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rodd keith & friends - house of japan

"Thomas J. Guygax Sr., late of Springfield, Missouri, is credited as lyricist of 10 known song-poem recordings, all cut either by MSR Records or their subsidiary label, Songuild, and each a standout for its broken-field appropriation of accepted English syntax. While poetic license is always conceded to the artist, Guygax consistently goes one better by seeming to ignore the meanings of words altogether or, at least, the order that gives them meaning."
- Phil Milstein, American Song-Poem Music Archives

In case you've managed to avoid song-poems up to now, these creations set lyrics submitted by everyday citizens to music written and recorded by in-house song mill hacks who could plow through an alarming number of tunes in the space of an afternoon. Each budding lyricist would pay good money to hear their own feeble  or heroic musings on an actual vinyl record which could of course become an enormous incredible worldwide hit. Or so the ads in Popular Mechanics, Modern Romance and Sensational Detective Tru-Crime Cases claimed.

Rodd Keith (aka Rod Rogers, Ron Davis, John Dough, Lindon Bridges...) is the acknowledged auteur of the song-poem scene, making songs out of the words, then producing himself performing his own arrangements of them for MSR and a handful of similar labels in the Los Angeles area, throwing himself into the endeavor with great passion and imagination more often than not. A termite Brian Wilson at his beloved Chamberlin, he layers its wobbly proto-Mellotron blurs into a very personal wall of sound, delivering the customers' lyrics in a loopy adenoidal croon that makes you believe every word. Armed with prodigious amounts of stimulants and psychedelics, Keith could dive into backwards universes like Tahiti and emerge with crazy alchemies that verge on genius.

Even when less committed song sharks are running the show, you've still got Aunt Gert's oddball lyrics to puzzle over, like Let's Lay It On The Line or Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame. Then there's Thomas J. Guygax, represented here by During Evening and Yonder.
    "Although by the also,
      To have differed with yearly and all known dearly
      Throughout and among, we use preferred
      By the also of having choicefully."

                                                       - At The Time
If only we could follow the late wordsmith through a typical day, as he made a bank deposit, asked his wife for a favorite sandwich, told the dog to get off the couch.

Interested parties should check out WFMU, where mp3s from Phil Milstein's deactivated song-poem archive are available once again. The ASPMA site is still a great resource for insightful commentary, discographies, even the words to ten more Guygax song-poems, including unanthologized ones like Yearly Secure, A Pet Pigeon, Paradise Pudding and Shellbager.

Further info on all songs and performers are included in download. Enjoy.

rodd keith & friends
house of japan
song-poem compilation

01 House Of Japan 3.29
02 Cool It, Baby 2.52
03 There Was A Time Ago 2.18
04 Gloria 2.23
05 Sawdust 2.38
06 Hot Pants And Leather Boots That Shine 2.24
07 During Evening 2.03
08 She Knows How To Do The Doo De Doo 2.10
09 Dot 2.44
10 Boppin' In Flip Flops 2.05
11 Merry-Go-Down 3.10
12 Big Weekend 2.55
13 Unspeakable Love 3.18
14 Get Down And Wiggle It A Little 2.12
15 Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium 3.02
16 Mary's Launderette 2.42
17 Whisper To Me 2.28
18 Oh That Zipper! 1.52
19 Reseda 3.34
20 Adventure 2.52
21 Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame 2.16
22 Let's Lay It On The Line 2.26
23 We Are The Men Counting Sheep 2.07
24 Darling, Don't Put Your Hands On Me 1.47
25 The Pink, Pink Lady Of Malibu 2.41
26 Stars Love 2.08
27 Keep Those Hopes Up 2.22
28 Lucky Vegas Gamblin' Man 2.16
29 Yonder 2.26
30 Tahiti 2.52
31 The Ballad Of Juan Rio 2.47

"Not everyone is against you. Not completely."
- Keep Those Hopes Up

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docteur nico & friends - african retro vol. 6

More Congolese Rumba featuring the amazing Docteur Nico and associates, following African Retro Vol. 5.

african fiesta / rock-a-mambo / negro band
african retro volume 6
societe ivoirienne du disque sid 24 (1972?)

