vita & Sukisa 45s. As always, Alastair Johnston's discography has been an invaluable resource, without which these six compilations would not exist. And of course, if you might possibly have any missing numbers you would consider sharing, let me know.

Docteur Nico African Fiesta Sukisa @ 45Tours
The Far From Complete Sukisa Singles 1966-73
Part 2 of 2 

01 80a Nakei Abidjan
02 80b Lion du Desespoir
03 82a Semeki Etali Yo Te
04 82b Mal
05 86a Chantal Komonela Ngai
06 86b I Got The Feelin'
07 87a Mobali Atulaka Te
08 89a Manzedi
09 89b Libaku Eponi Te
10 90a Nalapi
11 90b Olga
12 92a Capacite Ya Bolingo
13 93b Mokili Makambo
14 94a Pauline La Preferée
15 94b Mwasi Va Mibali Mibale
16 95a Boya Kobina
17 95b Lassen Yembila Ngai
18 96a Adeline
19 97a Mira
20 97b Mokili Ya Nzambe
21 98a Julienne Importée
22 98b Oluki Likambo Obangi
23 99a Baoulé
24 100a Sukisa Miziki Ya Lokumu
25 100b Aimé Zonga!
26 101a Okosi Ngai Libala
27 102a Cherie Julie Nalingaka
28 102b Marie Anne
29 103a Tekele
30 104a Motema Se Likolo
31 104b Kilimadjaro
32 105a Asala Malekoun
33 105b Mbanda Peugeot
34 107b Bolingo Ezali Mpo Na Kisi Te
35 108a Nakopenda Marie Nella
36 108b Ntumba
37 109a Adieu Freetown
38 109b Afrique de l'Ouest
39 110a Lucifer
40 112a Sadi Na Boyi Masumu
41 112b Ruguia
42 113a Nazali Se Mobali Na Yo
43 114a Kamunganzi Ko
44 116b Fanta Diara
45 119a Bolongo
46 119b Adios
47 129a Mandona
48 130a Celina
49 130b Mwika
50 133a Bolingo Ya Kobomba
51 133b Mobali Akolimbisa Mwasizon
52 Kamulanga (African Jazz)
53 501a Yokolo Pt 1
54 501b Yokolo Pt 2
55 502a Nalingi Yo Na Motema
56 502b Ozali Suka Ya Mobali
57 503a Munka
58 503b Angèle Ozali Wapi
59 504a Talaka Na Miso
60 504b Merengue Nico
61 506a Echantillon Ya Pambamazon

cd, vinyl and downloads @ various bitrates
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey - Impressions Sonores du Benin 1968

A joint effort with Benin music enthusiast Oro, whose original post of NJD 002 was my introduction to these almost forgotten heroes. 002 is reposted here along with 001 & 003, my own recent finds, as natural bookends. Explore Oro for more National-Jazz and countless other African treasures.

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey
Impressions Sonore du Benin eps circa 1968

NJD 001
01 Gbèto Koclozin Dohoun
02 Homé Su Bu Dè Ko
03 Étoile Sportive de Porto-Novo

NJD 002
01 Ave N'Dé Gninan
02 Jerk-Houélié
03 Ablanon
04 Ade Wè Dji Vi Ton

NJD 003
01 To Hô Gnon
02 A Vespa Ya
03 De L'Argent

National Jazz @320

Billie Jo Spears - United Artists 45s 1966-7

Three elusive and amazing singles produced by Kelso Herston just before Spears followed him to Capitol. On her first major-label releases, Billie Jo is already resigned to the fact that men are dogs. She acts accordingly, grimly determined to make the most of whatever flashes of happiness fall her way, her voice breaking throughout these six tales of classic honky-tonk hurt.

From the darkest taverns
I rescued you
Gave you all the good things
A love so sweet and true
The dens of lust have lured you to the dark side of the town 
There's just not enough of you to go around

You're a willing victim
You can't say no
Followed by sorrows everywhere you go
You always overlook me when you're fannin' all your fires
Count the hearts that you have broken curbing desires

As I walk the streets of evil
Searching for you
I'd bet my last breath you can be found
With the dirt in your favorite tavern
There's just not enough of you to go around

Billie Jo Spears 1966-7
UA 50022, UA 50092, UA 50184
Produced by Kelso Herston

01 Much Too Busy To Cry
02 Easy To Be Evil
03 If That's What It Takes
04 Conscience Keep An Eye On Me Tonight
05 Not Enough Of You To Go Around
06 You're Too Much Like Me


We were cut from the same lowly pattern
Since we met, all we do is disagree
Even drink from the same pain pill bottles
I can't love you, you're too much like me

When you cheat, I just smile and forgive you
Take you back, prop you up with sympathy
Then go out, find someone, start gettin' even
I can't love you, you're too much like me

I thought I could lead you from the barroom to the altar
Take you and show you the good side of the street
But the alike that we're a-livin' seems never ending
I can't love you, you're too much like me

You took him from me so easy
I just called to let you know I'm not mad
You don't love him no more, so tell me
How do I go about goin' bad?

