Wednesday, February 16, 2011

legendary stardust cowboy mercury 45s 1968

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's three Mercury 45s, along with some Ohio obscurities a discerning pal from Cleveland's original Record Rendezvous squirreled away for me long long ago. Both Johnny Angel and Tom Claire were neighborhood lounge Sinatras, the former liable to scare off even the wildest divorcée with his deranged BANG! BANG! BANG! scatting. Ernest & D.L. Rocco bring outsider art into the 80s, while Alan Zahorchak is in an orbit all his own. Total WHAT, Jones?! Finally, a perfect photo of our hero in Vegas, dressed for success, from the interwebs.

01 Paralyzed - Mercury 72862a
02 Who's Knocking At My Door - Mercury 72862b
03 I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship - Mercury 72891a
04 Down In The Wrecking Yard - Mercury 72891b
05 Kiss And Run - Mercury 72912a
06 Everything's Getting Bigger But Our Love - Mercury 72912b
07 Cleveland's A Winner! - Tom Claire
08 Singles - Johnny Angel
09 Night Time Girl - Johnny Angel
10 I Wake Up And It Rains - Alan Zahorchak
11 End Up Losing - Alan Zahorchak
12 Moon Child - Ernest & D.L. Rocco
13 Count Terry Devine - Ernest & D.L. Rocco

vinyl @320


Holly said...

I really, really need to hear what y'all think "belongs" with the ledge.... ;-)

reservatory said...

Er, uh, I realized I was on thin ice here. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

reservatory said...
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Holly said...

No, I mean I really,really do!

So what I really mean is thank you,

anntooley said...

I am a huge fan of Wesley Willis,a nd I think that is why I dig on the Lege. Just a regular guy trying to buck the trends and make music HIS way, no Autotune, no cookie cutter music. When you hear Lege, you know who it is. Great job on being your own man, and for having the strength to be truly different.