Thursday, September 15, 2016

balla et ses balladins @ 45tours

Vacillon added 9/14/16.
Nanfoule added 4/23/13 (belated thanks to Nauma.) The Balladins stand alongside Bembeya Jazz as the most sophisticated of Guinea's golden age authenticité bands, among so many great ones. Their Syliphone 45s hold much of their absolute best work, stunning in its quality and variety, as the Sakhodougou - Samba - Kognö Koura sequence shows. Whether languid or swinging, you can pretty much count on quivering Latin horns as well as electric guitars that use surf, soul and psychedelia to recast ancient stories in service of a revolution. This collection is now complete, the heretofore missing b-side Vacillon a very fine guitar workout.

balla et ses balladins
balladins @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-75

01 J.R.D.A. 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
02 Diaraby 1967 (Jardin de Guinée)
03 Diaraby SYL 505a 1968
04 Yo Te Contres Maria SYL 505b 1968
05 Bedianamo SYL 506a 1968
06 P.D.G. SYL 506b 1968
07 Soumbouyaya SYL 507a 1968
08 La Guineé Moussolou SYL 507b 1968
09 Tara SYL 508a 1969
10 Nanfoule SYL 508b 1969
11 Moi Ça Ma Fout SYL 517a 1970
12 Vacillon SYL 517b 1970
13 Kaïra SYL 520a 1970
14 Sakhodougou SYL 520b 1970
15 Samba SYL 545a 1972
16 Kognö Koura SYL 547a 1972
17 Bi Diamana Möo SYL 545b 1972
18 Como Cocina Et La Corda SYL 547b 1972
19 Djina Moussö SYL 549a 1972
20 Manta Lokoka SYL 549b 1972
21 Ancien Combattant SYL 571a 1975
22 Nyo SYL 571b 1975
23 Hafia SYL 572a 1975
24 Wilikabo SYL 572b 1975

cd and vinyl @320vbr 

keletigui et ses tambourinis @ 45tours

Singles compilation featuring another of Guinea's wondrous state-sponsored authenticité outfits. Collection is now complete, adding another Franklin Boukaka 45 and the b-side of the Tambourinis' final single, a fitting farewell ballad. Enjoy.

keletigui et ses tambourinis
tambourinis @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-72

01 Soundiata 1968 5.51
02 Nosotros 1968 5.00
03 Famadenké 1968 3.58
04 Cigarettes Allumettes 1968 3.22
05 Kesso 1970 3.05
06 Chiquita 1970 3.04
07 I Boyein-Boyein 1970 3.41
08 Tambourinis Sax Parade 1970 4.46
09 Quinzan 1970 3.06
10 Il Tomatero 1970 4.02
11 Banankoro 1970 4.20
12 La Loma de Belen 1970 2.56
13 J.R.D.A. 1970 5.02
14 Guarjira Con Tumbao 1970 3.14
15 N'Nadia 1970 4.43
16 La Bicycletta 1970 5.14
17 Ilole Gbanina 1970 4.00
18 Tambourinis Cocktail 1970 4.28
19 Kiss My Noose 1970 2.46
20 Mi Corazon 1970 4.53
21 Munu Ngiedi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.02
22 Kitoko Mingi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.54
23 M'Bongi Eyi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.04
24 Tata Aleleti (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 2.42
25 Donsoké 1972 4.04
26 Guanguanco a Todos Los Barrios 1972 4.38
27 Beni Yarabi 1972 4.21
28 Gerona Son 1972 3.49
29 Miri Magnin 1972 5.04
30 Marie 1972 4.30

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

zaire: musiques urbaines à kinshasa

The tale of how a collection of Congolese thumb pianos provided the missing link between punk, techno and all points in between, has taken 25 years to tell. And like fellow music visionaries across the globe, the remarkable sound they created was forged in the most desperate of circumstances and in the harshest of places.
Konono No 1 emerged from the Angola/Congo border bush and relocated to Kinshasa, steeped in the traditional Bazombo trance music. They amassed a collection of differently pitched likembé (thumb pianos, or metal rods attached to resonators and pick-ups), plus pots, pans, cutlery, microphones adapted from car parts, whistles, massed vocals passed though megaphones and a massive sound system.
This remarkable, unique noise soon garnered a fanatical following at home. The DIY nature of their equipment provided an integral, distorted sound, a healthy hum seeping into every rhythmic pause. The combination of all these elements created something notably African in pace and texture, coincidentally nodding to Western electronica.
The likembé merge to provide a brutal, hypnotising beat, the cousin to The 13th Floor Elevators' electrified jug or John Cale's manic viola. The rapid intensity of rhythm matches the finest exponents of Krautrock, occasionally drifting close to the confused energy of Aphex Twin or Autechre, with the damaged tempo of Beefheart or Marc Ribot slithering in.
It could really be from anywhere, at any time; its rawness at odds with the slow fall towards slickness and a polished, homogenised sound so sought after these days. And like all the best music, it needs to be played loud, as loud as their legendary, dizzying live performances...
This music comes from somewhere unknown and offers hope that there are worlds of music out there, unexplored and waiting to be discovered.
- Dale Shaw BBC (UK)