Show me how to wear my makeup
With red wine, what perfume works the best
With your help, I will learn how to hold him
Learn to love all the things I detest

If that's what it takes to hold him
Surely you can correct my mistakes
If you'll wait, I'll come down to the tavern
Yes, I'll go bad, if that's what it takes

Standin' together, all the lies you ever told me
Side by side, they're all walkin' toward me
Pretty soon they'll look me in the eye
But I'll be much too busy to cry

My apologies for any misheard lyrics...

Tom Verlaine - Dave Bascombe Sessions 1986

Rejected by Fontana UK, which begat Flash Light. Loose and slightly goofy, many of these ended up as b-sides for Flash Light and The Wonder singles. The rough mixes of 'Sixteen Tulips' and 'One Time At Sundown' here end in breakdown instead of the usual fade, while 'Olive' has not circulated widely as far as I can tell. Although Flash Light is more literate and more focused, guitar rave-ups like 'Call Me The' can hold their own against bratty Yardbirds b-sides like 'The Nazz Are Blue' and 'Psycho Daisies'.

Tom Verlaine
Dave Bascombe Sessions 1986

01 Sixteen Tulips   5.01
02 Caveman-Flashlight   3.13
03 Anna   5.09
04 The Scientist Writes A Letter   5.23
05 Call Me The   3.39
06 Circling   2.33
07 Smoother Than Jones   3.30
08 Vanity Fair   5.58
09 Olive   4.03
10 One Time At Sundown   4.53


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african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 04.1

4.1 repost adds 83a L'Age Et L'Amour, 83b Ya Gaby 2, 114a Una Sabroso, 115a Dit Coco, 121a African Club, 121b Porti Caliente, 122a Belinda, 122b Faux Millionaire, 124a African Fiesta Congo, 124b Tu Son, 125a Djeke, 125b Sangana, 133b Mwanza Distinguée.
Here's the final installment of the Nico Vita story, just in case the end of days has come. The next to last track, from a YouTube post, is a mystery. Nico discographer Alastair Johnston thinks it's probably African Fiesta Sukisa, formed in the wake of Nico's split with Rochereau. Whatever the case, it's killer.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 04 - vita 76-128

01 76a Camalée
02 76b Kiboloso
03 77a Exhibition Dechaud
04 78a Mambo Hawaiienne
05 78b PB Zonga
06 79a Imana Ya Daring
07 81a Au Complet
08 82a Libala Nde Bisengo
09 82b Naleli Godee
10 83a L'age et L'amour
11 83b Ya Gaby 2
12 100a Amartes
13 100b Minge Rumba Fiesta
14 101a Amasco Rwe Dima
15 101b Makila Eyina Nzoto
16 103a A Mimeza
17 103b Worriend
19 104b Nkulu Mobongisi
20 105a Asi Tu Viere
21 105b Molangi Ya Malasi
22 106a Foti Ya Ye
23 106b Le Chant De Malory
24 107b Calabosso
25 108a Sukisa
26 108b Tabalissimo
27 109a Cubana Na Vis-a-Vis
28 109b Pablito
29 110a Café Rio
30 110b Majolina
31 111b Jaloux Jaloux
32 113a Carolina Carolina
33 114a Una Sabroso
34 114b Mama Ida
35 115a Dit Coco
36 121a African Club
37 121b Porti Caliente
38 122a Belinda
39 122b Faux Millionaire
40 123a Kele Ya Nini Saka
41 123b Pablo Gonzales
42 124a African Fiesta Congo
43 124b Tu Son
44 125a Djeke
45 125b Sangana
46 128a Omeli Mavi Na Tonga
47 xxxx Kamulanga
48 133b Mwanza Distinguée 

cd and vinyl and downloads @ various bitrates
re-up 03/22/14

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Don Covay - The REAL Mick Jagger

