Wednesday, February 16, 2011

horoya band national @ 45tours

I believe the very best Syliphone stuff is on the singles, so here's another collection from far and near. Some sound clean, others nasty, but they're all here, including five consecutively-numbered singles from 1974 and three tracks from annual Discotheque collections that were not released as 45s. For the like-minded, check out this bootleg cassette with what seem to be Syliphone outtakes. Great ones. Flinstonian sound quality, but still..!

horoya band national @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1969-74

01 511a Takoulata 4.07
02 511b Autorail 3.59
03 512a Semba 2.36
04 512b N'Banlassouro 3.11
05 535a Apollo 3.47
06 535b Hombressa 2.38
07 546a Karan-Gbegne 4.04
08 546b Karangba 3.34
09 557a Baya 4.50
10 557b Souko Bayo 6.45
11 558a Kanimba 6.35
12 558b Wère Wère 5.11
13 559a Koulia 5.30
14 559b Malamini 5.16
15 560a N'Maderi Wola 6.10
16 560b N'Na La Kassi 4.15
17 561b Ni Bara Tila 5.34
18 561a Deri Magni 6.32
19 Artistes 7.17
20 Daba 4.22
21 Sasilon 9.08

vinyl, cd, downloads @320


Jaime said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. Keletigui, Kaloum Star, Balla and now Horoya 45s... I don't know how you manage to do this, but I hope you're having as much fun as I do listening to the results! Thanks a million.

Holly said...

This is quite a treat. Wow!
Thank you very much.

Kurt said...

Thanks. DLing now.

reservatory said...

My efforts are rewarded by listening to the results. These guys are amazing, these long lost treasures proving that they're equal to any of the better known Syliphone outfits. Tell your friends.

joe said...

Finally got around to listening to these, and they are a treasure. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

brilliant man thanks so much you have no idea how much this means to people... one thing i would love to see would be releases in flac

Anonymous said...

I am Oumar, from Guinea. Thank you a lot for this colletion. The songs recall me my childhood in Conakry in the late sixties and early seventies. Horoya Band's lead singer Lansiné Kanté passed away on July 2011. Fodé Dioubaté, the second singer died tragically 1982 in a car crash.

Love Letters Journal said...

dusty discs, lusty sounds, rusty needles, trustworthy compounds from the vinyl alchemists

thanks and praises!

David said...

Fabulous, just fabulous! Great to have all the singles - and especially great as they are such wonderful songs! Thanks for your gold-mining, these 45tours sets from Guinea are just wonderful.