Tuesday, November 17, 2009

kaloum star - syliphone 45s

Kaloum Star managed only three Syliphone singles before the military takeover ended Guinea's great socialist cultural experiment. If you like these, check out World Service for live tracks recorded for Dutch radio in 1987, as well as the demo tape that got them the job. Then peruse the comments for links to more. When I left an inquiry about the two Kaloum Star 45s I was missing, saintly aduna supplied a link the next day. Just another internet miracle.

kaloum star
complete syliphone 45s (1975)

01 Lalaba 6.06 (SYL 568a)
02 Donsoloufa 3.40 (SYL 568b)
03 Mansane Cisse 5.23 (SYL 569a)
04 Maliba 3.20 (SYL 569b)
05 Sanu Bakary 4.45 (SYL 570a)
06 Gbassikolo 3.35 (SYL 570b)

vinyl @320


Les Tontons Flingueurs said...

Thanks for the great posts you have here. I follow your blog since almost the beginning and there's always really good stuff.


NGONI said...

The cover art is a statue Fang, Fang people live in Gabon, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

Kaloum I think would be better represented with a figure like the Baga Nimba, accompanying the Kaloum Star when they offered their services.


reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Thanks for the timely info, Ngoni, but the cover image is merely my remix of the original sleeve to the first of these three 45s. So please don't blame this poor American (we're more ignorant than we'll ever admit). On the other hand, as Kim (of Aussie TV's Kath & Kim) pleads, "I'm not as stupid as I look!" Thanks again for letting me know...

NGONI said...

I do not see any feature of ignorance to choose that image to present the singles.

I know it is an original cover, and only by that appreciation of the care and rigorous work you are doing, have allowed me to do an informative comment for the cover.

I believe that the folder Designer, probably wanted something exotic and impressive and he thought appropriate.

But for me is equally annoying that when I see the Sekouba Bambino "Sinikan" album, with his head full of nails as one figure Nkisi of Congo.

Thanks for all.

reservatory said...

It's definitely a compelling image...