zaire: musiques urbaines à kinshasa
ocora c559007 hm65 (1987)
Recorded live November 1978 Kinshasa

cd @320vbr
01 ORCHESTRE SANKAI Rythme Kuatankuaka 14.25
03 ORCHESTRE BAMBALA Animation Kifuti 9.25
04 ORCHESTRE BANA LUYA Animation Bana Luya 23.05

super-expanded dual-cassette set @192
01 ORCHESTRE BANA LUYA Animation Bana Luya 28'50
02 ORCHESTRE BAMBALA Animation Kifuti 28'33
03 ORCHESTRE SANKAI Kuata Nkuaka 28'16
04 ORCHESTRE T.P. LIKEMBE KONOKO (sic!) Mungua-Muanga 28'41
05 ORCHESTRE T.P. TULU LISANGA BANGANGA Animation (unnamed) 15'14 (extra track!)
(see Bolingo69's comment)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 03

Another day, another download account.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 03 - vita 51-75 

01 51a Natiya Zuwa Tina
02 51b Seis Linda Cubana
03 53a Ivi
04 54a Ya Gaby
05 54b L'Age Et L'Amour
06 55b Mwama Wa Mamu
07 56a Rochereau Pascal
08 57a Fiesta Kombo Ya Sika
09 57b Tozali Kozila
10 58b Contentieux Belgo-Congolais
11 59a Mama Egee
12 59b Maria Chantal
13 60a Lucie
14 60b Nadie No Puede
15 61a Santa
16 61b Tokei Koyekola
17 63b Mi Amore
18 64a Fiesta Na Milano
19 64b Mwana Ya Tabu
20 65a Sawa Ayaka Mozemba
21 65b Sey Sey
22 66a Madina 2
23 66b Nakokoma
24 67a Ba Bill Oye
25 67b Nin'zi
26 68a Mukala
27 68b Natali Yango Pamba
28 70b Guantanamera
29 71a Na Landa Baninga
30 71b Tosa Mpe Banga
31 72a Merengue President
32 72b Me Voy A Cantar
33 73a Biantondi Kasanda
34 73b Lolita
35 74a Domingo O Sabado
36 74b N'Daya Paradis

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Friday, January 9, 2015

NNB - A Bigger Taste Of

Minneapolis record store geeks take matters into their own hands, leaving twenty minutes of wax for the ages. I saw them at a Soho loft No Wave fest as many of that movement's pioneers were passing into history. Original post has been augmented with an early hometown show. Check out YouTube NNB live @ Hurrah NYC 1981 here.

In The Studio
01 Slack 1978 4.03
02 New World 1978 2.04
03 Listen 1979 3.10
04 Uruguay-1983 1979 4.26
05 Well, Oh Well 1979 4.27
Slack b/w New World were released as Wave 7 single W7-100
Listen and Uruguay-1983 are from Twin-Tone 7907 - Big Hits Of Mid-America III
Well, Oh Well was one side of a No Magazine flexi, w/ Information and No Group on the flip

Live @ Jay's Longhorn - MPLS - July 11, 1978
01 Listen
02 Don't You
03 Nothing Can Harm Me
04 I Tried To Tell You
05 Friction (Television)
06 New World
07 Look Me Up
08 I Can't Control Myself
09 Slack
10 Uruguay 1983
11 Final Solution (Pere Ubu)
12 (crowd ruckus)
13 What Goes On (Velvet Undeground)
Sincere thanks to the original (Dime?) uploader, unknown to me at this point.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 01.4

Version 01.4 adds 01b Tremendo Punto, at long last.
Version 01.3 adds 19b Liwa Na Ngai.
Version 01.2 adds 03a Eso La Vida.
Version 01.1 Enthusiast discographer Alastair Johnston has kindly provided information and files, resulting in the addition of four tracks - 08a En Guantanamo, 13b Nkembo Na Nzambe, 18b Willy Mopaya, 23a Azongi Na Bomengo. I thank him for his generosity and infinite wisdom.
According to Johnston's invaluable Docteur Nico Discography, African Fiesta came together in 1963, featuring Nicolas Kasanda on lead, his brother Dechaud on rhythm guitar and Tabu Ley Rochereau on lead vocals, with Roger Izeidi, Kwamy Munsi, Joseph 'Mujos' Mulamba, Joseph Mwena and Depuissant, adding Faugus Izeidi, Paul Mizele, Dominique Kuntima and Jeef Mingiedi in due time. Having developed his electric guitar skills in African Jazz and Rock-a-Mambo, Nico was really sailing by this time, exploring exotic tones and textures like a Congolese Jeff Beck. Cascades of single notes alternate with thick clusters, generally plucked instead of flat-picked, all purring and growling with natural tube sustain and distortion, tremolo and reverb. Check Angola Siempre for a characteristic 'Dieu de la Guitare' solo. African Fiesta managed to record over 250 sides in just two years, with 128 Vita singles released and nary a dud among the ones I've heard. This collection comes from my own vinyl and CDs along with many many downloads from across the interwebs, with Moos @ Global Groove a prime source. I've been advised that compilation tracks are not necessarily the same takes as the original 45s, but I don't often have multiple sources to compare. 25 Vita numbers will be covered in each post, however many tracks I actually have, with downloads revised if and when additions turn up. A list of missing sides is included in the rar, and any digital contributions would be very greatly appreciated.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 01 - vita 01-25

