Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Derek Bailey, Christine Jeffrey - View from Six Windows

For many of us whose interests arose from rock music, the first encounter with what came to be called non-idiomatic improvisation was ECM 1005, The Music Improvisation Company. Trying to reconcile the instruments listed with the sounds coming out of the speakers was baffling to say the least, especially for ears not attuned to abstraction and the expanded techniques employed to produce these noises. There were sounds that gave the impression of being strings, was that the guitar, and other sounds which might conceivably be termed percussion, but I heard nothing which sounded like a saxophone and what the hell was meant by live electronics. Derek Bailey later opined that he was assiduously avoiding any use of open strings at that time, so it was a bit disconcerting that some of Hugh Davies' homemade contraptions were essentially nothing but an open string. For all that though, the most mysterious element was the voice. I decided the singer must be recorded so poorly as to be drowned out in the mix. I heard Ovary Lodge around this same time, also quite abstract but Julie Tippetts' vocals had an expressive quality that made them quite recognizable, whereas Christine Jeffrey eschewed anything that smacked of emotion, and blended with the other timbres so well that it made one doubt there was any voice present. In retrospect I can pick her out quite easily, but at that time the recording seemed very mysterious.

A sticker affixed to the cover of View from Six Windows features a laudatory blurb by Anthony Braxton, terming Bailey "The most amazing guitar player on the planet" and opining that he and his music are "one of the most significant contributions to creative music (and world creativity) in this time period". Of course Derek Bailey is very well documented on recordings, the same cannot be said for Christine Jeffrey however. It was only when View from Six Windows was released in the early '80s that I was at all certain which noises Jeffrey had been making on the MIC album. View from Six Windows is the perfect vehicle for Jeffrey with only Bailey's acoustic guitar, and on one track a ukulele, for accompaniment. Bailey is at his sparest and most pointillist on View, which allows one to hear clearly what Jeffrey is doing. At times the timbres and spaciousness of the recording even recalls the biwa, shakuhachi duet of Takemitsu's Eclipse. This is a recording whose dynamic range and delicacy cries out to be heard on CD, but it's never been reissued, so this at times somewhat noisy rip shall have to do for now.

1. Here Today...
2. One Old One
3. Nothing Lasts Like the Makeshift
4. One Young One
5. Two Part Pier
6. For a Day or a Stay
7. Adrienne
8. What Now?

Derek Bailey - acoustic guitar, ukulele on 4
Christine Jeffrey - voice

Recorded in London, January, February 1980
ML-114, Metalaguage 1981

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bembeya jazz national @ 45tours

Since a greatest hits collection was released in the wake of lead singer Demba Camara's death in 1973, many of these have been slightly more available over the years than Balladins or Horoya or Keletigui singles tracks, but everything is here in one place.

bembeya jazz national @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-73

01 République Guinée (1968)
02 Sabor de Guajira (1968)
03 Armée Guinéenne (1968)
04 Net a Sec (1968)
05 Minuit (1969)
06 Guantanamera-Seyni (1969)
07 N'Wato M'Barale (1969)
08 Montuno de la Sierra (1969)
09 Waraba (1970)
10 N'Borin (1970)
11 Bembeyako (1970)
12 Dagna (1970)
13 Festival National (1971)
14 Doni Doni (1971)
15 Camara Mousso (1971)
16 Wouloukoro (1971)
17 Lefa (1971)
18 Bembeya (1971)
19 Kouledegbe (1973)
20 N'Diamono (1973)
21/2 Super Tentemba 1 & 2 (1973)
23 Bembeya (1973)
24 Ilé N'Yarabi (1973)
25 Mami Wata (1973)
26 Whiskey Soda (1973)
27 Sénero (1973)
28 Alalaké (1973)

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docteur nico et l'african fiesta - toute l'afrique danse

docteur nico et l'african fiesta
toute l'afrique danse
sonafric saf 50.003 (1975)

01 Sukisa Liwa Na Ngai
02 Talaka Na Miso
03 Maria Maria
04 Capacite Ya Bolingo
05 Jeanine
06 Olga
07 Munka
08 Pergola
09 Sanduku Etundi
10 Felie

vinyl @ 320vbr

sam and dave - can't stand up for falling down

A collection of '68-'71 Atlantic singles along with two cuts from Stax, one from a Stay In School radio promo album and the title cut, a b-side (apparently dubbed from vinyl) that was famously covered by Elvis Costello. Some have subsequently been collected on CD anthologies, some really good ones, like Ooh Ooh Ooh, have not.

sam and dave
can't stand up for falling down
edsel ed 133 (1984)

01 Baby Baby Don't Stop Now
02 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
03 Born Again
04 My Reason For Living
05 This Is Your World
06 Holdin' On
07 Come On In
08 When You Steal From Me (You're Only Cheating Yourself)
09 I'm Not An Indian Giver
10 Get It
11 Ooh Ooh Ooh
12 Don't Pull Your Love Out
13 Knock It Out The Park
14 You Easily Excite Me
15 One Part Love, Two Part Pain
16 Jody Ryder Got Killed

