Saturday, January 8, 2011

Robert Ashley - Music Word Fire and I Would Do It Again (Coo Coo)

By request, The Lessons, 28 one minute pieces for television derived from songs in The Bank, Part 3 of Perfect Lives (Private Parts) an opera for television. I'm not quite sure how those 28 one minute pieces are extracted from the four tracks here, they aren't included in the opera proper but they do add up to about that duration. This is a strangely seductive album of repetitive chanted phrases over intricate rhythm beds of keyboards and percussion. Each track represents a separate character in the opera. Notable for truly superb prepared piano by Blue Gene Tyranny.

01. Isolde (Marie Isolde)
02. Raoul de Noget (No-Zhay)
03. Buddy
04. The Captain of the Football Team (Donnie)
Music and words by Robert Ashley

Robert Ashley, Jill Kroesen, David Van Tieghem - vocals
John Sanborn added to the Boogie Woogie Chorus
Blue Gene Tyranny - Prepared piano (solos), polymoog, organ, vocoder
Peter Gordon - Arp string ensemble, Prophet 5, vocoder, live processing
David Van Tieghem - drums, synare, vocal percussion

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