Wednesday, February 16, 2011

paul bley trio plus john gilmore - turns

March 9, 1964 session featuring John Gilmore on tenor sax. Bley released some of this on his own IAI label in 1975 and the rest appeared on a Savoy new music anthology, but this Michael Cuscuna vinyl, which briefly slipped out just as LP racks were being reconfigured for longbox CDs, has everything in one place. Record and cover both in glorious mono.

paul bley trio plus john gilmore
savoy jazz sjl 1192 (1987)

01 Around Again (Carla Bley) 5.41
02 Calls (Carla Bley) 6.15
03 King Korn (Carla Bley) 6.05
04 Ida Lupino (alt) (Carla Bley) 5.23
05 Ida Lupino (Carla Bley) 5.04
06 Syndrome (Carla Bley) 6.36
07 Turns (Paul Bley) 6.36
08 Ictus (Carla Bley) 4.12

Paul Bley / John Gilmore / Gary Peacock / Paul Motian
recorded in mono @ mirasound in new york city march 9, 1964

vinyl @320


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Didn't know this existed. But I do remember CD long boxes... Anyway...

But now I'm very curious. The titles on this lp differ from the IA release I (and probably most people are familiar with) that has this track list:

01 – Calls (06:10)
02 – Turning (06:30)
03 – King Korn (06:00)
04 – Ictus (04:05)
05 – Mr Joy (03:50)
06 – Kid Dynamite (03:40)
07 – Ida Lupino (06:33)

That release however, contains 2 tracks (5-6) from 1968 with Billy Elgart on drums. This one, however, includes Around Again, Syndrome and an alternate take of Ida Lupino.
Such a treat to hear Gilmore like this. I wish Gilmore had done FAR more small group sessions like this one; the other notable one for me is Pete LaRoca's Turkish Women at the Baths. In any case, the rare opportunity to hear more of Gilmore is very very nice indeed. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Also, I see now that a lot of this is explained on the back of the album sleeve.

For instance, Turning on the IA release is the same as Turns on this release.

Personally, I'd keep both versions, because apparently the 1968 tracks on the IA release Turning Point (5-6) with Elgart on drums aren't available elsewhere,as far as I can see.

onxidlib said...

There are a few more recordings with John Gilmore - apart from Sun Ra - in a small group setting.

For example "Compulsion"(1965) and "Andrew"(1964).Both are Andrew Hill sessions on Blue Note (both should be still available).

Then we have Elmo Hope's "Sounds from Rykers Island" (1963)(reissued by Fresh Sound).

Dizzy Reece Quintet "from in to out" on Futura (available).

Art Blakey's "'s make it" on Verve (deleted).

MCoy Tyner's "Today and Tomorrow" (Impulse, 1963).

And even a CD with George Russell "Things new - Unissued concerts" (1960/64 on RLR Records - only 4 pieces with J.G.).
The last two are also still available.
And - off course - "Blowing in from Chicago" with Clifford Jordan on Blue Note.

Thanks for your valuable blog!

Anonymous said...

I bought Paul Bley's 'Turning Point' when it first came out. It is a favourite Bley recording, though being without a functioning turntable, I haven't heard it for a few years now. I look forward to hearing this [a record I've never come across before] and seeing what memories it awakens. Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just finished downloading and though I'm not complaining I thought you'd like to know the files are actually @256 rather than @320. Many thanks.