Tuesday, April 23, 2013

african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 02.1

Version 02.1 adds 47b Tokeseni Te.
Here's the second act, whatever I've got from Vita singles 26-50. The usual superlatives apply. Favorites here include Eleki Ndelo, Nella Negrita and Mamu Wua Mpoy. Likers of my listenings might like my lookings as well. Thanks, all.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 02 - vita 26-50

01 26a Ma Kulutu
02 27a Africa Jazz Lipopo
03 27b Mobembo Eleki Tata
04 28b Matulekele
05 30a Mwasi Ya Bangando
06 30b N'Soso Pembe Na Lipopo
07 31a Madina
08 31b Nalembi
09 32a Eleki Ndelo
10 33a Nella Negrita
11 34b Libaku Ya Nguma
12 35a Ah! Congo
13 35b Amicale Lipopo
14 36a Mamu Wua Mpoy
15 37a Mirielle Mwana
16 39a Olingaki Nde Ngai
17 39b Rythi Mboka Muzungu
18 40a Batu Ya Congo
19 40b Donde
20 41b Prosabel Boyoma
21 42b Ndima Maloba
22 44b Paquita
23 46a M. Felie
24 47b Tokeseni Te
25 50a Celibataire Niongo Te
26 50b Aura Moreno

cd and vinyl and downloads @ various bitrates


Anonymous said...

at last... ;)

folks - make sure to visit the post of the first volume, monsieur reservatory has added some goodies to it today! :=)

reservatory said...

Uh, actually no goodies were added to 01.1 this late night. You may be referring to tracks I left when I almost deleted it by mistake a couple of hours ago. (!)

Anonymous said...

ahm, my fault :S

anyway - vol. 01.1 is well worth a visit. have also a look at the index (link in the sidebar) for more by dr. nico!

LeFranck said...

Thank you for these great tunes from African Fiesta. I have a couple of questions for you:
There is one track that I cannot identify. The track "04 28b Matulekele" its a hard case. Can you add more info on that track?

In your two post on African Fiesta 45 tour I found out a couple of tracks of an interesting album that I have been looking for a long time:
African Fiesta [Depuissant, Rochereau, Dechaud, Izedi, Mujos]
Merveilles du Passé - African Fiesta 1962 - 1963
(African 360.163).


If you do have that album, Is it possible for you to post it? That would be a fantastic Christmas present :-)


Holly said...

Many thanks, & happy/merry whatever.

Love & peace!

signoregg said...

thanks for these african fiesta comps and all the great stuff you post here. vol. 1 has been a revelation, one of the best things i've heard all year (and the wife thinks so too, and that's something!) and i'm stoked to dive into this one. can't wait to see what goodies you bring us in the new year!

Mwalimu said...

Fantastic list of songs....Unfortunately, I have had all sorts of problems trying to download and listen to them. Yhe iLivid crashes all the time. Will I be asking for too much if I needed you to repost using the DivShare facility for 01 and 02, Pleeeeease?

Anonymous said...

Hi--First of all, thanks for all the great music. Second, I, like LeFranck, am curious about "Matulekele." Do you know anything more aobut it? Would it be possible to post a picture of the vinyl?

Thanks a lot

reservatory said...

Matulekele is from African 360.141, w/ Fracasseur credited as composer. On that LP it is called Mabusele, but discographer Alistair Johnston says it's Vita 28b, adding "Matulekele name-checks the band, including Dechaud, Willy, Depuissant, Jeef, Mwena, Nestor, Fracasseur". Sorry it's taken so long for a reply!

Anonymous said...

Have tried multiple times on two computers to get this dl'd but it shows unable to be repacked in RAR Extract Frog. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind; got it unpacked w/another program. Can't wait to hear this & thanks again.

Anonymous said...

file down unfortunately :(

reservatory said...

File re-upped.

Anonymous said...

unavailable again, 31 August 2013

reservatory said...

Up again...

Anonymous said...

unavailable April 19, 2015