Thursday, March 4, 2010

quartetto italiano - complete music for string quartet by webern

Maready of The High Ponytail is responsible for my pulling out this chestnut. He's determined to get us all to listen to more classical music. Check out his post of Robert Craft's complete Webern box from 1959, which Columbia probably deleted shortly thereafter.

quartetto italiano
complete music for string quartet by webern
philips 6500 105 (holland)

01 Slow Movement For String Quartet (1905)
02 String Quartet (1905)
03 Five Movements For String Quartet, Op. 5
04 Six Bagatelles For String Quartet, Op. 9
05 String Quartet, Op. 28

Paolo Borciani / Elisa Pegreffi / Piero Farulli / Franco Rossi

vinyl @320


1009 said...

Thanks! If Webern was good enough for Derek Bailey, he's good enough for me!

mietek said...

if you're into five-minute symphonies, then Galina Usvolskaya is a must

kingpossum said...

Have to agree with 1009! Thanks, Lucky. I'm happy to know of this, as my current listening is split between re-exploring classical music and vintage black metal. With Brotzmann thrown in for good measure!

gidouille said...

I have the Boulez Complete Webern and The Arditti Quartet - Complete String Trios and Quartets. Their renditions are better than the ones in the complete works box and I have a difficult time believing they can be bettered, but I am curious about this one.

maready said...

Hey you finally posted it!

These are quite beautiful performances, very nice recorded sound as well. It had never occurred to me that the Quartetto Italiano would have an affinity for Webern, but boy do they!

What timing, though, Reservatory ----- I thought maybe you had decided not to post it and grabbed a copy of the LP in the used record store today! But now that you've "gone and done it", you get the honors!

Nice work!

groundhum said...

Thanks! Can never have too much Webern.

Anonymous said...

fantastic music - thank you for posting it

kingpossum said...

This is lovely indeed. Not overly mellow and with a subtle intensity, to my ear. Marvelous. Thank you Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot


Rix said...

This is swell. Thanks.