Sunday, March 31, 2019

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey - Impressions Sonores du Benin 1968

A joint effort with Benin music enthusiast Oro, whose original post of NJD 002 was my introduction to these almost forgotten heroes. 002 is reposted here along with 001 & 003, my own recent finds, as natural bookends. Explore Oro for more National-Jazz and countless other African treasures.

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey
Impressions Sonore du Benin eps circa 1968

NJD 001
01 Gbèto Koclozin Dohoun
02 Homé Su Bu Dè Ko
03 Étoile Sportive de Porto-Novo

NJD 002
01 Ave N'Dé Gninan
02 Jerk-Houélié
03 Ablanon
04 Ade Wè Dji Vi Ton

NJD 003
01 To Hô Gnon
02 A Vespa Ya
03 De L'Argent



Jordi said...

Unfortunately it doesn't work. Thanks anyways, the covers are really worth by themselves

jj said...

fantastic stuff! so glad to see new posts again at the hut. in a world filled with more quality tunes than a body can possibly get to in a lifetime, the posts here are always priority listening, and i am loving this national jazz.

reservatory said...

Thank you kindly. We aim to unearth.

Jaime said...

Wow! This is simply awesome. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

this looks really cool and interesting.
thanks for exposing and sharing.

hideo said...

more great African old-school (and the Verlaine is much appreciated as well!)

thanks for keeping the lights on

reservatory said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellow blog veteran. These lights will not go out until mine do.

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dial africa said...

Thank you so much! Wonderful

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lucky :)

reservatory said...

Esteemed sir, this one almost got by me. Color me there.

Unknown said...
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ada berita said...
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Steven said...
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Steven said...

Any chance of a re-up?