Thursday, May 19, 2011

dave schramm - folk und die folgen

Limited edition German-only solo release from the leader of the criminally unknown Schramms of New York City, a great songwriter and guitar player, sweet and sad, plain and simple. Also included are two songs from Radio Free Song Club, a monthly webcast of exclusive tracks from old favorites like Peter Blegvad, Peter Holsapple and Freedy Johnston as well as Schramm, who's also lead guitarist in the RFSC All Stars house band. Finally, Fade Fade, an epic outtake from The Schramms' One Hundred Questions CD, produced by J.D. Foster of Richard Buckner's best long players, from the band's website.

dave schramm
folk und die folgen
normal / return to sender rts 6 (1994)

01 A Woman's Name
02 Talking To Me Poor
03 Little American Hymn
04 Number Nineteen
05 Sister Rose
06 Sweet William
07 I Saw Him Fall
08 The Stars Come Out For Everyone But Him
09 Wurlitzerville
10 Long Story Short
11 Something Went Wrong
12 Fade Fade

cd @320, downloads @192


Anonymous said...

link doesn't seem to work...?

reservatory said...

Fixed, I think...

Anonymous said...

yes it is! Thanx a lot!

Holly said...

I do love the Schramms, so looking forward to checking this out. Thank you!

reservatory said...

Welcome back, Holly. This one took years of searching, finally popping up on a sort of Craig's List in the Netherlands. There's supposedly a new Schramms CD in the pipeline, but in the meantime Schramm has posted a CD's worth of tracks to RFSC. Now an actual living antique, he gets better as the decades pass.