Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bembeya jazz national @ 45tours

Since a greatest hits collection was released in the wake of lead singer Demba Camara's death in 1973, many of these have been slightly more available over the years than Balladins or Horoya or Keletigui singles tracks, but everything is here in one place.

bembeya jazz national @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-73

01 République Guinée (1968)
02 Sabor de Guajira (1968)
03 Armée Guinéenne (1968)
04 Net a Sec (1968)
05 Minuit (1969)
06 Guantanamera-Seyni (1969)
07 N'Wato M'Barale (1969)
08 Montuno de la Sierra (1969)
09 Waraba (1970)
10 N'Borin (1970)
11 Bembeyako (1970)
12 Dagna (1970)
13 Festival National (1971)
14 Doni Doni (1971)
15 Camara Mousso (1971)
16 Wouloukoro (1971)
17 Lefa (1971)
18 Bembeya (1971)
19 Kouledegbe (1973)
20 N'Diamono (1973)
21/2 Super Tentemba 1 & 2 (1973)
23 Bembeya (1973)
24 Ilé N'Yarabi (1973)
25 Mami Wata (1973)
26 Whiskey Soda (1973)
27 Sénero (1973)
28 Alalaké (1973)

cd @ various bitrates, mostly 320vbr


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, when I unzipped there are 2 songs missing, nr 4 and 6.

So much good music in this blog, that I don't really miss them, but I do


reservatory said...

Ooops! Digital voodoo at work. Thanks for letting me know. File has been fixed, sorry for the screw up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, and Viva Mediafire for making it pain-free.

joe said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous installments of the "@45 Tours" series; many thanks, in advance, for this!

Jaime said...

Wonderful! Many, many thanks for this and for all the SYL gems you have posted.

legrandmaitre said...
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reservatory said...

I rechecked my mp3 files, and they were all converted together, so I don't know what kind of cyber voodoo is plaguing you right now.

legrandmaitre said...

That was a very quick response....
I have no idea why those tracks wouldn't drag to my roxio program - but they worked fine using windows media player instead - no problem!

Thanks again for a terrific compilation!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks reservatory - and again many thanks for the Television - Arrow from many moons ago. Just to let you and readers know: my download failed to include tracks 21 and 22 (but the others are great!), and the commemorative album by BJN has been posted here:


Cheers and thanks again, Dave Sez.

reservatory said...

Thanks for the thanks. I tried a download and everything came through OK. There may be some confusion as tracks 21 & 22 are actually one long one...