Although best known as the composer of numerous R&B standards, Don Covay's voice should be familiar to almost everyone on Earth since a Rolling Stone has been using it for the last fifty years. The first time I heard Covay's You're Good For Me, it was the greatest Jagger impersonation I'd ever heard. But that was back when I was young and uninformed, some months ago. Anyway, here is yet another exhaustive singles compilation to satisfy a persistent personal need, this one covering two decades. Little Richard's one-time chauffeur has been around the block a time or two, from doo-wop to black rockabilly to dance craze novelties to classic Atlantic R&B to sixties revival blues to slick Philly disco to Ohio Players funk. Selections have been scrounged from vinyl and CD as well as numerous YouTube posts, with bitrates that may drive sensitive listeners crazy, but a couple of the very worst sounding tracks actually came from an Ooh! My Soul 'import' CD. In addition to stuff released under Covay's own name and his early singles as Pretty Boy (Penniman's term of endearment), I've included covers by the likes of Wanda Jackson, Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Hank Ballard, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, Joe Tex, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Otis Clay and The Staple Singers. So far I've been unable to access three 45s
Standing In The Doorway/I'm Lonely Too - Blaze 350
You're Good For Me/Truth Of The Light - Landa 704
Back To The Roots Pt. 1/Pt. 2 - U-Von 101
and would be overjoyed to hear from anybody out there who'd like to share them. So this is a fairly complete singles collection with a few exemplary album tracks, although thirty-three tunes have been banished to an outtakes reel. Jimi Hendrix appears on both sides of Rosemart 801 as well as Little Richard's I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me), while Wilson Pickett's I'm Gonna Cry (Cry Baby) features Ohio Untouchables guitarist Robert Ward and his mighty Magnatone. I sincerely regret that this is not an official compilation, with extensive liner notes and rare photos, which might give the aging, ailing master a little cash. I salute him and wish him well and hope he doesn't mind me putting all this treasure out there.

