Saturday, July 6, 2013

African Fiesta Sukisa 1966-73 Docteur Nico 05.3

Version 5.3 adds 69a Tika Navanda Na Ya and 69b Oye Congo to Part Two.
Version 5.2 adds 49b Yo Soy Tu Dolor and 50b Para Bailar, thanks to Moos @ Global Groove.
Version 5.1 adds 68b How Mi Closen, a phonetic Buddy Holly translation via Beatles For Sale. 'How mi closen, tummy now you feel...'
In 1965 African Fiesta split apart, with Docteur Nico carrying on as African Fiesta Sukisa while Tabu Ley Rochereau and band manager Roger Izeidi set up African Fiesta 66 and then African Fiesta National. I've divided what I have of Nico's Sukisa singles tracks into two posts. Plenty of great stuff here, as expected, although I miss the ambiance of the Vita stuff. Maybe Nico switched from tube amplifiers to transistors? These have been gathered from vinyl and CDs and downloads including YouTube, so bitrates and sound quality vary considerably. Thanks again to Alastair Johnston for his Docteur Nico Discography (new improved second edition now available), without which these humble compilations would not exist.  

Docteur Nico African Fiesta Sukisa @ 45Tours
The Far From Complete Sukisa Singles 1966-73
Part 1 of 2

01 11a Comono
02 14a Cimetière
03 20b Zongela Mbeto Na Yo
04 37a Doublez Doublez
05 47a Bougie Ya Motema
06 47b Runeme Mama
07 48a Tour d'Afrique
08 48b Yaka Toyambana
09 49a Chantal
10 49b Yo Soy Tu Dolor
11 50a Sule
12 50b Para Bailar
13 51a La Palomar
14 51b Pauline
15 52a Impercoque
16 52b Saouda
17 53a Mwa Kassanda
18 53b Pokwa Paris
19 54a Yo Canto
20 54b Zaido
21 55a La Jolie Bebe
22 56a Damela Que Tu La Tiennes
23 56b Je M'En Fous
24 57a El Tonto de Mi Lugar
25 57b Mbankada
26 58a Eramorando
27 58b Marie Pauline
28 59a Na Kendeki Na Poto
29 61a Nasali Eloko Te
30 61b Sasonado
31 63a Nzongo
32 63b Sanduku Etundi
33 64a Sanza Zomi Na Mibale
34 64b Suavilo
35 66a Okosambuisa Ngai
36 67a Limbasa Ngai
37 67b Eh Bien Mon Ami
38 68b How Mi Closen
39 69a Tika Navanda Na Ye
40 69b Oye Congo
41 71a Exhibition Dechaud
42 71b Nansha Nkayende
43 72a When A Man Loves A Woman
44 72b Charlotte
45 73a Soy Del Siboney
46 73b Sizarinne
47 74a Moni Mambo
48 77a Tu M'as Deçu Chouchou
49 77b Save Me
50 78a Doris
51 78b Si Yorando
52 79a Kiri Kiri Mabina Ya Sika
53 79b Sookie

Vinyl, CD and downloads various bitrates
Part One
Part Two 


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seems like no one says shite since lucky left the building. fuck that noise. owl hail dr nico!

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Yes, yes, it's a cold and lonely planet. Dusty, as it were. Thanks for your concern.

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Thanks buddy love all the afro sounds.

poltroon said...

you will be pleased to learn the second edition of my Dr Nico discography is now out, greatly expanded
(details on muzikifan)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post--I've picked up seven new, great tunes from it.

ALINA chen said...
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thought I had tons of Nico, but I was wrong--great comp

thanks for keeping the outpost open

hideo said...

ps: øשlqæda lives ... praise Allah

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful music. I've enjoyed these compilations immensely. Thanks for doing all that you do.

Jawed Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic music. Why isn't the while world listening to this? Many thanks for introducing me to this.