01 Fusée (African Fiesta) 3.15
02 Cimetiere (African Fiesta) 3.35
03 Comono (African Fiesta) 3.35
04 Zonga Na Mbeto Na Yo (African Fiesta) 3.20
05 Chauffez African Jazz (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.42
06 Besame Mucho Jacquelina (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.47
07 Nunca Hebisto (Negro Band) 2.43
08 Mboka Oyo (Negro Band) 2.45
09 Bakoule Bidame (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.49
10 Brigitte (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.58
11 Kumaye (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.48
12 Senorita (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.42
13 Mabe Nayo Moko (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.50
14 Bolingo Alphonsine (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.40
15 Vea 58 (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.40
16 Nalingina Ngai Kobalate (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.47

tracks recorded 1962 & 1966

vinyl @320

docteur nico & friends - african memories

A third compilation of Congolese Rumba featuring the good Docteur.

docteur nico / rock-a-mambo / african jazz / nino malapet / conga jazz / baguin wirth orchestra negro / african jazz orchestra
african memories
emi pathe c 062-15810 (1971)

01 Merengue (Dr. Nico) 2.38
02 Li Dvo Maravilla (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.45
03 Tembe Nie (African Jazz) 2.40
04 Micky Mi Quiero (Nino Malapet) 2.50
05 Oye Jacquy (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.50
06 Merengue Conga Jazz (Conga Jazz) 2.50
07 Mokonzi Ya M'Boka (African Jazz) 2.45
08 Baguin De La Vida (Baguin Wirth Orchestra Negro) 3.00
09 Bambanda Bayini Negro (Baguin Wirth Orchestra Negro) 2.40
10 Chareey Full (African Jazz Orchestra) 2.47
11 Gigina (African Jazz Orchestra) 3.05
12 Merengue Babalou (Rock-A-Mambo) 2.40

vinyl @320

Monday, September 6, 2010

Debile Menthol Live in Europe 1982-1984


Bou De Mou

A Quoi Pensent-ils

Cadutta Massi

Mort Du Dahus

Mieux Vaut D'Ecker


Stamoïde Cousu


Bim Bam

Battre Campagne


Mare Et Noire




Coup Rose
I don't have a list of the lineup for these recordings, but I'll assume it's the core group represented on Battre Campagne: Christian G. Addor, Yvan G. Chkolnix, Jean V. Huguenin, Gilles V. Rieder, Jean M. Rossel, Marie C. Schwab and Cedric P. Vuille. The earlier recordings may or may not also feature Francois Liégme and Patrice Dupasquier.

1-4 & 8 recorded at Theatre Dunois, Paris; 5 recorded at Radaii Club, Budapest; 6 & 9 recorded at Bercsenyi, Budapest; 7 recorded at Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne, Basel; 10 recorded at Salle de la Cite, Neuchatel (1980); 11 & 12 recorded at Vandoeur, Nancy; 13 recorded at Festival de Traverse, Reims.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

guinee an xii - pleins feux sur les artistes du peuple

Myriam Makeba's Quintette Guineen were all Balladins 'drafted' by President Sekou Touré, who offered the international star asylum including band after her marriage to activist Stokely Carmichael sank her career in the States.

bembeya jazz / balla et ses balladins / keletigui et ses tambourinis with kouyate sory kandia / myriam makeba et son quintette guineen
guinee an xii - pleins feux sur les artistes du peuple
syliphone slp 21 (1970)

01 Sama (Balladins) 4.25
02 Beni Ibara (Bembeya) 3.50
03 Tara (Keletigui) 5.25
04 I Phin Dlela (Myriam Makeba) 4.50
05 Kadeya Deya (Myriam Makeba) 3.24
06 Teningbe (Balladins) 4.50
07 La Guinee (Bembeya) 4.50
08 Kelemagnin (Balladins) 5.20

vinyl @320

guinee an xi - les rendez-vous annuel des grands

Cover shot finds Sékou Diabaté 'Diamond Fingers' of Bembeya Jazz in an ethno-psychedelic moment.

bembeya jazz / balla et ses balladins / keletigui et ses tambourinis

guinee an x
i - les rendez-vous annuel des grands
syliphone slp 15 (1969)