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

dave schramm - folk und die folgen

Limited edition German-only solo release from the leader of the criminally unknown Schramms of New York City, a great songwriter and guitar player, sweet and sad, plain and simple. Also included are two songs from Radio Free Song Club, a monthly webcast of exclusive tracks from old favorites like Peter Blegvad, Peter Holsapple and Freedy Johnston as well as Schramm, who's also lead guitarist in the RFSC All Stars house band. Finally, Fade Fade, an epic outtake from The Schramms' One Hundred Questions CD, produced by J.D. Foster of Richard Buckner's best long players, from the band's website.

dave schramm
folk und die folgen
normal / return to sender rts 6 (1994)

01 A Woman's Name
02 Talking To Me Poor
03 Little American Hymn
04 Number Nineteen
05 Sister Rose
06 Sweet William
07 I Saw Him Fall
08 The Stars Come Out For Everyone But Him
09 Wurlitzerville
10 Long Story Short
11 Something Went Wrong
12 Fade Fade

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f*p @ 45tours

A little skronk for the jukebox at the local pub, here are two of six 45s released by F*P between 1972 and '75. Bah, bah, bleep, squeeeeeeeeeeeeee $(*#()){F!F!CR>$F!!! The Globe Unity is interesting because it actually is a take on the classic single, with a jovial, catchy plug side and a moody flip, treating Jenkins' lush Good Bye with great love and respect, incendiary Brötzmann and all.

f*p @ 45tours 1973-5

01 Einheitsfrontlied Part 1 - (Eisler) - ҒМР S-3a 1973
02 Einheitsfrontlied Part 2 - (Eisler) - ҒМР S-3b 1973
03 Bavarian Calypso - (Schlippenbach) - ҒМР S-6 1975
04 Good Bye - (Gordon Jenkins) - ҒМР S-6 1975

01-2 Brötzman Van Hove Bennink
03-4 Globe Unity Orchestra

vinyl @320

howard tate @ 45tours plus

Howard Tate's monaural Verve 45s from CD, non-hits from Turntable and Atlantic, a one-off Epic 45 from 1974, independent singles from 1976 and 1986, plus album selects. His voice is one in a million, with great songs and production by Jerry Ragavoy and Lloyd Price. I've taken the liberty of moving the songs I don't particularly care for to the end of the line, for your (my) listening pleasure. Don't miss the beautiful Either Side Of The Same Town (Jerry Ragovoy/Elvis Costello) from Tate's comeback CD, following decades lost in a perilous wilderness.

howard tate @ 45tours plus 1966-2004

01 Ain't Nobody Home - Verve 10420a - June 1966
02 How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark? - Verve 10420b - June 1966
03 Look At Granny Run Run - Verve 10464a - December 1966
04 Half A Man - Verve 10464b - December 1966
05 Get It While You Can - Verve 10496a - March 1967
06 Glad I Knew Better - Verve 10496b - March 1967
07 Baby, I Love You - Verve 10525a - May 1967
08 I Learned It All The Hard Way - Verve 10567a - August 1967
09 Part-Time Love - Verve 10567b - August 1967
10 Stop - Verve 10573a - December 1967
11 Shoot 'Em All Down - Verve 10573b - December 1967
12 Everyday I Have The Blues - Verve 10604a - June 1968
13 Little Volcano - Reaction LP - Turntable 5002 - 1969
14 That's What Happens - Turntable 505a - 1969
15 What'll I Do? - Reaction LP - Turntable 5002 - 1969
16 My Soul's Got A Hole In It - Turntable 508a - 1969
17 These Are The Things That Make Me Know You're Gone - Turntable 505b - 1969
18 Keep Cool - Atlantic 2836a - 1971
19 8 Days On The Road - Atlantic 2894a - 1971
20 You Don't Know Nothing 'Bout Love - Atlantic 2860b - 1971
21 Girl Of The North Country - Atlantic 2894b - 1971
22 I'm A Man - (unreleased 1972-3)
23 Ain't Got Nobody To Give It To - Epic 5-11118a - 1974
24 Can You Top This? - Epic 5-11118b - 1974
25 Either Side Of The Same Town - Rediscovered CD - Private Music 60297-2 - 2004
26 Sorry, Wrong Number - Rediscovered CD - Private Music 60297-2 - 2004
27 All I Know Is The Way I Feel - Rediscovered CD - Private Music 60297-2 - 2004
28 Get It While You Can - Rediscovered CD - Private Music 60297-2 - 2004
29 How Blue Can You Get? - Verve 10525b - May 1967
30 Night Owl - Verve 10604b - June 1968
31 Sweet Love Child - Verve 10625a - November 1968
32 I'm Your Servant - Verve 10625b - November 1968
33 Give Me Some Courage - (unreleased March-April 1968)
34 Brand New Me - HT 001a - 1976
35 Pride - HT 001b - 1976
36 Sweetness - TBF 101a - 1986
37 One Armed Bandit - TBF 101b - 1986

