Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sam and dave - can't stand up for falling down

A collection of '68-'71 Atlantic singles along with two cuts from Stax, one from a Stay In School radio promo album and the title cut, a b-side (apparently dubbed from vinyl) that was famously covered by Elvis Costello. Some have subsequently been collected on CD anthologies, some really good ones, like Ooh Ooh Ooh, have not.

sam and dave
can't stand up for falling down
edsel ed 133 (1984)

01 Baby Baby Don't Stop Now
02 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
03 Born Again
04 My Reason For Living
05 This Is Your World
06 Holdin' On
07 Come On In
08 When You Steal From Me (You're Only Cheating Yourself)
09 I'm Not An Indian Giver
10 Get It
11 Ooh Ooh Ooh
12 Don't Pull Your Love Out
13 Knock It Out The Park
14 You Easily Excite Me
15 One Part Love, Two Part Pain
16 Jody Ryder Got Killed

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Holly said...

Awesome! Sam & Dave never get enough love :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you, reservatory! i love booker t. + the m.g.'s, and i do love this duo, of course. i only know their 60's stax masterpieces, so i'm curious about these later rarities!

discogs has listed the issue dates as following:

A1 Atlantic 2714, 1970
A2 Stax 218, 1967. Produced by Stax Staff.
A3 Atlantic 2608, 1969
A4 From The Stax special Promotional album "Stay In School" Stax A-11. Not Issued commercially.
A5 Atlantic 2517, 1968
A6 Atlantic 2668, 1969
A7 Atlantic 2590, 1968
A8 Atlantic 2728, 1970
B1 Atlantic 2714, 1970
B2 Atlantic 2608, 1969
B3 Atlantic 2668, 1969
B4 Atlantic 2839, 1971
B5 Atlantic 2733, 1970
B6 Atlantic 2733, 1970
B7 Atlantic 2728, 1970
B8 Atlantic 2839, 1971

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

couldn't get excited about any of these....yawn....

Anonymous said...

i found "knock it out the park" absolutely exciting - the muscle shoal rhythm section is breathtaking and funky as hell.

thanks for posting, reservatory!!! :)


reservatory said...

Ooh Ooh Ooh really does it for me. Sam & Dave w/ samba guitar! And the second verse where Sam sez, "...til I get my breath. Back." as the band follows his pauses. And 'Jody Ryder Got Killed', where Sam imitates the neighborhood ladies clucking over the murder of a ladies man, to which Sam replies, "I'm glad he's dead. 'Where's Jody?' I don't give a fuck!" A few real stinkers like "Don't Pull Your Love (Out On Me Baby)", too.