01 01a Rendezvous Chez Labas
02 01b Tremendo Punto
03 02a Bilomba Ya Africa
04 02b Mwasi Abandaka
05 03a Eso La Vida
06 03b Naleli Leo
07 04a Angola Siempre
08 04b Permission
09 05a Moto Abungaka
10 05b Rythmo Ya Suka
11 06a Bandimi Ngaï Tata
12 06b Tembe Nde Tembe
13 07a Camalée
14 07b Seli Kutu
15 08a En Guantanamo
16 08b Keba
17 09a Pesa Le Tout
18 09b Vivo Africa
19 10a Toyei Na Sango
20 10b Vidas
21 13a Nico Azongi
22 13b Nkembe Na Nzambe
23 14a Conseil Monetaire
24 14b Barumbu
25 15a Boni Boye
26 17a Bisengo Na Capitale
27 18b Willy Mopaya
28 19a Arsène Dionge
29 19b Liwa Na Ngai
30 20a A.M. Decantonio
31 21b Natuna Nani
32 23a Azongi Na Bomengo
33 25a Ngonga Ebeti
34 25b Godee

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African Fiesta Sukisa 1966-73 Docteur Nico 06.1

Version 06.1 adds 82b Mal, 86b I Got The Feelin', 90a Nalapi, 99a Baoule, 133b Mobali Akolimbisa Mwasizon and 506a Echantillon Ya Pambamazon.
Last batch of Docteur Nico Vita & Sukisa 45s. As always, Alastair Johnston's discography has been an invaluable resource, without which these six compilations would not exist. And of course, if you might possibly have any missing numbers you would consider sharing, let me know.

Docteur Nico African Fiesta Sukisa @ 45Tours
The Far From Complete Sukisa Singles 1966-73
Part 2 of 2 

01 80a Nakei Abidjan
02 80b Lion du Desespoir
03 82a Semeki Etali Yo Te
04 82b Mal
05 86a Chantal Komonela Ngai
06 86b I Got The Feelin'
07 87a Mobali Atulaka Te
08 89a Manzedi
09 89b Libaku Eponi Te
10 90a Nalapi
11 90b Olga
12 92a Capacite Ya Bolingo
13 93b Mokili Makambo
14 94a Pauline La Preferée
15 94b Mwasi Va Mibali Mibale
16 95a Boya Kobina
17 95b Lassen Yembila Ngai
18 96a Adeline
19 97a Mira
20 97b Mokili Ya Nzambe
21 98a Julienne Importée
22 98b Oluki Likambo Obangi
23 99a Baoulé
24 100a Sukisa Miziki Ya Lokumu
25 100b Aimé Zonga!
26 101a Okosi Ngai Libala
27 102a Cherie Julie Nalingaka
28 102b Marie Anne
29 103a Tekele
30 104a Motema Se Likolo
31 104b Kilimadjaro
32 105a Asala Malekoun
33 105b Mbanda Peugeot
34 107b Bolingo Ezali Mpo Na Kisi Te
35 108a Nakopenda Marie Nella
36 108b Ntumba
37 109a Adieu Freetown
38 109b Afrique de l'Ouest
39 110a Lucifer
40 112a Sadi Na Boyi Masumu
41 112b Ruguia
42 113a Nazali Se Mobali Na Yo
43 114a Kamunganzi Ko
44 116b Fanta Diara
45 119a Bolongo
46 119b Adios
47 129a Mandona
48 130a Celina
49 130b Mwika
50 133a Bolingo Ya Kobomba
51 133b Mobali Akolimbisa Mwasizon
52 Kamulanga (African Jazz)
53 501a Yokolo Pt 1
54 501b Yokolo Pt 2
55 502a Nalingi Yo Na Motema
56 502b Ozali Suka Ya Mobali
57 503a Munka
58 503b Angèle Ozali Wapi
59 504a Talaka Na Miso
60 504b Merengue Nico
61 506a Echantillon Ya Pambamazon

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