Thursday, September 15, 2016

keletigui et ses tambourinis @ 45tours

Singles compilation featuring another of Guinea's wondrous state-sponsored authenticité outfits. Collection is now complete, adding another Franklin Boukaka 45 and the b-side of the Tambourinis' final single, a fitting farewell ballad. Enjoy.

keletigui et ses tambourinis
tambourinis @ 45tours
complete syliphone singles 1968-72

01 Soundiata 1968 5.51
02 Nosotros 1968 5.00
03 Famadenké 1968 3.58
04 Cigarettes Allumettes 1968 3.22
05 Kesso 1970 3.05
06 Chiquita 1970 3.04
07 I Boyein-Boyein 1970 3.41
08 Tambourinis Sax Parade 1970 4.46
09 Quinzan 1970 3.06
10 Il Tomatero 1970 4.02
11 Banankoro 1970 4.20
12 La Loma de Belen 1970 2.56
13 J.R.D.A. 1970 5.02
14 Guarjira Con Tumbao 1970 3.14
15 N'Nadia 1970 4.43
16 La Bicycletta 1970 5.14
17 Ilole Gbanina 1970 4.00
18 Tambourinis Cocktail 1970 4.28
19 Kiss My Noose 1970 2.46
20 Mi Corazon 1970 4.53
21 Munu Ngiedi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.02
22 Kitoko Mingi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.54
23 M'Bongi Eyi (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 3.04
24 Tata Aleleti (w/ Franklin Boukaka) 1970 2.42
25 Donsoké 1972 4.04
26 Guanguanco a Todos Los Barrios 1972 4.38
27 Beni Yarabi 1972 4.21
28 Gerona Son 1972 3.49
29 Miri Magnin 1972 5.04
30 Marie 1972 4.30

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Lucky said...

you definately have a wonderful skill for designing record covers. ever thought about going in the business of an art director?

thanks for another res-triple-post! :=) and merry xmas to you.

reservatory said...

Thanks for the kind remarks! The NNB cover is mine, but the Keletigui is just a rework of their Beni Yarabi 45 sleeve. Just so you know... Happy Gift-A-Rama holiday to you and yours.

joe said...

Reservatory: thanks in advance for these! I asked Santa for the Stern's compilation, and these will definitely keep me going.

ReeBee said...

it's a simple wonderful thing!!!

Koronya Mwambia said...

OMG I just got lucky ! This almost looks like a hoax ! Thanks guys.

reservatory said...

Hahaha! To have one's little projects deemed hoax-worthy is a great honor. Thank you kindly.

Anonymous said...

Lucky - just grabbed this - it's fantastic except I had one error: "02 Nosotros.mp3 - CRC failed" - can you re-up? Another beauty, really.

reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Anonymous - New link is here. The missing Nosotros is one of my favorites. Enjoy...

Gizzle said...

Thank you for this link ! Just a question, where can I find the two missing singles ? I'm looking for Munu Ngiedi / Kitoko Mingi since years... :(

pinkfloydfan said...

Downloading, i recently discovered this group and indeed, the african music, so fantastic sounds, i said it was just impossible to find something about them, but here it's you sharing this, i really have to say thank you!

reservatory said...

This Syliphone stuff was pretty much my first taste of African music, too, and I'm very thankful. Check out the Balladins 45s collection...

BarryB said...

Thanks for providing the Keletigui, with its fascinating mix of a host of outside influences and indigenous ones. It's nice to see some attention paid to these Guinee groups, when so much attention goes instead to Kenya, the Congo, and Mali. Not that there's anything wrong with that; but the Guineeans just push the musical envelope that much more, without relying on flash to make their points.

Now, if we can only find some Syli Authentic--but it seems the recording industry could care less! At least we have this, and the rest of the material you've uploaded. Thanks, again!

David said...

Ohhhh... W - O - W ! ! ! !

Just stmbled on this treasure trove of the great Keletigui! It's downloading now, I am so excited to be able to hear (almost) all the 45s. Thank you - what a FANTASTIC collection!!

David said...

Ohhhh... W - O - W ! ! ! !

Just stmbled on this treasure trove of the great Keletigui! It's downloading now, I am so excited to be able to hear (almost) all the 45s. Thank you - what a FANTASTIC collection!!

Hristo Yanev said...
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