Thursday, February 22, 2018

african fiesta @ 45tours on vita 1963-5 docteur nico 01.5

Version 01.5 adds 22b Kingo Mwambe
Version 01.4 adds 01b Tremendo Punto, at long last.
Version 01.3 adds 19b Liwa Na Ngai.
Version 01.2 adds 03a Eso La Vida.
Version 01.1 Enthusiast discographer Alastair Johnston has kindly provided information and files, resulting in the addition of four tracks - 08a En Guantanamo, 13b Nkembo Na Nzambe, 18b Willy Mopaya, 23a Azongi Na Bomengo. I thank him for his generosity and infinite wisdom.
According to Johnston's invaluable Docteur Nico Discography, African Fiesta came together in 1963, featuring Nicolas Kasanda on lead, his brother Dechaud on rhythm guitar and Tabu Ley Rochereau on lead vocals, with Roger Izeidi, Kwamy Munsi, Joseph 'Mujos' Mulamba, Joseph Mwena and Depuissant, adding Faugus Izeidi, Paul Mizele, Dominique Kuntima and Jeef Mingiedi in due time. Having developed his electric guitar skills in African Jazz and Rock-a-Mambo, Nico was really sailing by this time, exploring exotic tones and textures like a Congolese Jeff Beck. Cascades of single notes alternate with thick clusters, generally plucked instead of flat-picked, all purring and growling with natural tube sustain and distortion, tremolo and reverb. Check Angola Siempre for a characteristic 'Dieu de la Guitare' solo. African Fiesta managed to record over 250 sides in just two years, with 128 Vita singles released and nary a dud among the ones I've heard. This collection comes from my own vinyl and CDs along with many many downloads from across the interwebs, with Moos @ Global Groove a prime source. I've been advised that compilation tracks are not necessarily the same takes as the original 45s, but I don't often have multiple sources to compare. 25 Vita numbers will be covered in each post, however many tracks I actually have, with downloads revised if and when additions turn up. A list of missing sides is included in the rar, and any digital contributions would be very greatly appreciated.

docteur nico african fiesta @ 45 tours
the far from complete vita singles 1963-5
part 01 - vita 01-25

01 01a Rendezvous Chez Labas
02 01b Tremendo Punto
03 02a Bilomba Ya Africa
04 02b Mwasi Abandaka
05 03a Eso La Vida
06 03b Naleli Leo
07 04a Angola Siempre
08 04b Permission
09 05a Moto Abungaka
10 05b Rythmo Ya Suka
11 06a Bandimi Ngaï Tata
12 06b Tembe Nde Tembe
13 07a Camalée
14 07b Seli Kutu
15 08a En Guantanamo
16 08b Keba
17 09a Pesa Le Tout
18 09b Vivo Africa
19 10a Toyei Na Sango
20 10b Vidas
21 13a Nico Azongi
22 13b Nkembe Na Nzambe
23 14a Conseil Monetaire
24 14b Barumbu
25 15a Boni Boye
26 17a Bisengo Na Capitale
27 18b Willy Mopaya
28 19a Arsène Dionge
29 19b Liwa Na Ngai
30 20a A.M. Decantonio
31 21b Natuna Nani
32 22b Kingo Mwambe
33 23a Azongi Na Bomengo
34 25a Ngonga Ebeti
35 25b Godee

cd and vinyl and downloads @ various bitrates


Anonymous said...

Occasionally blogs have posts that make me go wow! What your doing here with the Nico discograpy is just such a post.



Anonymous said...

I agree totally with J. This is amazing. Dr Nico's musical legacy is far too important for so many of his inspirational recordings to simply disappear without being heard.

Thankyou for what you're doing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your exciting listings of Docteur Niko's archive music. Apart from GlobalGroovers, I do now know where to go in terms of such music. However, the download link is NOT active and is not downloading. Could you please check the link so that we can have the jewels in this part of the world.
Adoyo P.A., Nairobi. Kenya

reservatory said...

I tried the link just now and it seems to be working. Please try again??

Anonymous said...

great stuff--thank you

Holly said...

What a wonderful & astonishing undertaking! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How to get tracks to you? I've tried a couple of times without success. MamboPete

Anonymous said...