The REAL Mick Jagger - Don Covay @ 45Tours 1957-76
01 (Pretty Boy) Bip Bop Bip (Perri/Covay/Pedas) - Atlantic 1147a 1957
02 (Pretty Boy) Paper Dollar (?) - Atlantic 1147b 1957
03 Believe It Or Not (Randolph/Murray) - Sue 709a 1958
04 Betty Jean (?) Sue 709b 1958
05 (Pretty Boy) Switchen In The Kitchen (Covay) - Big 617a 1958
06 (Pretty Boy) Mary (Ting-A-Ling) (Covay) - Norton EP-118 2004
07 (Pretty Boy) Rockin' The Mule (Prosen) - Big 617b 1958
08 Wanda Jackson - There's A Party Goin' On (Covay/Berry) 1958
09 Ooh My Soul (Penniman) - Firefly 313b 1958
10 I'm Comin' Down With The Blues (Covay) - Big Top 3060b 1960
11 Pony Time (Covay/Berry) - Arnold 1002a 1961
12 Twistin' Train (Covay/Berry) - Epic 9484b 1961
13 Shake Wid The Shake (Covay/Berry) - Columbia 41981a 1961
14 Gladys Knight - A Letter Full Of Tears (Covay) 1961
15 Hank Ballard - The Continental Walk (Conrad/Covay/Ballard/Berry) 1961
16 Big Charlie & His Lemon Twisters - Twist It Up (Berry/Covay) 1961
17 Every Which A-Way (Covay/Berry) - Columbia 41981b 1961
18 See About Me (Covay/Porter) - Columbia 42058a 1961
19 Where Are You (Now That I Need You) (Frank Loesser) - Columbia 42197a 1961
20 Teen Life Swag (Randolph) - Columbia 42197b 1961
21 Solomon Burke - I'm Hanging Up My Heart (Covay/Berry) 1962
22 Sam Cooke - Hold On (Covay/Berry) 1962
23 One Little Boy Had Money (Mann/Appell) - Cameo 239b 1962
24 Do The Bug (Mann/Appell) - Cameo 251b
25 Jerry Butler - You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) (Covay/Dennison) 1962
26 Dee Clark - I'm Goin' Home (Covay) 1963
27 Tommy Tucker - Long Tall Shorty (Covay/Abramson) 1964
28 Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry (Cry Baby) (Covay/Pickett) 1964
29 Shirelles - Doomsday (Covay/Abramson) 1964
30 Turn It On (Jackson/Covay/Wisner) - Parkway 910b 1964
31 Mercy, Mercy (Covay/Miller) - Rosemart 801a 1964
32 Can't Stay Away (Covay/Ott) - Rosemart 801b 1964
33 Take This Hurt Off Me (Covay/Miller) - Rosemart 802a 1964
34 Please Don't Let Me Know (Terry/Smith) - Rosemart 802b 1964
35 Can't Fight It Baby (Covay/Ott) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
36 You Must Believe Me (Curtis Mayfield) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
37 You're Good For Me (Covay/Ott) - Atlantic SD 8104 1965
38 Three Time Loser (Covay/Miller) - (demo?) Versatile NED 1123 c.1964
39 Your Love Has Got To Me (Covay) - (demo?) Versatile NED 1123 c.1964
40 Please Do Something (Covay/Miller) - Atlantic 2286a 1965
41 A Woman's Love (Covay) - Atlantic 2286b 1965
42 See-Saw (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2301a 1965
43 I Never Get Enough Of Your Love (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2301b 1965
44 Little Richard - I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me) (Covay) 1965
45 Ben E. King - Don't Drive Me Away (Covay/Ott) 1966
46 Solomon Burke - Tonight's The Night (Covay/Burke) 1966
47 Sookie Sookie (Covay/Cropper) - Atlantic 2323a 1966
48 Watching The Late Late Show (Covay) - Atlantic 2323b 1966
49 You Put Something On Me (Covay) - Atlantic 2340a 1966
50 Iron Out The Rough Spots (Jones/Porter/Cropper) - Atlantic 2340b 1966
51 Somebody's Got To Love You (Covay) - Atlantic 2357a 1966
52 Temptation Was Too Strong (Covay) - Atlantic 2357b 1966
53 40 Days 40 Nights (Covay) - Atlantic 2407a 1967
54 The Usual Place (Covay/Randolph) - Atlantic 2407b 1967
55 You've Got Me On The Critical List (Covay) - Atlantic 2440a 1967
56 Never Had No Love (Covay) - Atlantic 2440b 1967
57 Etta James - You Got It (Covay) 1967
58 Otis Redding - Demonstration (Covay/Redding) 1967
59 Otis Redding - Think About It (Covay/Redding) 1967
60 Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools (Covay) 1968
61 Otis Clay - That Kind of Lovin' (Covay) 1968
62 Little Richard - Try Some Of Mine (Covay) 1968
63 Solomon Burke - Party People (Covay) 1968
64 Etta James - I'm Gonna Take What He's Got (Covay) 1968
65 Aretha Franklin - See-Saw (Covay/Cropper) 1968
66 Don't Let Go (J. Stone) - Atlantic 2494a 1968
67 It's In The Wind (Covay) - Atlantic 2494b 1968
68 Gonna Send You Back To Your Mama (Covay) - Atlantic 2521a 1968
69 House On The Corner (Covay) - Atlantic 2521b 1968
70 Soul Clan - Soul Meeting (Covay) - Atlantic 2530a 1968
71 Soul Clan - That's How It Feels (Covay/Womack) - Atlantic 2530b 1968
72 Snake In The Grass (Redd/Martin) - Atlantic 2565b 1968
73 I Stole Some Love (Covay) - Atlantic 2565a 1968
74 Sweet Pea (Covay) - Atlantic 2609a 1969
75 Mad Dog Blues (Covay/Richardson) - Atlantic SD 8237 1969
76 Soul Stirrer (Covay/Whyce) - Atlantic 2742a 1969
77 Lou Johnson - I Can't Change (Covay) 1969
78 Wilson Pickett - Night Owl (Covay) 1969
79 Joe Tex - She Said Yeah (Covay/Nash/Pickett/Stevenson) 1969
80 Everything I Do Goin' Be Funky (Allen Toussaint) - Atlantic 2725a 1969
81 Sweet Thang (Covay) - Janus 164a 1971
82 Standing In The Grits Line (Covay) - Janus 164b 1971
83 Staple Singers - This Old Town (Covay/Pickett/Stevenson) 1972
84 I Was Checkin' Out, She Was Checkin' In (Covay) - Mercury 73385a 1973
85 Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong) - Mercury 73385b 1973
86 Somebody's Been Enjoying My Home (L. Scott/E. Darby) Mercury 73430a 1973
87 Bad Mouthing (E. Darby/N. Jean) - Mercury 73430b 1973
88 We Can't Make It No More (Covay/Von) Mercury 73468b 1975
89 Travelin' In Heavy Traffic (Covay/Wansel) - Philadelphia Intl. 3602a 1976
90 Once You Have It (Covay) - Philadelphia Intl. 3602b 1976

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four (X-Files)

I thought I would get it
From a missile flying through the sky
I thought it would be a hundred years
Before I turned over and died
Surely the end will come
I thought it would be an atomic bomb
But if you just take your love away