01 Alalake (Bembeya) 4.02
02 Limania (Balladins) 4.44
03 Toubaka (Keletigui) 5.05
04 Boiro (Bembeya) 4.02
05 Manghoya (Keletigui) 6.10
06 Fatoumata (Bembeya) 3.50
07 Sara 70 (Balladins) 10.00

vinyl @320

guinee an x - grand tierce musical

Guinee An X celebrates ten years of Sekou Touré et la Républic with exclusive tracks from Guinea's top Orchestres Nationaux. Syliphone anniversary anthologies X, XI and XII were followed by seven annual singles collections - Discotheque 70 thru 76.

bembeya jazz / balla et ses balladins / keletigui et ses tambourinis
guinee an x - grand tierce musical
syliphone slp 8 (1968)

01 Soundiata (Keletigui) 5.50
02 Diaraby (Balladins) 6.10
03 Republique de Guinee (Bembeya) 5.10
04 Djoute Wassa (Keletigui) 3.25
05 P.D.G. (Balladins) 4.50
06 Armee Guineenne (Bembeya) 3.55
07 Sara (Balladins) 6.20
08 Beyla (Bembeya) 6.55

vinyl @320

Saturday, May 29, 2010

greg copeland - revenge will come

The ballad of the reluctant troubadour. Copeland became a published songwriter around 1967 along with Orange County high school pals Jackson Browne and Steve Noonan, hitting paydirt with the latter when the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band covered their Buy For Me The Rain. Eventually, Browne, who says watching Copeland write songs inspired him to start writing his own, secured his mentor a record deal with Geffen, producing this 1982 debut in the bargain. But the left-leaning Copeland's disinclination to capitalize on his good fortune, refusing to appear in public to promote himself, led him to sign on as a paralegal at a good-hearted friend's law firm, eventually becoming a lawyer himself. He released his follow-up album, the bleak and wondrous Diana & James, in 2008, a mere quarter century after the first, and is apparently hard at work on a third. Good things come to those who wait. And wait.

greg copeland
revenge will come
geffen records ghs 2010 (1982)
01 Used 3.04
02 Starting Place 3.14
03 Full Cleveland 2.27
04 Eagleston 3.17
05 That'll Never Be The Same 4.58
06 Richard Hill 4.59
07 At The Warfield 3.33
08 Wrong Highway 2.49
09 El Salvador 3.38
10 Revenge Will Come 4.38

Distance and boredom, dragging you down
Nowhere to go but an Air Force town
Nowhere to heal these feelings in you
Nowhere to hide when the medicine came through
Fire on the water, fear in the land
Gather ye children, the time is at hand
Any ten dollar bill and you can fly like the dove
From Eagleston, Texas, to somewhere you love

In his own words.

vinyl @320

rock-a-mambo - african retro volume 5

Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo was a sort of in-studio Congolese supergroup featuring a rotating roster of performers from African Jazz and arch rivals O.K. Jazz including Docteur Nico, Rossignol, Le Grand Kalle, Jean Serge Essous, Papa Noël, Nino Malapet and Tino Baroza. Merengues, cha-chas and rumbas were featured, with electric guitar stinging and vamping over the top and bubbling beneath. This is one of three seventies LP compilations of Rock-a-Mambo EP and 45 tracks recorded in the late fifties to mid-sixties. A thousand thanks to Sea Never Dry for introducing me to a new favorite band.

african retro volume 5
pathé marconi - emi 2 c 064-15962 (1977)

01 Les Voyous 2.59
02 Mi Cancion 2.43
03 Maria Valente 2.57
04 Rumba Quiero 2.50
05 Baila 2.47
06 Serenade Sentimentale 2.33
07 Jalousie 2.43
08 Panchita 2.46
09 El Rumba So 2.45
10 Esnghe Zuke 3.40
11 Bonne Année 3.15
12 Oyambaka Ngai 3.10

Recorded 1960-66

vinyl @320

Thursday, March 4, 2010

quartetto italiano - complete music for string quartet by webern

Maready of The High Ponytail is responsible for my pulling out this chestnut. He's determined to get us all to listen to more classical music. Check out his post of Robert Craft's complete Webern box from 1959, which Columbia probably deleted shortly thereafter.