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

horoya band national @ 45tours

I believe the very best Syliphone stuff is on the singles, so here's another collection from far and near. Some sound clean, others nasty, but they're all here, including five consecutively-numbered singles from 1974 and three tracks from annual Discotheque collections that were not released as 45s. For the like-minded, check out this bootleg cassette with what seem to be Syliphone outtakes. Great ones. Flinstonian sound quality, but still..!

horoya band national @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1969-74

01 511a Takoulata 4.07
02 511b Autorail 3.59
03 512a Semba 2.36
04 512b N'Banlassouro 3.11
05 535a Apollo 3.47
06 535b Hombressa 2.38
07 546a Karan-Gbegne 4.04
08 546b Karangba 3.34
09 557a Baya 4.50
10 557b Souko Bayo 6.45
11 558a Kanimba 6.35
12 558b Wère Wère 5.11
13 559a Koulia 5.30
14 559b Malamini 5.16
15 560a N'Maderi Wola 6.10
16 560b N'Na La Kassi 4.15
17 561b Ni Bara Tila 5.34
18 561a Deri Magni 6.32
19 Artistes 7.17
20 Daba 4.22
21 Sasilon 9.08

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paul bley trio plus john gilmore - turns

March 9, 1964 session featuring John Gilmore on tenor sax. Bley released some of this on his own IAI label in 1975 and the rest appeared on a Savoy new music anthology, but this Michael Cuscuna vinyl, which briefly slipped out just as LP racks were being reconfigured for longbox CDs, has everything in one place. Record and cover both in glorious mono.

paul bley trio plus john gilmore
savoy jazz sjl 1192 (1987)

01 Around Again (Carla Bley) 5.41
02 Calls (Carla Bley) 6.15
03 King Korn (Carla Bley) 6.05
04 Ida Lupino (alt) (Carla Bley) 5.23
05 Ida Lupino (Carla Bley) 5.04
06 Syndrome (Carla Bley) 6.36
07 Turns (Paul Bley) 6.36
08 Ictus (Carla Bley) 4.12

Paul Bley / John Gilmore / Gary Peacock / Paul Motian
recorded in mono @ mirasound in new york city march 9, 1964

vinyl @320

legendary stardust cowboy mercury 45s 1968

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's three Mercury 45s, along with some Ohio obscurities a discerning pal from Cleveland's original Record Rendezvous squirreled away for me long long ago. Both Johnny Angel and Tom Claire were neighborhood lounge Sinatras, the former liable to scare off even the wildest divorcée with his deranged BANG! BANG! BANG! scatting. Ernest & D.L. Rocco bring outsider art into the 80s, while Alan Zahorchak is in an orbit all his own. Total WHAT, Jones?! Finally, a perfect photo of our hero in Vegas, dressed for success, from the interwebs.

01 Paralyzed - Mercury 72862a
02 Who's Knocking At My Door - Mercury 72862b
03 I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship - Mercury 72891a
04 Down In The Wrecking Yard - Mercury 72891b
05 Kiss And Run - Mercury 72912a
06 Everything's Getting Bigger But Our Love - Mercury 72912b
07 Cleveland's A Winner! - Tom Claire
08 Singles - Johnny Angel
09 Night Time Girl - Johnny Angel
10 I Wake Up And It Rains - Alan Zahorchak
11 End Up Losing - Alan Zahorchak
12 Moon Child - Ernest & D.L. Rocco
13 Count Terry Devine - Ernest & D.L. Rocco

vinyl @320

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Robert Ashley - Music Word Fire and I Would Do It Again (Coo Coo)

By request, The Lessons, 28 one minute pieces for television derived from songs in The Bank, Part 3 of Perfect Lives (Private Parts) an opera for television. I'm not quite sure how those 28 one minute pieces are extracted from the four tracks here, they aren't included in the opera proper but they do add up to about that duration. This is a strangely seductive album of repetitive chanted phrases over intricate rhythm beds of keyboards and percussion. Each track represents a separate character in the opera. Notable for truly superb prepared piano by Blue Gene Tyranny.

01. Isolde (Marie Isolde)
02. Raoul de Noget (No-Zhay)
03. Buddy
04. The Captain of the Football Team (Donnie)
Music and words by Robert Ashley

Robert Ashley, Jill Kroesen, David Van Tieghem - vocals
John Sanborn added to the Boogie Woogie Chorus
Blue Gene Tyranny - Prepared piano (solos), polymoog, organ, vocoder
Peter Gordon - Arp string ensemble, Prophet 5, vocoder, live processing
David Van Tieghem - drums, synare, vocal percussion

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