Monday, October 15, 2012

Controlled Chaos 1965-76 - Blue Cheer on Steve Allen and Other Underground Artifacts - Absolutely Live

The original Blue Cheer's only live TV appearance? The songs themselves can be heard on Live And Unreleased Vol 1, but Steve Allen's questions, comments and jests give a look in as established show biz meets the new world order, represented here by practitioners so Neanderthal that red flags went up even in Haight-Ashbury. Allen cracks plenty of jokes at the band's expense, introducing them as, "The source of the annoying hum", but seems genuinely curious as he counts amp heads and speaker cabinets, asking Leigh Stephens, "And what function does the Fuzz Face, uh... fulfill?" He's laughing with these fearsome creatures, in contrast to Tonight Show guest host Bob Newhart, who seems to regard The Byrds as nothing more than incompetent clowns. Considerably more subterranean are The Holy Modal Rounders at Detroit's Chess Mate coffeehouse in 1965, freak flags flying. Featured are several self-penned masterpieces years before their official release, the crowd roaring loudest for the most deranged of them - Indian War Whoop. Clearly these were different times. Television spat out a neurotic tangle of sixties folk punk free jazz psychedelia for the next generation and those to come. Ornette Coleman coming through a Rolling Stones barrage, as Mikal Gilmore put it. Cleveland was their first booking outside New York, arranged by Tim Wright and Peter Laughner of Pere Ubu. Razor sharp from recently completed Marquee Moon sessions, Television closed out 1976 with four nights at CBGB, moving to the Palladium for a New Year's Eve gala with John Cale and the Patti Smith Group. Below you will find Tom and the Fender Jaguar he fitted with Danelectro lipstick pickups to increase the scream.

Controlled Chaos 1965-76
Blue Cheer, The Byrds, Holy Modal Rounders, Moby Grape, David Blue, Television
Absolutely Live

01 Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer - Steve Allen Show 68-03-19
02 Out Of Focus - Blue Cheer - Steve Allen Show 68-03-19
03 Renaissance Faire - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
04 Lady Friend - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
05 Have You Seen Her Face? - The Byrds - Tonight Show 1967
06 Random Canyon - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
07 Skin Game - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
08 Indian War Whoop - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
09 My Mind Capsized - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
10 Black Eyed Suzy - Holy Modal Rounders - Chess Mate, Detroit, 1965
11 Rounder / Changes - Moby Grape - San Francisco 1967?
12 These 23 Days In September - David Blue - Unicorn Coffee House, Boston 67-12-02
13 Double Exposure - Television - NYC 75
14 Hard On Love - Television - Picadilly Inn, Cleveland 75-07-25
15 Little Johnny Jewel - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
16 O Mi Amore - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
17 Adventure - Television - CBGB, NYC 76-12-29
18 Little Birds - The Band - Winterland, San Francisco 69-04-19

01-05 - prehistoric cassette
06-10 - Holy Modal Rounders Live In '65
11 - Vintage - The Very Best Of Moby Grape
12 - boot from The Rare Stuff, now here
13-18 - download

various sources @ 320vbr

Victor Moscoso

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent English Experimental Music - Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2

As murky and distorted as any early Hendrix bootleg.

Recent English Experimental Music
Audio Arts Magazine Volume 3 Number 2 

01 Howard Skempton - Waltz
02 Christopher Hobbs - Aran
03 Christopher Hobbs - Three Piano Duets
04 Gavin Bryars - Ponukelian Melody
05 John White - Piano Duet 10
06 John White - Piano Duet 11
07 John White - Piano Duet 12
08 John White - Piano Duet 13
09 John White - Photo-Finish Machine
10 Michael Parsons - Piano Piece 5
11 James Lampard - The Caterpillar
12 Michael Nyman - The Otherwise Very Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz

deteriorating cassette flac