Monday, June 1, 2009

horoya band national - savane profonde

Here's another national orchestra from Guinea's golden age of authenticité. Horoya, from Kankan, were not as prolific as comrades Bembeya Jazz, Balla et ses Balladins, Keletigui et ses Tambourinis and Super Boiro. This was their only full-length Syliphone LP, although the label did release nine Horoya Band 45s, including a five-single sequence (SYL 557-561) from early 1974. Available where??

horoya band national
savane profonde
syliphone slp 41 (1973)

01 Zoumana (tentemba) 10.36
02 Konimba (rumba savane) 5.18
03 Paya Paya (rumba savane) 6.28
04 La Guinee Horoya (rumba savane) 4.17
05 Touraman (rumba son) 7.27
06 Djama Ba Labo (rumba savane) 3.55
07 N'Fala Dyamana (morna) 6.49

vinyl @320


icastico said...

Here's links to a couple...

The second is a full length release

reservatory said...

I'd actually already been to both sites, but THANKS for the links anyway. I also have one other 45 - Apollo/Hombressa, which I can post if anybody would like it. Enjoy...

SaiboMuntu said...

Thanks a bunch for this post . I'm always on the lookout for Horoya . Please post that Appollo too.
Again, this is greatly appreciated.

reservatory said...

I'll get the 45 up in the very near. Thanks for the thanks...!

NGONI said...

Thanks, another couple of links.

Editions Syliphone - SLP 27 - 1971

for Editions Syliphone SLP-25

and in the
Dakar Sound DKS 012-
Horoya Band- Paya paya, this Lp + 5 extra tracks.

reservatory said...

NGONI, thanks for the links! This Horoya Band LP actually has three cuts (middle cuts on each side) that are not on the Paya Paya CD, but, as you say, there are a few stray tracks on the CD that might not be easy to get otherwise. GREAT music any way you look at it.

NGONI said...

Thank you very much for the correction, I had the mistaken idea that the entire LP, was in the Cd.

After listening one more time the lp,enjoy again (great sound).
I see that Konimba (Lp) and Kanimba (Cd) are not the same subject.

It seems that the CD can rebuild the SYL 558 Were Were-Kanimba, SYL 560 N'ma Déri Wola - N'na la kassi and half SYL 512 N'banlassouro.

For last comment,that the post shows a minute more on the duration of Zoumana.

ReeBee said...