Friday, September 21, 2018

ahouanou jazz - badmos 5009

I know next to nothing about this 1970s Ivory Coast release, but it's a beauty. Modern and ancient, familiar and remote, on vinyl nowhere near as trashed as its cover. Leader/composer Appia Morroh also released records under his own name.

ahouanou jazz
badmos 5009 (cote d'ivoire) 

01 Aloco
02 Acobrecou
03 Alaima
04 Yedjaimannou
05 Agnambiedi
06 Moniama
07 Il N'ya A Pas De Faux M├ętier
08 Bedio Gnoma

lossless vinyl rip


Daniel Cecil said...

Glad to see you back! I thought you had given up, what with the feds and all.

reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

I didn't lose any files in the great global apocalypse, so I'll leave stuff on this borrowed ground for now, even though its founder's energy, enthusiasm and taste will be greatly missed. The internet has given me an ABSURD amount of extraordinary music, much of it so subterranean I would have had no chance of hearing or even knowing about otherwise, and Lucky literally taught a living antique how to give some back.

zim said...

great stuff, from a band I had not heard before. Thanks

Akwaboa said...

Unique music, thanks very much.

code verifier said...

Thanks for pointing the way to many a good tune Lucky. An era may come to an end, but new ways will surely open up as long as love (and a little sense as well) is leading.

thiol said...

Thanks for sharing this rarity.

Oro said...

hello Reservatory,
thank you for your support and for this rare and great album. What original sleeve

Holly said...

Thank you, Reservatory.

Living antique, heh;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. That posts are still happening here makes this a good day.

I too have found an 'absurd' amount of completely obscure and extraordinary music via the blogosphere.

Without caretakers like Lucky and reservatory these artists' works would be disappeared.

Keep up the noble work and many, many good wishes to you!

Jaime said...

This is an amazing album, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Not just an obscure album, but a lot of really good music going on, there. Wonder who was in that band, and for how long it was around?

reservatory said...

I agree that this one is special, but for all I know it may be the only Ahouanou Jazz release. Band leader Appia Morroh did release other stuff, including -

rev.b said...

Happy to see you active again. Thank you