quartetto italiano
complete music for string quartet by webern
philips 6500 105 (holland)

01 Slow Movement For String Quartet (1905)
02 String Quartet (1905)
03 Five Movements For String Quartet, Op. 5
04 Six Bagatelles For String Quartet, Op. 9
05 String Quartet, Op. 28

Paolo Borciani / Elisa Pegreffi / Piero Farulli / Franco Rossi

vinyl @320

orchestre kiam - editions veve

"In 1973 Evoloko created a new dance that swept the capital. Shungu Wembadio gave it a name, cavacha. There are many stories of how the cavacha evolved, one of which Evoloko told himself. It seems a papa boufon, a street character, amused Evoloko's neighborhood with a dance of exaggerated hip movements that resembled a football player's feints. The dance, he said, came from the Sakata people along the Kasai river. He had simply modernised it. 'In the beginning I couldn't get my legs and shoulders synchronised. But by rehearsing I managed to come close to the tradition.' The cavacha rendered all the current dances passé."
- Gary Stewart Rumba On The River
My intro to Orchestre Kiam was World Passport's Kinshasa - Nairobi Express #4 mix, @, complete with a claim that the guitar solo on Kiam b-side Memi was the best in the history of music. Not that far off the mark, as it turns out.

orchestre kiam
editions veve
african 360 062 (1975)

01 Yoyowe 1 & 2 10.40
02 Muana Kiam 5.40
03 Kunde Kunde 1 & 2 10.38
04 Baya-Baya 1 & 2 11,20
05 Nina 5.17
06 Lombe 5.30

Muzola Ngunga / Bakolo Keta / Adoli / Solola Sol Sol / Laza / Lele N'Sundi / Djuke / Sonora / Dezai / Morema / Kady / Vechiko

vinyl @320

holy modal rounders - alleged in their own time

"It wasn't until 1970 that we started Rounder Records but one of the reasons for the name was the Holy Modal Rounders. It was they who introduced us to Charlie Poole. Since we started, 'Rounders On Rounder' was one of the things we wanted to do the most. Another is a Ramblin' Jack Elliott record. It gets kind of confusing when both sets of Rounders are together since everybody's talking about the Rounders but it's not always clear about which set. We wanted to do a Stampfel and Weber album but Robin was there and he wrote Euphoria and was legendary, and Peter brought friend Luke Faust up and it grew and grew. Weber was kind of out of it most of the time, unfortunately. Well, it's finally here. We don't have much else to say right now, at least about this."
- The Rounder Collective

holy modal rounders
alleged in their own time
vscd-137 (japan)
originally rounder 3004 (1975)

01 Low Down Dog
02 Don't Seem Right
03 New Reuben's Train
04 Voodoo Queen Marie
05 Chitlin' Cookin' Time In Cheatham County
06 Nova
07 Sally In The Alley
08 She's More To Be Pitied
09 Rocky Road
10 Across The Alley From The Alamo
11 Synergy
12 Red Rocking Chair
13 Random Canyon
14 Monday Morning
15 Shoot That Turkey Buzzard

Peter Stampfel / Steve Weber / Luke Faust / Robin Remailly / Antonia (who sings Voodoo Queen Marie)

cd @320

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Electrified Fukuko - Gamble '86

I could easily see this little bon bon fitting at either Big in Japan or Downtown Music, but so far as I am able to tell, no one has posted it. I was unable to find even a scan of the cover, but the above is a detail from it, which gives a pretty good idea. This four song EP released in 1985 finds Ikue Mori just before she began her transformation into the poetess of the drum machine. A trio recording with two other women otherwise unknown to me, Non on bass and vocals and Emiko M. on guitar, with a sound pitched somewhere between Saboten, Fake and Chie Mukai, any of these four songs would have been at home on the Fred Frith produced compilation of Japanese music, Welcome to Dreamland, released the same year. Electrified-Fukuko (Fukuko apparently means belly or something to do with the abdominal cavity), is a bit like a cleaner, more delicate and spacious DNA, three instruments, each inhabiting their own particular space and collectively creating quite a seductive ruckus. Ikue's drumming expands beyond her toms dominated approach to make effective use of cymbals and drum rims, prefiguring the drum machine textures she began to experiment with in Tohban Djan. Golden Gate comes on like LiLiPUT ca. their first album. Fiesta makes effective use of what sounds like a recorder and has something of a Fish & Roses feel about it, while also being the most Japanese sounding. March is notable for Non's Immigrant Song yelp and the bassline of Beast and Blue Moon reminds me of Kira Roessler's work with Mike Watt as Dos. All in all a lost a little gem of the no wave.

