Friday, September 6, 2013

african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 04.1

4.1 repost adds 83a L'Age Et L'Amour, 83b Ya Gaby 2, 114a Una Sabroso, 115a Dit Coco, 121a African Club, 121b Porti Caliente, 122a Belinda, 122b Faux Millionaire, 124a African Fiesta Congo, 124b Tu Son, 125a Djeke, 125b Sangana, 133b Mwanza Distinguée.
Here's the final installment of the Nico Vita story, just in case the end of days has come. The next to last track, from a YouTube post, is a mystery. Nico discographer Alastair Johnston thinks it's probably African Fiesta Sukisa, formed in the wake of Nico's split with Rochereau. Whatever the case, it's killer. PS As it turns out, Kamulanga is Nico killing it with African Jazz, pre-Fiesta. Explore!

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 04 - vita 76-128

01 76a Camalée
02 76b Kiboloso
03 77a Exhibition Dechaud
04 78a Mambo Hawaiienne
05 78b PB Zonga
06 79a Imana Ya Daring
07 81a Au Complet
08 82a Libala Nde Bisengo
09 82b Naleli Godee
10 83a L'Age Et L'Amour
11 83b Ya Gaby 2
12 100a Amartes
13 100b Minge Rumba Fiesta
14 101a Amasco Rwe Dima
15 101b Makila Eyina Nzoto
16 103a A Mimeza
17 103b Worriend
19 104b Nkulu Mobongisi
20 105a Asi Tu Viere
21 105b Molangi Ya Malasi
22 106a Foti Ya Ye
23 106b Le Chant De Malory
24 107b Calabosso
25 108a Sukisa
26 108b Tabalissimo
27 109a Cubana Na Vis-a-Vis
28 109b Pablito
29 110a Café Rio
30 110b Majolina
31 111b Jaloux Jaloux
32 113a Carolina Carolina
33 114a Una Sabroso
34 114b Mama Ida
35 115a Dit Coco
36 121a African Club
37 121b Porti Caliente
38 122a Belinda
39 122b Faux Millionaire
40 123a Kele Ya Nini Saka
41 123b Pablo Gonzales
42 124a African Fiesta Congo
43 124b Tu Son
44 125a Djeke
45 125b Sangana
46 128a Omeli Mavi Na Tonga
47 xxxx Kamulanga
48 133b Mwanza Distinguée 

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