Monday, March 17, 2014

Tom Verlaine - Dave Bascombe Sessions 1986

Rejected by Fontana UK, which begat Flash Light. Loose and slightly goofy, many of these ended up as b-sides for Flash Light and The Wonder singles. The rough mixes of 'Sixteen Tulips' and 'One Time At Sundown' here end in breakdown instead of the usual fade, while 'Olive' has not circulated widely as far as I can tell. Although Flash Light is more literate and more focused, guitar rave-ups like 'Call Me The' can hold their own against bratty Yardbirds b-sides like 'The Nazz Are Blue' and 'Psycho Daisies'.

Tom Verlaine
Dave Bascombe Sessions 1986

01 Sixteen Tulips   5.01
02 Caveman-Flashlight   3.13
03 Anna   5.09
04 The Scientist Writes A Letter   5.23
05 Call Me The   3.39
06 Circling   2.33
07 Smoother Than Jones   3.30
08 Vanity Fair   5.58
09 Olive   4.03
10 One Time At Sundown   4.53



Doug S. said...

Hey Lucky, great to see you!

reservatory said...

Uh, I'm not Lucky, who left the building early in 2012. I guess that makes me unlucky?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Just to say that Gamefront won't allow downloads to IP addresses in France. I'm sure there are other countries in the same situation.

reservatory said...

Who knew? An alternative link has been posted. Thanks for letting me know...

Anonymous said...

But Zippyshare works fine. Thanks!

Can't wait for my phono preamp to come back from repair. My old Lp of "Flash Light" will be on the turntable pronto then.

Verlaine's best solo effort IMHO.

reservatory said...

Flash Light is a wonderful thing indeed, way more accomplished than these comparatively lightweight curiosities. Hopefully everyone has seen the YouTube videos for Bomb and A Town Called Walker which give a taste of the guitar fireworks Verlaine was capable of in a live setting. Dodgy backup or no.

Anonymous said...

Incredible stuff, reservatory, many thanks indeed. For some great guitar fireworks from Verlaine, listen to the two recent (March-April 2014) gigs included on my list of Television weblinks (including an appreciation of your contribution in making Arrow). See the post and read the comments here:

for my collection of lossless Television outtakes and gigs, see the posts and read the comments here:

Cheers and thanks again, Dave Sez.

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