01. Golden Gate (2:18)
02. Fiesta (5:47)
03. March (3:05)
04. Beast and Blue Moon (3:02)

Ikue Mori - Drums, Percussion
Non - Bass, Vocals
Emiko M. - Guitar

Thanks to Reck for big help.

Telegraph Records TGEP 030

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slant - Hive

Slant - Hive was released in 1989 as These Records no. 5. Slant consisted of performance poet, Cris Cheek, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, Sianed Jones, the turntables and radio of Philip Jeck, Julia Doyle on double bass and Frances Knight, keys and accordion, plus guests. I knew Sianed Jones from her work in Kahondo Style, but the other names were new to me at the time this was issued. Since then both Cheek and Jeck have extensive resumes. I've been unable to find very much on the net, not even a scan of the cover, merely a discography. Above is the scanned insert with the image of the back cover of the album sans track listings and recording information. Slant is difficult to pin down, but signposts may include the moodier parts of Julie Tippetts' Sunset Glow, her more recent and abstract work, such as Shadow Puppet or the atmospheric sound world of her collaborations with Martin Archer, like 2009's Ghosts of Gold. One may also be put in mind of the one off project of David Garland, Ikue Mori and Cinnie Cole entitled, Worlds of Love, which was released around the same time. Slant recorded two additional CDs in the early '90s, but I've not heard them.

01. Being in Bed (6:28)
02. Sleep (2:55)
03. Rush Hour / Mind the Gap (6:02)
04. Three Families (4:03)
05. Red Stone (3:11)
06. Frustration (5:06)
07. Road (4:17)
08. Sheep (0:59)
09. Ducks (3:34)
10. P is for Plane (2:51)
11. Sending Dazz to Kellogs (2:27)
12. Litter (5:23)
13. Howling and Wolf (4:17)

Note: 14 tracks are listed but Rush Hour and Mind the Gap run together without a pause.


  • Cris Cheek - marimba, souffara, emax, voices, piano, darabouka, clarinet, agogo bells, breath rhythms, face slap, seed pod rattles, cassette samples, tambourine, alesis HR16
  • Sianed Jones - violin, vocals, piano, fife, claves, viola da gamba, harmonium, breath rhythms, organ, emax
  • Philip Jeck - turntables, radio
  • Frances Knight - DX7, accordion, keyboards
  • Julia Doyle - double bass
  • Maciek Hyrbowicz - guitar, cabasa
  • Osian Tam - voice
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nimal refers to Nimal as a Slovenian group, presumably because of the key role played by Bratko Bibic. Here though is the first recording by Nimal and he's not even present. Nimal is more accurately viewed as an offshoot of Debile Menthol. This is very much Momo Rossel's vision, as he wrote and arranged the music, played most of the instruments and did the engineering. Tom Cora, Pippin Barnett, Dominique Diebold, Gilles Rieder, Didier Pietton and Victor de Bros appear as guests. It serves as a template for Nimal's subsequent work, with all tracks but Dimanche re-recorded in a more fully realized band format for Voix de Surface.

1. La semaine des quatre jeudi - Part I - IV (10:12)
2. Dimanche (2:46)
3. Animal triste (4:35)
4. La marelle (4:30)
5. Au zoo (4:01)
6. Un drame (2:10)
7. Le tram (1:44)
8. Maligne (3:14)

- Jean-M. Rossel / guitars, bass, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, piano, DX- 100, percussion, sound effects
- Tom Cora / cello (6,8), bass (7), voice (2)
- Pippin Barnett / (1) drums, percussion
- Dominique Diebold / (4) drums
- Victor de Bros / (4) piano, prophet
- Gilles V. Rieder / (5) percussion
- Didier Pietton / (2) soprano

Released by RecRec

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