This is just getting better with other collectors adding to your original list. Was just wondering.....would it be possible to bundle up the extra files as they appear in small rars so we don't have to download the whole lot again if we already did so. With the internet connections in some parts of the country it can take a lifetime to get the entire thing downloaded.

Thanks a lot again for what your doing here


reservatory said...

Mambopete - Thanks so much for the offer. You can reach me at

Anonymous said...

No still not working - sending failed as before - and I had your address. I can only think it's a spam filter. The first time I think I sent it to Lucky and I haven't had a sending failed message back - maybe it got through there. It's from jpjack. Let's find a way. mamboPete

Anonymous said...

pete - maybe you included the last dot (".") from reservatory's adress? anyway - i received your first mail and forwarded it with no problem. glad to do it another time. cheers

Anonymous said...

Dead link:(

gidouille said...

I'm not sure why this happens, but temporary unavailability does not mean the link is dead. If you keep trying you'll get the file, sooner or later.

reservatory said...

Gidouille - Thanks for the tip, but I haven't been able to access the file for 24 hours, so I uploaded again. I've had to move to Megaupload since my Mac is too old for the latest Mediafire upgrade.

Anonymous said...

again, totally wonderful. i keep listening to this with real pleasure -- even though not understanding a word of it --- they may be singing advertising jingles, for all i know. even so, great shit.

reservatory said...

Jingles or socialist propaganda. J.R.D.A., first song on the Balladins 45s collection, sounds like a very sultry love song, but is actually a salute to Guinea's children of the revolution.

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Sheamus Warior said...

You have really done the brilliant work dude!! I’m looking forward for more, hope you will never disappoint me.

Mickey James said...
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juniperjungle said...

loving all the deep catalogue of docteur nico here! you have renewed my faith in the music ethers since the downfall of many great spots. thanks for the top notch work!

Informal Sports said...
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oro said...

hello Reservatory,
I don't understand why i did not put your link on my blog for so long. Sorry for this. I am just discovering Dust Psychic Hut ! Incredible!

oro said...

I had already linked you. I don't know why I did not visit you more often.
best regards

maready said...

I used to listen to a beat-up cassette of Sweet Mother non-stop in the early 80s. This is an unbelievable endeavor you have undertaken and achieved! I've DLed all of the docteur nico & co 45 tours you've posted and have them on constant rotation on my IPOD. A true musical master. Thanks so much for your work!

reservatory said...

Good to hear from you. This was a purely selfish undertaking, an attempt to bring some order to all the scattered bits and pieces. It's gratifying that it continues to find an appreciative audience. Thanks for the thanks.

diegoncio said...

dead link!!
please reup

Blob_59 said...

I am discovering the Nico works following a convoluted route triggered by chance, another one of those marvellous moments the world wide web throws up once in a blue moon.

Sorry not to be able to contribute any ultra rare sides. All I can add is my best of wishes filling in the gaps.

Gracious thanks for the upload and to the talented musicians for all the music.

reservatory said...

These singles compilations seem to be attracting many fairly new Nico fans. I discovered him some years ago via Rock-A-Mambo, before the formation of African Fiesta. You will enjoy R-A-M stuff posted here May & December 2010. Really. Thanks for taking the time.

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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I only discovered your blog few days ago, but the only thing I've got download was your marvellous compi of NNB.
The issue is your download-links don't fit to my country (Italy) or maybe to whole Europe.
You should provide a working link for europe too (as you did for the former NNB compi).
I don't dare to ask, but please let me know whenever i'd provide these links.
Thank you for gems you let us discover here.

Eyes like dusty said...
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Scraps said...

Hi Lucky.

Boy, I want to download this. But Gamefront is labelled suspicious both by Firefox and Chrome. Even when I go ahead, it fails. Oh, sigh!


harada57 said...
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Issa said...

Hello. Thanks a lot for your blog treasures. I downloaded your last post (VITA 01.5), but I don't see the added track (22 b Kingo Mwambe). Can you verify please?

reservatory said...

Hopefully this last blog treasure has been successfully updated at this time. Thanks for the heads up, sorry for the wasted download...

Issa said...

Thank you very much for your quick reaction. I'll have a very good week because I'll listen Mister Kasanda Wa mikalay all days... Have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Television's 1978 Arrow bootleg, provided thanks to reservatory at, has been re-upped in the comments to that post. Thanks, reservatory! Cheers, Dave Sez.