Thursday, March 4, 2010

quartetto italiano - complete music for string quartet by webern

Maready of The High Ponytail is responsible for my pulling out this chestnut. He's determined to get us all to listen to more classical music. Check out his post of Robert Craft's complete Webern box from 1959, which Columbia probably deleted shortly thereafter.

quartetto italiano
complete music for string quartet by webern
philips 6500 105 (holland)

01 Slow Movement For String Quartet (1905)
02 String Quartet (1905)
03 Five Movements For String Quartet, Op. 5
04 Six Bagatelles For String Quartet, Op. 9
05 String Quartet, Op. 28

Paolo Borciani / Elisa Pegreffi / Piero Farulli / Franco Rossi

vinyl @320

orchestre kiam - editions veve

"In 1973 Evoloko created a new dance that swept the capital. Shungu Wembadio gave it a name, cavacha. There are many stories of how the cavacha evolved, one of which Evoloko told himself. It seems a papa boufon, a street character, amused Evoloko's neighborhood with a dance of exaggerated hip movements that resembled a football player's feints. The dance, he said, came from the Sakata people along the Kasai river. He had simply modernised it. 'In the beginning I couldn't get my legs and shoulders synchronised. But by rehearsing I managed to come close to the tradition.' The cavacha rendered all the current dances passé."
- Gary Stewart Rumba On The River
My intro to Orchestre Kiam was World Passport's Kinshasa - Nairobi Express #4 mix, @, complete with a claim that the guitar solo on Kiam b-side Memi was the best in the history of music. Not that far off the mark, as it turns out.

orchestre kiam
editions veve
african 360 062 (1975)

01 Yoyowe 1 & 2 10.40
02 Muana Kiam 5.40
03 Kunde Kunde 1 & 2 10.38
04 Baya-Baya 1 & 2 11,20
05 Nina 5.17
06 Lombe 5.30

Muzola Ngunga / Bakolo Keta / Adoli / Solola Sol Sol / Laza / Lele N'Sundi / Djuke / Sonora / Dezai / Morema / Kady / Vechiko

vinyl @320

holy modal rounders - alleged in their own time

"It wasn't until 1970 that we started Rounder Records but one of the reasons for the name was the Holy Modal Rounders. It was they who introduced us to Charlie Poole. Since we started, 'Rounders On Rounder' was one of the things we wanted to do the most. Another is a Ramblin' Jack Elliott record. It gets kind of confusing when both sets of Rounders are together since everybody's talking about the Rounders but it's not always clear about which set. We wanted to do a Stampfel and Weber album but Robin was there and he wrote Euphoria and was legendary, and Peter brought friend Luke Faust up and it grew and grew. Weber was kind of out of it most of the time, unfortunately. Well, it's finally here. We don't have much else to say right now, at least about this."
- The Rounder Collective

holy modal rounders
alleged in their own time
vscd-137 (japan)
originally rounder 3004 (1975)

01 Low Down Dog
02 Don't Seem Right
03 New Reuben's Train
04 Voodoo Queen Marie
05 Chitlin' Cookin' Time In Cheatham County
06 Nova
07 Sally In The Alley
08 She's More To Be Pitied
09 Rocky Road
10 Across The Alley From The Alamo
11 Synergy
12 Red Rocking Chair
13 Random Canyon
14 Monday Morning
15 Shoot That Turkey Buzzard

Peter Stampfel / Steve Weber / Luke Faust / Robin Remailly / Antonia (who sings Voodoo Queen Marie)

cd @320